Country House Doodles

We are a small breeding facility about 20 minutes Southwest of London and about 20 minutes West of St. Thomas, tucked away in the beautiful countryside of Fingal, Ontario.

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About Us

We are a small breeding facility about 20 minutes south/west of London, and 20 minutes west of St. Thomas, Ontario, tucked away in the beautiful countryside of Fingal. My husband's family has farmed this land for 3 generations. Living in the middle of three farms side by side our dogs have the run of over 200 acres, woods with a stream to roam and splash in and the bustle of a busy business to keep their days interesting. One of our daughters and her husband live beside us and can be counted on to take the dogs for a run or walk. The dogs enjoy their walks down the back lane at least twice a day, weather permitting.


An animal lover since childhood, my life has been full of rabbits, horses, raccoons, our dear Irish Setter, Big Red, and later Finn, our Irish Wolfhound. My father wanted me to open my own Irish Setter kennel instead of going to university, and while very tempted, I realized I knew nothing about running a kennel and instead opted to get an education. I met my husband at university where he studied Agricultural Economics and I earned my Arts degree in English. Returning to the home farm to continue the family business, we raised 3 wonderful daughters.


When our girls were younger we became Labrador Retriever breeders operating Talbot Lane Kennels. I quickly learned the importance of having mentors to offer advice, knowledge and support. We ran Talbot Lane Kennels for about 15 years producing beautiful pet puppies. Our girls learned many valuable lessons as they helped raised the puppies. One of the biggest lessons we learned was that it hurts to say goodbye to puppies you have loved even when you know they are going to a good home. After returning to teaching, I closed the kennel down, as I could not do both jobs with the excellence and attention they deserved.


I fell in love with doodles quite unexpectedly. After having a chance meeting with a most charming fellow, who answered my knock at his owner's home, I began to look into the Doodle breed. I was totally enchanted with everything I read and experienced. With a personality very much like my beloved Labs, they come without all the shedding! I encouraged our middle daughter to purchase a Goldendoodle when she was looking for her own furry companion. When Gracie came into Amy's life it was evident that this was the perfect friend for her. Gentle, kind, loyal, intelligent and easy to train, Gracie easily won our hearts. She was full of personality and a joy with which to share life.


After having closed our kennel, and experiencing the passing of both of our fathers and my mother, our daughters decided we needed a puppy to help lift the gloom. Quite unknown to me they purchased Maisie, our Goldendoodle. While raising a puppy was not what I wanted to undertake at that moment, her love, deep desire for my companionship and sweet, sweet personality helped to heal the pain of loss. I knew then, that when I retired from teaching, I would want to breed my own Doodles to pass the love on to other families. Maisie is by my side all day when she is not happily out walking with Dave or being a travelling partner in his truck. She sits in my lap at night with her head on my shoulder; her routine is deeply shaken if she does not get this cuddle time! I often say Maisie is more than a dog; she is a personality.


Doodles are very intuitive. One of the joys and privileges of teaching in a private school system was that I could have my class out to our farm. As the children spilled out of the cars ready for a great time, they would rush to vie for Maisie's attention. While she was friendly to all and thrilled to have them visit and play, I noticed she sought the company of the one child in the group who struggled with feelings of insecurity. Maisie remained by his side for most of the day to the child's delight. I have observed this behavior on several occasions. This is yet another example of the Doodle charm.


It is our greatest wish that you, too, will have the joy of experiencing the deep companionship and love of one of our doodles. Know with assurance that these pups have been bred with integrity while raised with love.