A Blog From Oscar



Oh, my goodness, today was the worst day of my life! I should have guessed it was coming. I mean, like it had been happening all month. First one and then another disappeared. I don’t know where they went. Strangers would walk in, sit down in our playroom and let us climb all over them. They would pet our heads and rub our bellies and moan over how cute we were until one by one we were put back in our room. It wasn’t until all was quiet in the kennel again that we would notice…one of us was missing. Disturbing… but there were still lots of us to go around… until suddenly there wasn’t. Until there was just Otis and me.



One day our door opened and Milo, our half brother, was dropped into our room. Nobody asked if it was okay with us for Milo to share our room, but hey, we’re just those kinda guys who accept everybody. Milo was cool, so we all got along really well. That was until Milo disappeared. Otis and I talked about it for the first time that night. Where exactly had everyone else gone? Why hadn’t we heard anything from them? We dropped off into an uneasy sleep that night. For the rest of whole weekend one or the other of us would raise the issue, but we came to no conclusions. We were concerned about Milo. He was a pretty straight up guy; we didn’t want anything awful to happen to him. So, you can imagine our surprise when Monday morning came and we were let out of our room to find Milo playing in the playroom!



“Man, where were you?” we demanded.
“I went home with Cheryl.” He looked kinda proud of himself.
“What does home look like, Milo?” we asked.
“Well, she had to carry me up a set of 4 stairs and then we zoomed upstairs in an elevator. It’s something that flies up in the air so you don’t have to walk up stairs. I was given a crate to sleep in, and I played with her in her living room/kitchen. There’s this nice soft carpet on the floor, a couch, chairs and lots and lots of light. Super yummy smells come from the kitchen. It’s warm and cozy there. We went for lots of walks down sidewalks, in parks and met other dogs and people. It’s all kind of exciting and scary at the same time.”
“I bet you miss being here,” I said in sympathy.
“No, Oscar, I really don’t. Cheryl cuddles me and talks with me and takes me for lots of interesting walks….it’s actually rather nice having her all to myself.”
We stared at him trying to comprehend what Milo had said. We went outside and played as usual and then after lunch, he was gone again.



Alone in our bedroom once again, we tried to figure out how Milo could enjoy living without us. Otis figured it had something to do with being with Cheryl.
“Well, I love Mommy,” I declared, to which Otis said, “But, Oscar, I think the other pups found homes where they will live with their families. I don’t think we are supposed to stay here. I think we’re supposed to grow up and live with our own family.”
“Don’t be daft, Otis. If we were supposed to live somewhere else why aren’t we there now?”
“Well, I wonder if it is because our families haven’t shown up yet. When all those people came through, did you feel drawn to any of them, Oscar?”
I was silent as I remembered that one family. Turning to Otis I confessed, “Yes, I did. When that big man came and played with us I really took a shine to him. Remember the day we all did that weird test, well, he came and played with us. I really liked him. I haven’t felt like that ever before or since. But he went away. Maybe we are meant to stay here. Mommy loves us. Isn’t that good enough?”
“I don’t know Oscar. I just get this funny feeling that we are missing out.”



And then it happened. A family came by today. We both did our best to make them like us, but when they left, they took Otis. He’s gone. Daddy put a crate in his truck and carried me out. Now I am in the backroom where I was born. Otis is gone. Everybody is gone. I am so lonely. Mommy’s here, but something is not right. All of my friends are gone. Oh, how I wish that man would come back to get me. He was so nice. I have practised my manners. When Mommy asks me to sit, I do it as fast as I can…most of the time. I lie down when she says down and I sit and wait, well…maybe not my strongest skill, but I’m improving. Life up until now has been all fun and games. Now I want my own forever family.
I sure hope Otis is okay.



(Note: Cheryl is training Milo and a family from St. Thomas is training Otis. So even though Oscar doesn’t know it, all 3 of them are waiting for their forever families. If you are looking to add a new member to your family, you won’t find any better pups than these 3. Contact us at

Only Two Gorgeous Puppies in Lu’s Nursery



Two little men share the big nursery these days. Their siblings all went home on the weekend leaving these two to wait for their forever families to come and whisk them away. Gorgeous wee fellows they are. Baby Green and Baby Purple are just so sweet. They are also incredibly smart and teachable. I had them out in training this morning practising the sit command and walking on a leash which they are knocking right out of the park. Eight weeks old yesterday they are eager to learn, eager to play and interact with both humans and other puppies. Purple was out training when one of my assistants took out one of Meisha’s pups for training. Off he went to say hello and to play. I allowed a few minutes of fun before scooping Purple up for more training.


Green was very popular during the picking process. He was a close second several times while Purple, sweet, gentle Purple, met a man last week that he fell hard for, and I think he was waiting for this man to come back to claim him. Maybe that will happen yet.


We are going to begin crate training tonight. Both pups will be given a snuggle puppy, blanket and crate and will be put to bed side by side. If the pups are not chosen soon they will be more money as I put time and effort into training them for the new owners. Don’t want to pay more? Better step up and get here fast! Contact me at or fill in a puppy application found on our website under Our Puppies.


Baby Purple


Baby Green

We Go Home Next Weekend!



Hard to believe that these wee ones who entered the world five days too early will be leaving us next weekend! They came into the world in a dramatic way and have been so determined to soak up all that life could possibly offer. Sweet and ever so precious these little ones will appreciate having their own family all to themselves.


They were temperament tested this week. Their results are a bit skewed but not as badly as Lu’s pups. I can say that these pups are normal little souls. They are ever so lovable, can be naughty, are quick to learn and did I say lovable?? They love to wrestle with their toys and sometimes each other, but they do love to be cuddled and loved. They will make any family happy to have taken one of them home.


Here are possibly the last pictures we will take of them. Enjoy!



Baby Black ~ Male   Oh, what a looker!


Baby Blue ~ Male   Smart and lovable  and so handsome!


Baby Brown ~ Gentle hearted soul.


Baby Green ~ Male  Perfect in every way!


Baby Lavender/Purple ~ Female  Such a little honey!


Baby Orange ~ Male  I love this pup! What a looker!


Pink Heart ~ Female   Heart is everybody’s favourite wee girl!



Baby Pink ~ Female  Hands down she’s beautiful!


Baby Red ~ Female  Another really sweet little girl.

Getting Ready To Go Home



It’s hard to believe on one hand that the pups will be going home this weekend. The time has gone by so quickly, yet on the other hand it seems like they’ve been here for forever. These adorable pups have wiggled their way into our hearts. These two litters seem to be unusually sweet. We haven’t spent our time disciplining them for nipping our fingers because they have spent their time kissing us. These dear wee characters have truly been the happiest when we have sat in the playroom with them. They crawl up our chests to get loved, rewarding us with kisses and as Eva says, “Lick my hands!” 🙂 These pups are truly affectionate and cuddly. We are going to miss their kisses and love. Smart and quick to learn, it has been so much fun to watch how fast they caught on to litter training and now as they learn to sit on command and walk on a leash we are amazed at how clever they are! These lovable pups are going to make their new owners very happy!


Tomorrow we do the Volhard Temperament  testing on the pups. I often wonder the value of the testing. I think the test is more for the aggressive breed dogs which our pups are not! Often they will look at a lure and say, “Interesting, but, yawn, I don’t really care!” However, the results do confirm what we have noticed with the pups as we have interacted with them these past weeks. Most pups will end up with 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and maybe a 5 here or there, but all this points out is these pups will make great family pets.


We have introduced them to the great outdoors where they ran with joy. They had all the space they could wish for to run and explore. Some clever wee guys discovered the spot where they could squeeze under the fence, but when they turned around to come back were puzzled as how to do so. Play fighting was enjoyed as were the pine cones that dot the ground. With so much to discover, so much to enjoy they were reluctant to come inside. However, today we were house bound due to the foul weather. Hopefully we can stretch our legs outside once again tomorrow.


They have been introduced to leash walking. How precious are they as they trot along beside one of us! They look like they have been walking on a leash all their lives! No, they are not leash trained, but they are becoming familiar with the idea of walking with us. This is such a help for the families as they take their pup home.


Here are the last set of pictures for Lu’s babies. We do have 2 male pups available if you are interested in adding a pup to your family life. Contact us by phone or to discuss purchasing one of our incredible pups.


Notice the curl and wave that is now showing up in the puppies’ coats. So gorgeous! May I caution you not to chose your pup from these pictures. You need to meet them, watch how they interact with you and the other pups to determine which pup is the best match for you. Good luck!!


Handsome Baby Black ~ Male ~  Looks so regal here!


Baby Blue ~ Male  ~  Baby Blue is such a good looking boy!


Baby Brown ~ Male ~ Baby Brown has been a soft-hearted soul right from the start.


Baby Green ~ Male ~ Baby Green has been a cuddly boy…another softie.


Baby Lavender ~ Female ~  Another gentle wee soul who is full of kisses.


Baby Orange ~ Female  ~ Such a pretty wee girlie with a gentle heart.


Baby Pink Heart ~ Female ~  Oh my! Such a pretty little girl. A little lover.


Baby Pink ~ Female ~ Her sweet spirit is written on her dear face.


Baby Purple ~ Male ~ This pup is going to be a looker for sure!


Baby Red ~ Female  ~ This darling girl just loves to be cuddled. Another gorgeous pup!


Baby Yellow ~ female ~  Oh, this little girl is so beautiful! Another gentle heart.

Two More Weeks And They Go Home!



Six weeks old this week and that means vaccinations and vet check. It also means I microchip my little ones. Life in the kennel has become very interesting. Personalities are developing as they begin to play wrestle accompanied with growls and snarls. Toys are being dragged off into the privacy of the litter box so the dragger doesn’t have to share. While some play, others climb up into our laps for cuddles and kisses and, yes, to chew on our fingers. My arms are so scratched up that our granddaughter was counting up Grammie’s owies. She got up to 15 today, but to be fair, she did skip a couple of numbers! My afternoon assistant held up a toy that should have been hanging from the mobile, but it was now severed. We both laughed, but the pups do have sharp teeth and a inner drive to chew!


I have been so happy to watch Meisha return to being light hearted and to enjoy running down the lane again. Throughout her pregnancy, she plodded down the lane most of the time in protest. Many times she just opted to stay around the barns and I would return from our walk to find her sitting patiently by the kennel door waiting to be let in. The last few days she has actually skipped, jumped and almost clicked her heels in joy. This is the girl I am used to walking with. She is no longer nursing so her strength is increasing and no longer feels sick or dragged out from nursing nine babies.


Here are Lu’s pups. Their fur is beginning to take on the curl and wave that makes them so beautiful. Enjoy!


Baby Black ~ Male   Looks like he’s laughing!


Baby Blue ~ Male


Baby Brown ~ Male


Baby Green  ~ Male


Baby Orange ~ Female


Baby Pink Heart ~ Female


Baby Pink ~ Female


Baby Purple ~ Male


Baby Lavender


Baby Red ~ Female


Baby Yellow ~ Female


Beautiful aren’t they?!


Meisha’s babies:


Baby Black ~ Male


Baby Blue ~ Male


Baby Brown ~ Male


Baby Green ~ Male


Baby Lavender ~ Female


Baby Orange ~ Male


Baby Pink Heart ~ Female   Smallest pup but such a cutie both inside and out!


Baby Pink ~ Female


Baby Red ~ Female


4 Weeks Old and Relishing the Cuddles!



I can’t believe these dear babies are already 4 weeks old! Thankfully human babies don’t grow up as fast as my sweet fur babies do! Their teeth are in, and let me tell you, they are sharp! Today I had the first tentative nibble on my bare toes. Time to make sure I wear shoes in the playroom or be prepared for some serious pain! They are also handing out the first licks, which I appreciate far more than the nibbles.


The cutest thing this week is the discovery of cuddles. Snuggling between Cheryl’s legs while she rubs their chubby little bellies sends them off to sleep. Look at this picture of two of Lu’s wee souls soaking up the loving. I love the crossed legs….comfortable and relaxed.



Here are the rest of the clan:

Baby Black ~ Male


Baby Blue ~ male


Baby Green ~ Male



Baby Brown ~ Male


Baby Lavender ~ Female


Baby Orange ~ Female Dreadful picture of Orange. She is truly a pretty girl. Sometimes you take a good picture and sometimes you don’t.


Baby Pink Heart ~ Female


Baby Pink ~ Female


Baby Purple ~ Male


Baby Red ~ Female 


Baby Yellow ~ Female


Please remember that the camera is not picking up their colour properly. Danielle’s mother-in-law has arrived from Florida with her camera. She is so eager to take pictures of the pups, but not as eager as we are! Hopefully, we will get some true colour for you next week.


Here are Meisha’s Pups


Baby Black ~ Male


Baby Blue ~ Male


Baby Brown ~ Male


Baby Green ~ Male


Baby Lavender ~ Female


Baby Orange ~ Male


Baby Pink Heart ~ Female


Baby Pink ~ Female


Baby Red ~ Female




Big Move, New Digs



This week saw a big change in the puppies’ lives. Lu’s babies are so incredibly smart. If they were human we would say they are going to be determined, driven, successful individuals! We could not keep them in their whelping box. They would actually climb up on the safety rails and walk along them to slither over the sides. I have never seen this before, but they were determined to find the milk fountain which they knew was over the edge of their box. Thursday morning Dave found 5 of the puppies over the edge cuddled up to their mommy. I know Lu would have been less than impressed with their athletic ability! If they stuck their heads over the edge she would growl at them telling them to get back in their box, so to have 5 of them escape and share her private space must have driven her crazy!


Meisha’s babies have been no better. The difference was Lu’s private space was limited while Meisha had the run of the whole dining room. When her puppies escaped, she would just move to a new place in the room, usually behind the box, under the table, where the the pups couldn’t get to her. That meant now the escapee was alone on a cold wood floor. That was not what they had wanted which then set them off screaming in distress. No sleep for this girl, as I would have to pop up to rescue a naughty pup.


Thus the need to move the pups over to their nursery rooms. Lu’s babies are amazing. They understood the need for the litter box and used it accordingly. I guess last night they were too tired because they had a few mistakes, but still I am so impressed with them. Meisha’s preemies, however, were not as quick on the uptake. Half of them understood what the litter box was about while the others were clueless. This will rapidly change in the next few days.



Here are pictures of Lu’s Pups. Sorry no comments this week. Too busy with appointments. Just enjoy the pictures.


Lu’s Pups

Baby Black ~ Male

Baby Blue ~ Male

Baby Brown – Male

Baby Green ~ Male

Baby Lavender ~ Female

Baby Orange ~ Female

Baby Pink Heart ~ Female

Baby Pink ~ Female

Baby Purple ~ Male

Baby Red ~ Female

Baby Yellow ~ Female


Meisha’s puppies

Baby Pink knew she should use the litter box but just didn’t have the energy to get there!


Baby Black ~ Male


Baby Blue ~ Male



Baby Brown ~ Male


Baby Green ~ Male

Baby Lavender ~ Female

Baby Orange ~ Male

Baby Pink ~ Female

Baby Pink Heart ~ Female  While the others are pushing 3 pounds this little lady is only one and a half pounds. She is tiny but mighty!

Baby Red ~ Female



Two Weeks Old and Looking Gorgeous!



Meisha’s pups were two weeks old yesterday. They are beginning to stumble about their box and their eyes are open a bit. They range in weight with Baby Pink Heart being the smallest to Baby Orange weighing in as the heaviest. Baby Pink is more than a whole pound and a half smaller than Baby Orange, but is growing at her own rate. These babies are so pretty and very content. Meisha has been doing a fabulous job raising them, but now she wants out of her box to spend some time without the pups. Just like human moms, the dogs need some alone time during the day. 🙂


Here are the two week old pictures:

Baby Black ~ Male  Not a great picture of Black. He is a really handsome boy.


Baby Blue ~ Male  Such a beautiful colour!


Baby Brown ~ Male  Another really pretty puppy

Baby Green ~ Male   This is such a gorgeous baby!


Baby Lavender~ Female  A dark cream coated baby.


Baby Orange ~ Male  A lighter coat on this handsome boy.


Baby Pink ~ Female  A very pretty little girlie.



Baby Red ~ Female     I love her precious white mittens.

Baby Pink Heart ~  We had trouble getting a good picture and then look…her eyes are open!



Puppy Angels



I’m sure you have never thought of this, but I have. Psalm 91 says that God has ordered His angels to guard us, but sometimes I wonder if there are tiny, little puppy angels looking after these defenceless creatures. We have witnessed so many close calls with our little babies that I have just got to wonder if they don’t, in fact, have an angel watching over them. Early this morning one little one managed to climb up on the safety bar in the whelping box, teetered over the edge and plopped down to the floor between the whelping box and our pantry. Who knows how long it slept there, but Dave found our wee one sleeping contentedly squeezed into this position at 6 this morning. Now I have a comforter stuffed into the space between the box and wall to prevent that from happening again! First time for everything!


Lu’s babies have really grown this past week. They are pushing the 3 pound mark already and are walking about more confidently every day. Their eyes are open, which you would think would help them see where they are headed, but obviously not! They have developed a baby bark which is so cute to hear especially when they use it to tell me they are not comfortable with me interrupting their sleep!


Lu has 1 female and 3 male puppies available. You sure don’t want to miss out getting one of her beautiful puppies. They are going to be such good looking dogs!


Enjoy their two week old pictures.


Baby Black ~ Male  We tried to snap pictures of their eyes open and then one of their whole body. Isn’t Baby Black a cutie?



Baby Blue~ male  It is very hard to capture their true colour, but Blue is a darker cream like this picture shows. The one of his face is a little too light in colour. He truly is a gorgeous boy.



Baby Brown ~ male   Just look at his handsome face!



Baby Green ~  male   Again, another gorgeous puppy with a lovely head.



Pink Heart ~ female  This is closer to her colour. A lovely dark cream pup.



Baby Lavender ~ Female  Sorry, she wouldn’t open her eyes. Busy sleeping.




Baby Orange ~ Female   Love her little white paws. Hope they stay that way.


Baby Pink ~ female  A pretty little girl.



Baby Purple ~ Male   Gorgeous pup!






Baby Red ~ Female   Red is one of the smallest pups. All the rest are well into the two pound area, but she is 1.785. She will probably be a smaller girlie. Look at her pretty face!



Baby Yellow ~Female  Such dainty features! Beautiful pup!








One Week Makes a Huge Difference



Meisha has continued to be an amazing mother. She is completely devoted to her pups. She groans with pleasure as she gathers her puppies to her side, while with great care and delicate expertise she positions herself just so in order not to squish her offspring. You can find her bathing her puppies at any hour of the day. I have to put a leash on her to drag her out for her walks. Once she has finished her business she hurries right back in to be with her brood. She absolutely loves them! We are amazed and delighted. I thought for sure she would be indifferent to her pups, but I am so happy to discover I was totally wrong!


All the pups have steadily put weight on this week; they are thriving under their mother’s watchful eye. They continue to be such pretty little pups. Have a look for yourself.



Baby Black ~ male  Black has a lovely dark cream coat that will darken with age. Look at his precious face. Who wouldn’t want to kiss that dear nose??



Baby Blue ~ male   Nearly missed postingthis handsome guy’s picture! Look at his coat…look at his dear face. You just want to cuddle this character.



Baby Brown ~ male    Brown continues to be a small fellow but is steadily putting on weight. He will more than likely be a small boy but, come one, look at him! Isn’t he just perfect?! I love his light cream coat.



Baby Green ~ male  Look at his coat! A lovely cream…I wonder if he will darken with age? I love his big head. He is a looker!


Baby Lavender ~ female  What a pretty, dainty young lady she is.  Wait until you see her up close. She will win your heart for sure!



Baby Orange ~ Male  I love Baby Orange’s white coat. I am hoping he keeps it because pretty much all our pups end up on the darker side of the colour scale. He has such a handsome face already!



Baby Pink Heart ~ female    Okay, I have to admit to having a soft spot for my littlest pup. What a little fighter she is. She has managed to put on lots of weight this week and has lost her bony feel. Even her face tells you she is a softy.



Baby Pink ~ female     Pink is going to develop a darker coat as she ages. Right now we love her dark cream look. Pink has a gorgeous head. Can hardly wait to see her up on all fours because I think her conformation is going to be stunning.




Baby Red ~ female      Ah, sweet Baby Red. She is such a pretty girl and again another puppy with a gorgeous head.


I am so eager to see what these pups look like as they get on all fours because they look like they are going to be breathtakingly beautiful. Only 2 male puppies are available out of this litter. Better get your name on the list while they are still available!

Growing, Growing, Oh No! They’ll Soon Be Gone!!



Okay, maybe I exaggerate, but wow, these pups have really changed over a week. When I look at them trying to get up on their legs I realize they will soon have their eyes open and start wobbling about. Life changes so dramatically once their eyes open. They can see mommy, which makes life so difficult for her as they can now  quickly locate and chase her down for a satisfying meal.


All the pups are well over a pound with all but Baby Red, Purple and Yellow pushing the two pound mark.  Baby Red is the smallest but is thriving on her own terms. She will probably not be a huge girl, but she will probably finish around 50 pounds when all is said and done. Now I could be wrong, but she is not far behind everybody else.


Lu continues to be a great mom but because of the copious amounts of food she is consuming, I am still having to stay up to let her out every two hours for a bathroom break. This will begin to change next week. Good thing because I’m running out of steam!


All of her pups had been spoken for before the pups were born, but folks who were on the waiting list just couldn’t wait and moved on to purchase pups from other breeders. This has meant that we have 2 female pups and 3 male pups available. So, if you were thinking that your luck had run out, guess what? Today is your lucky day. Fill in a puppy application found on our website under Our Puppies. Please fill in every question even if you have to put N/A otherwise I may not receive your application. Please do not send a deposit until I have received your application and have responded.


Here are the pups’ one week photos. Thank you to Danielle and Cheryl for taking the pictures.



Baby Black ~ Male pup  Already becoming such a handsome character!


Baby Blue ~ Male  Look at that adorable face! See his white back paw? Oh, how cute is that??


Baby Brown ~ Male    Last to be born but not the smallest of the group. Look at his wrinkles. I wonder what he’s so concerned about??


Baby Green ~ Male  Green is the biggest of the gang.


Baby Lavender ~ Female  This beautiful girl is one of our bigger pups. I notice her hair is beginning to ever so slightly pick up a wave. What a pretty little girl.


Baby Orange ~ Female  Don’t you just want to pick her up and cuddle her? Look at her dear, wee face and all her wrinkles. Hmm, maybe a jar of Olay is needed?


Baby Pink Hearts ~ Female    Oh how I love this pretty little girl!


Baby Pink ~ Female  Another bigger girlie with yet another gorgeous face and coat


Baby Purple ~ Male   Okay, I know I have said this so many time, but look at his gorgeous head!


Baby Red ~ Female  The little sister among the bigger siblings, but she is every inch as beautiful as the others!


Baby Yellow ~ She inches out Baby Red in size but not by much. This pup has such outstanding conformation that shows already at this young age!


The lighting was not good when taking the pictures so the colouring of the pups is not a good representation of their coat colour. We will try to get some better colour next week.



Meisha’s Adorable Babies



It was a busy night at the House residence last night. I would just get settled on the couch and hear a baby screaming in distress. Up I would bound to discover nothing was wrong…mommy was only administering a bath to complaining baby. So what with jumping up and down at regular intervals and walking outside with a mommy or two at hours when only creepy things are out, it was an exhausting evening. However, all the babies are doing well, though two of Meisha’s pups need to put on a little more weight.


Here are some early pictures of the babies. Hope you enjoy.



Snuggled up together.



Little Orange is quite white while Baby Black is very dark.


Love the variations of colour in this picture. Little Baby Pink Hearts is quite light and cuddled up with dark red Baby Black. Baby Blue is a medium peach colour while Baby Lavender is a darker cream.



The rails you see in this picture helps to keep the pups safe from being crushed by their momma. Even though Meisha is very, very careful, it is easy for a baby to get caught under her side. The rails give them a safe place to scoot away into.



Meisha is just finished delivering her pups so we put mats down to help absorb the afterbirth. Underneath is a cozy whelping blanket that wicks away moisture and keeps the pups dry.








Dear wee Baby Black. Look at his gorgeous colour!  Male pup



Baby Blue was one of the 4 pups born without human help. He is doing so well!  Male Pup



Look at Baby Brown’s adorable face! He is a smaller boy right now. It will be interesting to see if he picks up size as he grows.  Male pup.



Baby Green is a good size. Look at his lovely cream coat.  Male pup.



Precious wee Baby Lavender. She is such a pretty little girl!  Female pup.



Ohhh, how I love Baby Orange’s white coat! I hope it stays white!  Male pup



Gorgeous Baby Pink. The second biggest puppy born to Meisha she has a gorgeous dark cream coat. She could possibly darken to red as she ages.  Female Pup



Our tiniest wee soul, Baby Pink Hearts is a very light cream. She is already so pretty!  Female pup.



Weighing in as one of the bigger pups Baby Red is a lovely medium cream colour.



All of these gorgeous puppies will change as they age. Some will darken to a red while others may only darken a little. I haven’t had a dark puppy lighten in colour. It’s exciting to watch them grow and develop their personalities. So sweet they are!

It’s Never Dull Around Here!



What a story I have for you tonight! Meisha was due to have her puppies this coming Tuesday. After sleeping downstairs on the couch all night just to keep an eye on Lu and her crew, I climbed upstairs to bed at 6:00. From 6:00 until 10:00 I slept with the assurance both Dave and Danielle, my kennel assistant, were keeping an eye on my puppies, cleaning and walking the dogs.


At 10:00, when I woke up, Dave mentioned that Meisha had been digging furiously outside and had not eaten her supper from last night. Now, Meisha had been refusing her food off and on since pregnancy, but this is also usually a sign that birthing is fast approaching. We had decided to move the dining table around to fit the whelping box in our dining room so that puppies weren’t being raised beside the Baby Grand piano. I mentioned to Dave at noon that I would like him to reach up above the whelping rooms in the kennel and get down the whelping box so we could bring Meisha in and get her acclimatized to her new digs before birthing. Dave said he just wanted to make two calls first and then he would go over and get the box. Well….one call turned into many calls and then he got caught up paying bills, so it was now 3:00 and I was off to my important appointment in London. I reminded him that he said he would get the box after two calls…two hours ago. So off he went to the kennel. I climbed into the car to go over and help him determine which box I wanted as we have a very large box (too large for the dogs) and the perfect sized box I wanted. As I drove around the barn I saw Meisha making her way across the field with Dave following. His arms were full of something. I drove closer, rolled down the window in time to hear him say, “She had 4 puppies!”


Stunned I told him to give me the pups so I could drive them home in some heat. Incredibly there sat 4 cold, little pups on my lap as I carefully drove home. The box was not assembled…it wasn’t even there, so I threw down a whelping blanket, put the pups on a heating pad and lay beside Meisha who was now working on delivering puppy number 5. I had nothing out ready to go, so there was a lot of confusion as I barked out requests: I need my scissors, towel, I need a towel. Where are the puppy collars? Nobody could find the collars. Where were the collars?!! Finally I ran upstairs to my office where I grabbed my extra stash, flew down the stairs to weigh the pups and identify them with brightly coloured collars.


I had said if Meisha had 4 puppies I would be delighted. To my complete amazement the puppies kept coming. Fast! From 3:30 until 4:30 she delivered five puppies to add to the four previous pups she birthed on her own. 9 puppies! Yes, 9 healthy, strong puppies!! I am flabbergasted, and still horrified that my sweet baby, who I promised I would be there for her, delivered 4 pups on her own and went on to deliver 5 more!


The kennel tells another story. A sad, desperate story. Apparently this morning while I slept, Meisha had come over to the door asking to come in. She had to be dragged back to her room on a leash. To be fair, neither Dave or Danielle thought that birth was imminent but rather Meisha would deliver before her due date. When everybody left the kennel, Meisha was alone as labour pains bore down. My poor girl was desperate to get out of her room. She must have pulled and pushed the fence enough to escape the very public bedroom which she normally loves. She began a frantic effort to find a private place to deliver her pups. Let me tell you that I am not proud of this. This was a rookie mistake that caught us by surprise. When Dave walked in to get the whelping box, the kennel was in turmoil. His first thought was to wonder why there were kittens in the kennel. Shocked, he realized that the pile of movement on the floor were not kittens but puppies. He quickly scooped them up and headed over to me.


What began as a fiasco ended up in victory. I lay beside Meisha rubbing her silky head apologizing for letting her down. So relieved that I was there she kept licking my hands and cheeks. How forgiving dogs are. She did not turn away from me in anger. She did not growl her frustration and disappointment or even bite me for leaving her alone. No, she kissed me, pressed her aching body up against mine and relaxed because now she was where she had been trying to get to all day. The kennel is a wreck. The door frame has a massive chunk taken out of it, and parts of the kennel look like someone was murdered in there, but we have 9 beautiful puppies all snuggled up to the world’s best mother. Now that she is here with me, she is calm and attentive. She loves her babies and is proud of them; she has every right to be. They are gorgeous! Some are dark red and we have one that is pretty much pure white. I’m not getting excited about my white baby yet because last time I had a white pup it slowly turned dark peach. But who knows….maybe this time we will have a white baby.





Lu’s August Delivery



After sitting up two nights in a row watching our poor uncomfortable girl fuss and pace in an effort to find some comfort, Lu finally delivered 11 pups August 13th. 6 female babies and 5 male pups. Starting at 10 in the morning she quickly delivered 7 puppies by 12:50. Of course, I had an important appointment at 2:00 that afternoon, which I wisely cancelled at 10:30. I have never had puppies born quite so quickly. As the eighth pup was born, I was satisfied and thought that maybe she was finished, but, no, an hour later Baby Red arrived. 9 healthy puppies. I was delighted! It was now 2:30, so I gave her an hour before giving her a shot of oxytocin to make sure all the afterbirth was expelled. I took her out for a quick bathroom break and then watched suspiciously as she arched her back. With surprise I quickly stepped up to catch Baby Lavender in my hands. What a glamorous job I have! Hands full of puppy and covered in afterbirth, blood and guck I quickly made my way to the kitchen to begin drying this dear, wee puppy off, weigh her and wrap her collar around her neck. Both mom and I sat down for a rest. It was now after 4:00 and my sister called to see how I was doing. What a delightful surprise! We talked; as the clock ticked away I excused myself at 5:30 to give Lu what I thought for sure would be the last oxytocin shot to clear out the afterbirth. I had just hung up the phone from my sister when I spotted Lu licking herself, and there to my huge surprise was number 11! There is no drama when Lu delivers her pups. She may give a little grunt or not, and then there will be a pup under her tail. Earlier Dave had asked how many pups we had. I was sitting right there reading and replied that we had 3. He glanced in and said, “You mean 4.” I said, “No, 3.” He laughed and said, “No, you have 4.” And he was right! So quietly had she delivered number 4 that even sitting there the birth went unnoticed!




We are delighted and thrilled to welcome 11 beautiful, strong, healthy babies all weighing in at solid weights. The smallest baby weighed .805 which is often one of the bigger puppies. Lu is such a calm, devoted mommy who is making sure all 11 babies are getting attention.


Today Lu found a ball out on our porch. With delight shining in her eyes she picked it up to bring it to me. Her intent was very clear. Please throw it mommy, so throw it I did. Off the porch this new mother went running to play her favourite game. How she has the energy for games is beyond me, but she is eager to play which is a great sign.



Meisha is due next week. There is no way she has 11 puppies tucked away inside her. I will be pleased if she delivers 4 puppies. She was never eager for any of this, so we are a bit nervous about her delivery. One thing for sure, her pups will be much smaller than Lu’s unless she only has two puppies. Stay tune for news on her impending delivery next week.



For now, enjoy pictures of Lu’s dear, squiggly babies. If you think it would be easy to snap pictures of babies, think again. They have no intention of sitting still. They squirm and worm to find their way back to their warm supply of milk!

Baby Black ~Male pup was the fourth pup born.

Baby Blue ~ Male pup first born

Baby Brown ~ Male pup last pup born

Baby Green ~ Male pup 2nd pup born


Baby Lavender~ Female 10th pup born

Baby Orange ~Female 9th pup born

Baby Pink with hearts ~ Female 3rd pup born

Baby Pink ~ Female 5th puppy born

Baby Purple ~ Male 6th puppy born

Baby Red ~ Female 8th puppy born


Baby Yellow ~ Female 7th puppy born

Waiting Is Always Hard



Do you remember having to wait for Christmas Day to arrive? How about packing up the car to head off with your family on vacation? Maybe it was waiting for your birthday, going to the fair, or fireworks night, or the beginning of summer holidays. Remember how thoughts of it dominated your mind, teasing you with anticipation of fun to come. Sleepless nights when the excitement of what was to come swirled and twirled causing you to toss and turn until magically the day dawned, and it was everything you had been dreaming of. As you grew older maybe it was having to wait to hear whether you got that dream job that you so desperately wanted. Back in the dark ages before they developed the ultrasound machines of today, expecting parents craddled momma’s swollen belly whispering together names for their soon to be born child, wondering if it would be a girl or boy, dreaming what they would look like, who they would become. No matter your age, waiting has always been difficult.



I have been the recipient of many curious, yes, even anxious inquiries as to whether Lu and or Meisha are pregnant. The interesting thing about the dogs is that they don’t really begin to show a puppy bulge until 3/4 weeks before delivery.
We knew Lu was pregnant because of the excellent breeding between True and Lu. She just sails through her pregnancies without any signs of discomfort and continues on with life as normal. She has only begun to look a bit pudgy recently. Not so much for Meisha.



This is different from human pregnancies. While some women fly through their pregnancies with no issues, others suffer minute by minute; but almost all show a baby bump long before the 7 months are up. Both our girls were dreadfully ill throughout their whole 9 months, suffering bravely every single day. However, dogs don’t show until the last little bit.
Lu is still charging down the lane chasing the ball flying through the air. You would never guess she is harbouring precious wee bundles of joy inside her. However, poor wee Meisha has suffered right from the start. She was not enamoured with the mating process leaving us to wonder whether the breeding “took”. Then she got very thin for awhile. We started feeding her outside her pen and recently have had to add incentive to her food. A little hamburger is just the thing to help her eat up her food. She has suffered an upset stomach throwing up and leaving us unpleasant surprises on the floor in the morning. She has become clingy and overly loving needing copious amounts of cuddling and love. Often she will skip the walk down the back lane choosing instead to wander around the barns. This is totally not her. Meisha gobbles down her food rushing to eat out of Tessie’s bowl. Usually Meisha is way out front of the others waiting for the ball to land so she can catch it before the others. She normally loves to whip down the back lane with the wind flinging her soft, silky ears back behind her head, but not so much currently. And yes, she has a cute little round pouch that is now showing. She is not due until the 21st, so I am thinking she is going to have quite a large tummy by the time she delivers.



Each girl needs different things from me, but both of them need their loving. Lu comes out and immediately needs a cuddle. Meisha used to break out and be gone, but now even my little spitfire needs a cuddle, but especially needs her love at the end of the day.



The count down is on. Lu will deliver August the 14ish and Meisha a week later. We will be busy from that point on. One thing I do know… we are going to have some terribly cute and sweet, wee babies in our kennel and our dear Eva is going to love every single one of them. Now, if only Gwen could be here to see them!

Offering Trained Puppies



What a busy season of puppies we have had. Raising 17 puppies while helping my husband harvest the soybeans and corn has meant some very long days. I must confess though, I was not much help with the harvesting this year as my days were filled with meeting the needs of both moms and pups.


Again, I am left feeling so blessed that each of our pups have found such wonderful families who will cherish and love each of our dear, sweet babies. This time around our pups found homes from BC to New York and New Jersey, Toronto, Waterloo/Cambridge/London and three have landed in the St. Thomas area, so I am looking forward to seeing these three more frequently than others.


We recognize that training a puppy takes time, effort, diligence and knowledge. Some folks, who would make great pet families, do not have the time to put into training a young pup, yet do not want to miss out on having a puppy. So, we decided to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. We are offering two trained puppies for sale. Currently, Lucy Lu and Oliver are living with two trainers. They are being trained in all the basic commands, learning how to walk properly on leash, come when called, and are being introduced to many new situations and people groups. Simple things like moving through doors, walking through banks or book stores, walking on sidewalks beside busy roadways are all important skills to prepare a pup for its new home. Meeting different people groups such as children, seniors, teens, and different ethnicities help to broaden the pups’ knowledge and acceptance. Every day the pups are meeting new dogs, joining in on obedience training classes and learning to adjust to new situations. We are so pleased with what these pups have learned already.


Our pups come from fully tested and certified parents, will have had all their vaccinations, and have had their own DNA testing done. Their mother comes from some of the finest breeders in Europe. Lusha is sweet, gentle, smart and athletic. She loves children and makes friends with humans and other dogs quickly and easily. True is an amazing small standard poodle. Calm and gentle, people often remark on how surprised they are that he is a poodle. He is affectionate and smart and excels at agility. He loves meeting new people and is gentle with little people.


We are so pleased to hear that the pups are quick to learn, have not lost their sweet and loving natures, and are loving the chance to learn. It is important to us that our pups are not only beautiful but smart, demonstrate a pliable nature, and a loving, cuddly spirit. With all of the experiences the pups have been having they will easily fit into any household.


If you are looking for a puppy but do not have the time to train up a well behaved dog, why not consider one of our trained puppies? Either one will steal your heart and you will wonder how you ever lived without them! Feel free to contact me at if you are seriously interested.


Enjoy these pictures of Lucy Lu out playing in the snow:


Image may contain: dog, tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature


Here is Oliver enjoying some young friends:


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, dog and indoor


Image may contain: dog

Saying Goodbye

One of my dear assistants arrived today concerned about my emotional state. Knowing that I would have to say goodbye to my beloved Avrora she was baffled at how to help me. Since I don’t drink alcohol, or coffee, I don’t eat chocolate as a rule, and as she says have no vices (little does she know how I devour books) she felt Kleenex would not do the trick. Instead, she brought me a mask, a mask that belongs to her son. Suffice to say that while it was the mask of a man…it was pretty darn ugly. Laughing, I slipped it on but knew immediately I could never wear it in front of my customers. Not because it was a mask and not because it was an ugly mask but because I couldn’t breathe in it and knew that when the tears came I would need to gulp great, big lung fulls of air to stop from sobbing. So, no hiding the fact that I was in a bad way.



Throughout the day I have wondered, does she miss me yet the way I already miss her? Is she concerned as each passing mile disappears into hours that she is heading away from home? Will she miss Tess tonight? Tess misses her. Before she would go on her nightly walk Tess ran over to the house to get Avrora. But no Avrora came out to play. Will she feel different when she crosses the border into the States the way I do when I enter a foreign country?



Somehow I think she is happy. She seemed to understand that she was finally getting her very own family. People who would love her and only her has been her most ardent dream. Tonight when she cuddles down on the family room rug she will know that this is her spot to soak up family life. Will she miss me? Maybe there will be a fleeting thought, but as she sits at the feet of her new momma and dad, Avrora will rest in the realization that she has finally found home.



Why does doing the right thing hurt so badly?



Linda’s Beautiful Pictures of Lu’s Puppies

Last week we had a talented photographer visit our kennel with her daughter-in-law. What an incredible time we had! You may have seen Tess’s babies already, but I have been so busy in the kennel with the pups that I have not had the time to download the pictures of Lusha’s pups. They are just as beautiful! They are now 4 weeks old…5 on Saturday. They can follow our voices to the playroom and are devouring their puppy mush 3 times a day. They are full of kisses and have begun to play tug of war with their toys. We have divided their room into sleeping and bathroom. There is a “litter box” at one end filled with shavings. They do all their dirty work in the box which means their bedding is clean and comfy. I am so proud of these smart little pups! I can hardly wait to see how fast they learn to sit and walk on a leash.


Enjoy looking at these cutie pies. 🙂


Lu’s Puppies:

Baby Yellow ~ Female Puppy

And best picture of the year goes to Baby Yellow! What a huge yawn for such a little lady.


Isn’t that the cutest little paw?



Baby Black ~ Male Puppy



Baby Black is a handsome boy. He has such a gorgeous head.




Baby Green ~ Male Puppy

Sadly there is only one picture of this beautiful pup. He is such a lover. He loves to climb up into my lap and kiss my face.



Light Pink ~ Female Puppy

Tiny, but oh, so pretty.




Baby Orange ~ Male Puppy

Another boy with a gorgeous head.





Baby Purple ~ Male Puppy

You can see his curls coming in. Wait until you see how curly they are this week!




Baby Dark Pink ~ Female Puppy


Getting some love from Savannah


Getting some love from Mommy Lu.




Baby Red ~ Female Puppy

Baby Red is a big girl with a red coat. Such a beautiful puppy!



Baby Blue ~ Male Puppy

Baby Blue has the lightest coat. He is almost white but is developing some cream.



Baby Brown ~ Male Puppy

Brown is the smallest boy puppy by quite a bit. He is going to be a curly/wavy boy.

Pumpkins and Puppies



This past week we had a special visitor. The mother-in-law of my kennel helper came to visit her grandchildren. Being an avid dog lover who just happens to be a talented photographer, she made her way out to us twice this week to take photos for us. Along with Linda came her granddaughter, Savannah who helped with pictures and with cuddling the pups.


These are incredible pictures. Many of them are going to be framed for our kennel walls. These are pictures of Tess’s litter. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Tess’s babies have been learning to exit their room and cross the carpet into the playroom. This is a huge, scary step for a puppy! They are catching on that when they bravely step out to walk across the floor into the play area that they find their dish of food. These pups are also beginning to play and have discovered the toys hanging from the mobile. This is proving to be a stimulating, fun adventure!


Tess’s Blue Baby ~ Male puppy


What can one say about so much cuteness? A big boy, he is so handsome!


Baby Brown ~ Male puppy  A smaller boy but such a good looking boy. Look at his curls that are beginning to develop.


Baby Green ~ Male puppy

Another beautiful, big and curly boy.


Baby Red ~ Female puppy

Baby Red is a beautiful, solid little girl with tons of personality.


Baby Pink ~ Female puppy

Pink is the puppy that loves people, especially baby Eva. Pink is already a snuggle puppy. She is a  bit smaller than the rest but is just as gorgeous.


For those wondering about Baby Black: He such a brave pup that we have named him Gibson after Mel Gibson from the movie Braveheart. He is up and walking, in fact, he walks into the litter room and back, plays with toys and is simply amazing. Because of his foot issue, he is a swimmer puppy. This means his ribs flattened out because he spent too much time on his tummy. We are working so hard to remediate this problem. Since we caught it early, we are hoping for the best. He seems to be responding well. He is sweet, patient, and determined. He is going to be quite a remarkable boy when he grows up!



Lu’s Incredible Puppies



Lu is such an excellent mom. 10 puppies is a lot of puppies for a first time mommy. She reminds me so much of myself as a new mom. She didn’t have it all down perfectly and is learning on the job but her babies are thriving! Her pups were up and walking before Tess’s babies were. Now, Lu’s aren’t as fat and lazy as Tessie’s are but still, they are amazing. They began climbing out of the whelping box last weekend at the age of 2 weeks! I have had quick puppies before but these little folks take the prize. They regularly follow mommy out of the box, so I have to close the door to their box immediately or I will find a screaming puppy on the kitchen floor! Not only are they ahead of themselves, they are beautiful. They are also already affectionate. They will crawl over to my feet while I am doing laundry ( they are in my laundry room so when I do laundry I have to scope the floor for puppies or puppy poop.  😕 ) and lick my feet. At first I thought this was just a coincidence, but it happens every single time. One or two little souls walk over and start licking my feet. Oh, man, these are going to be such sweet puppies!


Here are their pictures we took on Wednesday. It has been so busy I just haven’t had time to post them. I am so sorry, but please enjoy them now.


Lu’s Dear Pups:



Baby Red ~ Female Puppy


Baby Red is the biggest of the girls.

Such a lovely dark coat.




Baby Brown ~ Male Puppy

Baby Brown is the smallest boy in the litter but he sure has determination and fire in his belly. He was not eager to sit still for pictures and thus skated around on the slippery kitchen table. He has a very pretty (can you say that for a male pup?) face with a white blaze down the middle of his face.






Baby Blue~ Male Puppy

Such a beautiful boy! I love his almost white coat. He has a strong head and shows promise of being nothing but gorgeous.



Little Miss Dark Pink ~ Female Puppy

What a beautiful little girl she is!



Baby Purple ~ Male Puppy

Such a handsome puppy, he is one of the big boys.


Don’t you love his baby wrinkles!




Baby Orange ~ Male Puppy


Another beautiful male puppy.






Baby Green ~ Male Puppy

Green did not like his picture being taken. For being such a big dude, he sure made it difficult to photograph him!





Baby Light Pink ~ Female Puppy

Light Pink is a tiny, but perfect little girl. Delicate and beautiful describes this dear pup.





Baby Yellow ~Female Puppy

Yellow and Light Pink are very similar in size.



Look at her dear face!



Baby Black ~ Male Puppy

Black is a big boy with such a handsome head.






We are Three Weeks Old! Look at us now!

Here are pictures of Tessie’s babies at 3 weeks of age. Slow and chubby, they are pretty much complacent. Beautiful and cuddly at this stage notice that their fur is beginning to curl already. Waves appear on their ears, legs and chest.


We have taken individual pictures and then pictures with Baby Eva. Little Yellow collar loved Eva. Yellow kept licking Eva’s hand, legs and back. When Eva turned to look at other puppies, Yellow would wobble around to be within petting range again.  🙂



Baby Pink ~ Female Puppy

Baby Pink is a dark cream colour which will probably darken with age. She weighs 4 pounds today and is the 5th biggest puppy of the litter.


Baby Brown ~Male Puppy

Baby Brown is a dark cream. I added the picture with his collar so you could get a better idea of his colour. Brown is the smallest of the male puppies. He weighs in at 3 and half pounds but makes steady gains everyday. He will never be a big hulk of a boy but rather a smaller guy. However, he is feisty and vocal!

 See the beautiful deep colour of his fur.



Baby Blue ~ Male Puppy

Blue is a dark cream colour. He is a handsome boy! He is also a big boy weighing in at 5 and a half pounds this morning. If you look closely you can see the fur on his face is beginning to curl.





Baby Red~ Female Puppy

As you can see in these pictures, Baby Red is a dark cream, almost red in colour. Her coat will darken as she ages. She is such a pretty girl. She is a big girlie weighing in at just over 5 pounds. So far she has been quiet and undemanding which I’m sure will change a bit in the next few weeks.  🙂



Baby Green ~ Male Puppy

Green is actually a dark cream colour that did not come out in these pictures. He is the biggest slugger on the team weighing in at just shy of 6 pounds. This does not stop him from getting up and moving around. He tends to be easy going at this stage. We shall see as the weeks progress.  🙂


I’m going to share some cute pictures of Tess’s litter and Eva who turns one next week.












I love this picture. Baby Pink and Eva sharing a moment.



Baby Pink nibbling on Eva’s fingers.



Pink is just in love with Eva.





You can see the pups up and walking. Here is Blue walking around.






Rainy Day Pictures



What do you do on a rainy Wednesday morning? Why, take pictures of course. The following are pictures and comments on Tess and Lu’s litters. Both litters of pups are growing so rapidly. Both moms are doing a great job but are always very happy to escape their little ones and head down the lane for a walk.


Tess’s Babies: Tess’s babies were two weeks old on Monday. They have had their first de-worming and are beginning to open their eyes. They are so cute with their eyes open. As soon as their eyes open they begin to climb up on their legs and begin wobbling about their whelping box. This is when mommy wants to be able to get out of the box because there is no hiding from the babies once their eyes are open!



Our Dear Baby Black Male Puppy

Black’s left paw is straightening out, but it looks like his leg may be shorter than the right leg. The next week will tell us a lot about his potential mobility.




This picture is a good representation of Black’s colour.


Baby Blue Male puppy


Blue is a big puppy with a dark coat.

We did not get a good head shot, but Blue has a beautiful head.



Baby Red Female Puppy This picture shows her colour quite well.


Baby Red is a big girl.




Such a pretty head she has!


Little Baby Yellow Female Puppy


Baby Yellow is a little girl with a lovely red coat.



Baby Green Male Puppy


Baby Green is a big boy with a gorgeous head.

Look at his colour!

He has his eyes open a bit in this picture.


Dear Little Pink Baby Female Puppy


Wearing a beautiful cream coat, Pink is adorable!


She may be little but she has a beautiful head.



The smallest of them all: Baby Brown Male Puppy


His features are petite but, oh, so beautiful!

It may seem like he is peaceful and sweet, but little Brown is feisty and able to keep up to his bigger siblings!




Lusha’s Beautiful Babies: Lu’s babies will be two weeks old on Saturday. All ten are thriving and growing.


Baby Light Pink Female Puppy

You can see her colour is light with some dark shading.







This precious pup has a very sweet face and gorgeous head.


Baby Black Male Puppy



What a beautiful head and face with black pigment!



Baby Red Female Puppy


Adorable wee face!


Look at her colour!



Baby Dark Pink Female Puppy



Petite but beautiful!




Baby Green Male Puppy

A big boy with a beautiful coat.


Look at that head!




Baby Blue Male Puppy

Blue has a beautiful almost white coat.


A medium sized boy with a lovely head.



Baby Purple  Male Puppy


A big boy with beautiful head and coat.

Baby Brown Male Puppy

Brown is a very small boy

Look at that sweet face




Baby Orange Male Puppy



Look at this sweet face!



Beautiful cream colour.

Baby Yellow Female Puppy


Baby Yellow is a little girl.


Yellow and the two Pink babies are petite while Baby Red is much bigger.



Tess’s Baby Black


Always there is drama in the whelping box as new life enters this world. As a breeder I am full of conflicting emotions as I watch my beloved girl deliver her pups. It so reminds me of my birthing experiences. Basically, though you are surrounded by competent health care providers, supported by your husband and prepared as best as you can be for something like birth, you are on your own. Every groan that is uttered by the one consumed with birth pangs makes me cringe, makes me remember. As I coach her on, I pray that she will be able to push the baby out, that this won’t be the moment a baby gets turned around or become stuck in the birth canal. Some pups arrive quietly, while others come with a huge groan and whoosh, but all arrive needing help to start this life.



As I pick each puppy up, wrapping them in a warm towel, I begin to rub them vigorously to stimulate their breathing, to clear out mucus and promote a strong heart beat. Drying them off, I head to the scales to weigh them to keep a record of their growth. I check to see if they are male or female and what colour they are, recording all my findings. This time ’round, Tess gave birth to a beautiful boy. Solid weight, he responded quickly to stimulation with a strong cry of protest. But as I placed him on the scale, I immediately noticed his left front paw. Something was terribly wrong with the paw. It turned to the right. Carefully examining it I gently tried to straighten it. It would straighten, but when released it would once again turn to the right. It also looked to have a toe on the top of its foot. In other words, the pup’s foot was deformed. A pang of worry, a stab of fear, disappointment and sadness swept over me like a wave. I knew immediately this little guy was going to face a difficult life.



I was asked if I would put him down. No! He was healthy; he just had a foot problem. Maybe if the vet put a splint on his foot all would be well. We had our appointment yesterday. A splint will not fix our problem. The bones in his foot are not connected properly. He will never be able to use his foot in a normal fashion. I asked the vet if the best thing would be to put him down. Holding my dear puppy up, I said, “Look at him. He is perfect in every other way.” My facial expression dared him to say the ugly words that I did not want to hear. Thankfully, he is a gentle, empathetic soul. He said if I could find just the right family for this boy, a family who would understand his needs, a family who would guard his weight so undue stress would not be placed upon his leg/foot that this pup could live a good life. I nearly burst into tears being the totally unemotional person that I am. 🙂



Will this pup be normal? No. Will he still be a lovable pet? Oh, yes! Will he make a good companion? Oh, yes! Will he get hip dysplasia because of his deformity? Possibly, but at what age who knows? The vet said it could happen at 5 or happen at 9… who could say. It will all depend on who take this boy to love and carefully look after him.



Am I disappointed? Yes. I feel awful for my boy. I have never had anything like this happen before, but as other breeders have said, if you are in this business long enough you will see all kinds of things. It’s just heartbreaking when it happens.



If you are the kind of person who has a big heart, an empathetic heart, who would love to nurture and care for a wonderful boy while receiving unconditional love back, message me. I am interested in finding a great family who will provide a wonderful home for my boy.


Pictures of Lu’s babies

So sorry it has taken so long to up load these pictures. I won’t bore you with the reasons. Suffice to say I am no technical wizzard.



Baby Purple Male puppy with Baby Brown underneath. Notice the size difference. Baby brown is much smaller.



Baby light pink  Female puppy




Baby Green Male puppy




Baby Green  Male puppy





Baby Green  Male puppy




Baby Pink  Female puppy Notice her dark coat.




Baby Pink Female puppy




Baby Light Pink  Female puppy




Baby Light Pink Female puppy. Both Light pink and pink are smaller girls.




Baby Orange Male puppy




Baby Orange Male puppy




Baby Yellow Female puppy




Baby Black Male puppy




Baby Black Male puppy




Baby Blue Male puppy  I may want to use him as a future stud. He is pretty much white in colour.




Baby Blue




Baby Red  Female puppy




Baby Purple and Brown  size comparison




Baby Brown Male puppy




Their sizes vary as do their coats but all are growing rapidly and doing very well. Lu is an excellent mom who dotes on her babies with tenderness. It is very hard to get decent pictures of squirming little bodies and the lighting is always an issue but this will give you a fair idea of how adorable they are.








Eva Loves Puppies



Grandma bought Eva a cute little outfit at the end of the summer. It reads: “I Love Puppies”.  Of course I bought it with a photo op in mind. Eva has almost outgrown the outfit, so we dressed her up for pictures with Tessie’s puppies this week. I wish my camera was faster so we could give you a better idea of the joy on her face as she sat on the floor with 7 chubby puppies between her legs. One little finger would reach out to touch a soft, plump, little body. With eyes shining she would radiate joy as she looked at mom and grandma. Her little hands, ever so gently, pet the puppies lying quietly before her. I hope you enjoy the following pictures. Individual pictures of puppies will be taken tomorrow and hopefully uploaded by day’s end. While these are not the best pictures ever taken, you can see the variations of colour of the pups.


Loving every single puppy!

Hey, one little guy is stuck back here!

Pointer finger out, Eva is showing Grandma the puppy.

“Come on, puppy. Out you come. ”





I love puppies!

“Oof, Oof.




Tessie Puppies Have Arrived!

For a girlie who did not look very big at all, Tess gave us 7 adorable puppies yesterday afternoon. The pups’ weights are so very different than last time when she delivered 6 puppies weighing a pound each. Yesterday we had two very tiny little girls, pink and yellow coming in at low .475, 466.  They are not runts but, rather, come from True’s mini DNA side. I suspect these girls will always be smaller. They have made a solid gain since yesterday, pink .580 and yellow.515 so I am very pleased with their progress. Baby girl Red collar is the second biggest puppy weighing in at .945 this morning.  We have one boy, Baby Green Collar who weighs .985….our biggest boy. He will certainly be a solid guy when he grows up. Baby Brown Collar weighs .610, Baby Blue Collar weighs .845 and Baby Black Collar weighs .860. Baby Black was born with a malformed front paw. We will have the vet come and look at it to determine how to move forward with this dear puppy.

Their colours vary from very light cream to dark red. All puppies are now spoken for. One female puppy is going to a trainer in London who will do all her training so she can go to a family who do not have time to do the training but have time for a puppy. This is a new experiment for us….we will see how this goes.

Enjoy the first pictures of the pups. Hopefully later today I will get individual pictures done.


Wearing Different Hats Can Be Tricky

Sometimes juggling hats as a wife, mom, gramma, and businesswoman is tricky. Last week our granddaughter, Eva, helped me entertain customers. As I sat there explaining the importance of health certification, Eva played in her playpen. When that became humdrum, she stood up, peered over the railing and proceeded to greet the women with a cheery, “Hi!”. Of course the women loved her. We continued on. Realizing that she was not the focus of attention she began running her fingers along her lips to make the blublublublu sound. Okay, it was cute; we all had to watch her and laugh. Pretty soon she was sitting in the lap of the university student. She was a distraction for sure, but a really cute one. 😀
Today she came to stay the night with Gramma and Grampa. She had a late lunch, played with toys, the piano, sat in her rocking chair, tried to eat dog kibble and take a drink from the dogs’ dish. Then off the two of us went for a walk while Grampa slept. We took the first 3 dogs without incident, brought them back to the house and headed to the kennel to pick the other 3 up. Because Lu is pregnant and crazy these days, and Avrora is missing Tess and heads to the house the instant she is free, the two of them were clipped into leashes. Undaunted, I headed out pushing the baby stroller while gripping a leash in each hand. Sam ran in front sniffing out interesting things as he went. Since it was so hot and Lu is pregnant, we didn’t walk as far as normal. We turned around to head home. I was dripping in sweat but pleased with how well all was going.
I looked down to see that Avrora’s leash had become entangled in the wheel of the stroller. It shouldn’t have been a problem, but it was. Her leash is an old, long leash that is full of knots and wouldn’t you know it, the knots were the ones stuck on the wheel. I tugged, I tried to undo the knots, I tried to loosen the leash….in other words I was struggling like crazy to free the leash. I had to let go of Lu’s leash, and finally had to set Avrora free as well. Every few seconds I called their names, but then I realized I couldn’t see Sam anywhere. I called, but he did not come. I continued to feverishly work the leash free. By now my head was soaking wet from good old fashioned sweat when I heard a chipper voice say, “Hi!” and a dear, little hand pat my head. Funny how that little encouragement made everything better.
Finally the leash came free. I snapped Avrora back on and grabbed Lu’s leash. Now all I had to do was find Sam. I was just about to call his name once more when I saw his white, curly form racing like the wind across the field toward me with True not far behind him. WHATTTTTT! True and Maisie had been in the house. I put them in the house. True and Sam have not made physical acquaintance yet since they are both males and True is very proud of his women. So, in horror I watched the two come tearing toward me. Sam had a slight lead and True slowed down to greet Lu.This gave me the time I needed to grab Sam’s collar. I released Avrora from her leash and quickly snipped it on Sam. Now I had control of him and could better keep him away from jealous True. The final 1/4 of our walk was spent with me saying, “No, True. Back off.” while dragging one scared boy along with me. It was totally Sam’s fault. He had gone to the porch and teased the inside dogs with his freedom. True knows how to open the door, so he took the challenge.That scared Sam into running to mommy for help. I think I was the one to pay the highest penalty for his mistake, though.
During all this excitement Avrora made her escape. She went to the house where the kitchen door was wide open giving her access to Tess, which is what she wanted in the first place. I continued my torturous trip to the kennel. I pushed True into the outside kennel, managed to get Sam and Lu inside while still pushing Eva in her buggy. Water and fed the dogs, went back out, let True out and headed home scolding poor True the whole way. Eva sat in her buggy singing to herself and saying, “Hi!” to the dogs every few minutes.
Reaching the front porch, I left Miss Sunshine in her buggy while I threw Maisie and True inside and pulled Avrora back out and clipped her back on her leash. Back over to the kennel the 3 of us went. Eva cheerfully greeted Avrora over and over to “Hi”. Back into the kennel, buggy and all, as I let Avrora into her room to have her supper. By the time Eva and I made our way back to the house my shirt was soaking wet like I was some construction worker. Disgusting!
Inside we changed into our bathing suits and headed to the pool for a well deserved swim. And where was Grampa you ask? Why, he was upstairs sleeping. He came down in time to enjoy a swim with his baby girl. Grrrrr. No, really, he needed his sleep, but I could have done with his help!
After our swim, Eva had her supper and was so ready for bed. Into bed before 8 and she has been sleeping soundly ever since. Me? I am on whelping duty tonight. I don’t know if Tess will birth tonight, but I will be close by to help if she does. Stay tuned to hear how it all goes and how many pups she delivers. She is not as big as last time, so it is very difficult to guess, but I am not expecting a large litter. Better get your name in quickly if you are looking to add a beautiful new member to your family.

There’s No Excuse



Today a harrowing attack took place on my young friend who helps me with the dogs. This dear child drives to work each night after school on an electric bike. Living beside her are four vicious dogs who on many occasions have chased her bike barking and threatening to bite. Many an evening she has arrived upset at their attacks. Last week they got close enough to grab her pants, but today they actually managed to push her off her bike leaving marks (looked like teeth scratches to me) down her legs, teeth punctures in her pants, and of course her arms and knees were cut from hitting the gravel. When her bike hit the ground the dogs ran back home.



Why do people keep vicious dogs? What joy do animals like that bring anybody? Are the owners so devoid of common sense that they are also lacking empathy, understanding how terrifying their dogs are? There is no excuse to keep dangerous dogs on your property. There is no excuse to let them roam freely.



Children and Dogs


Drama During Our Walks (caution: the following is not for those with queasy tummies)



Walking with the dogs in beautiful weather is just not work. Even though I am not flying full out on my ATV but, rather, just putting along slowly down the back lane, I still manage to enjoy a sense of freedom. To feel the wind in my hair, smell the sweet wheat that is beginning to ripen, and enjoy the pleasure etched on the dogs’ faces is truly a blessing that I am aware not all get to share. That is, until something happens to shatter our serenity, intruding rudely into our routine, shaking up the familiar habits we have formed.


The past two weeks have brought with them a few surprises for dogs and human. One morning as we were enjoying our peaceful walk, out of the field of wheat beside us rose a magnificent hawk. Massive in size, he flew off across the field. Since he rose barely 5 feet from where we were all peacefully minding our business, of course Lu the birder, and True the hunter, immediately took after the hawk with the inflated idea they would catch him. Tess followed suit, but only because the other two were running. She quickly gave up the chase when I called her back. Meanwhile, Avrora continued on her walk. She is rarely affected by what the others do, for she walks according to her own agenda. Maisie almost always stays by my side so after a very brief jaunt into the wheat she obediently returned.


So, not bad. Three out of five dogs were still with me. I could see Lu’s head bobbing through the field of golden grain heading away from me. I had no idea where True was. The wheat is far above his head so no amount of bobbing would help me find him. I continued on my way, intermittently calling for Lu and True. After several minutes of fruitless chase, Lu returned, but no amount of calling produced True. I was not concerned about him, however, as he often “walks” himself and comes straight back home. I knew he hadn’t made his way to the woods so, I figured he had gone home for some reason.


As I drew closer to the barns I spotted “Himself” resting on the grass in the middle field. I knew immediately something was up because every molecule of his being was bursting with pride. Driving up closer I realized there was something protruding from his mouth. A sick feeling immediately began to simmer as I considered what he had and from where he got it. True sat up proudly trembling with excitement. Now I could see ears peeking out of his mouth. “True! Put that bunny down!” I demanded thinking he had snagged a baby bunny. His response was to race off to the house where he took the front stairs two at a time. Climbing down off the ATV, I grabbed his collar.

“If you are harbouring the false hope that you are taking your prize in this house, buddy, you are sooo wrong!” I scolded.

He was totally not getting the message. His eyes gleamed with triumph. He, the great hunter, had brought home a treasure for all of us to admire. Marching into the kitchen and back out again with a mitt full of paper towels, I pried his jaws open. Oh, dear, what fell into my towelled hands was not a baby bunny, but a severed rabbit’s head! Oh gross, oh gross! Steeling myself I wrapped up this most unfortunate offering and made a beeline for the garbage which was immediately dispatched to garbage bins in the barn. What followed was a thorough scrubbing and disinfecting of my hands. Suffice to say, I have the hands of an 80 year old woman.


Next day we headed off on our glorious walk. All five dogs were accounted for, and we were making good time. All of a sudden I realized True was missing. I called and called but no red, curly body appeared. I continued walking with the girls eventually turning toward home. Once again as we exited the back lane there was True sitting pretty much in the same spot as the day before. No, not possible, I groaned inwardly. Surely he doesn’t have another something in his mouth! But the closer I got the smarter I got. Yesterday was the head…well, what did I think today would bring? Of course, yes, for there dangling out of his mouth were the cutest set of feet. “Oh, True!” I cried. Pleased as punch he sat there with his prized treasure spilling out of his mouth. Up he jumped racing to the house to sit proudly at the door.


Now, yesterday had not gone well for him, so why he thought today would be any different is beyond me. I guess it just shows that dogs possess the indefatigable quality of hope. For all 38 pounds of this ecstatic creature stood ready to enter the house with his spoils.

“No, it’s not going to happen.” I told him firmly. In I went for more paper towels; back out I went to pry open his unwilling mouth. Eventually I won and the headless rabbit dropped into my hands. Totally repulsed I raced to the garbage and then back outside with the green bag containing True’s find. Back to the kitchen to scrub and disinfect my hands, which now resemble a 100 year old woman’s hands.


He didn’t seem too unhappy that I took his most glorious find away. I think it was enough for him that his nose had led him to the kill site, yet again, thus allowing him the unadulterated pleasure of putting it in his mouth. Maybe he thought it would make him look more studly to the girls, who knows? For me, it was just another disgusting interlude in our day… one I most certainly hope not to repeat. So, it was complete horror that we scared up the hawk not just two days later! It makes sense. We robbed him of his meal the other day, so of course he had to find a replacement.  Anxious that he had already been successful, I sped off full speed ahead while calling the dogs. To my relief all five chased after the ATV.


Days went by with no new excitement and our walks settled into their usual comfortable sameness. But then, two days ago, up out of the same wheat field rose…a turkey!! A huge turkey. If you know anything about wild turkeys, you will know they are not great flyers. This fat guy could barely skim across the tops of the wheat heads. This meant Lu had a chance at catching her first turkey.

“Fly turkey, fly!” I screamed. “Faster, and higher,” I encouraged him. The other thing about turkeys you need to know is they don’t remain in the air long. I just wanted him to get high enough to stay out of jaw reach and fly fast enough to get far enough ahead that when he came down the dogs would not be able to pounce. I envisioned feathers flying in the air. Relieved, I saw him fly far enough away that the dogs lost sight of him. Down he went, but right back up he flew. Off in a different direction, Mr Turkey made a clean escape. Whew, that was close!


I am always anxious that we might run into coyotes while out walking the dogs. With the corn growing rapidly, soon I will not be able to spot any intruders in the fields, but I figure with bunnies, mice, birds and turkeys all inhabiting the fields, the coyotes won’t bother with us.  For now, I just don’t want to bother Mr. Hawk during dinner time. Looking forward to wheat harvest this year!

What Have You Done Now!



3 beautiful Golden Retrievers are part of our family unit. We love them, laugh at their antics, cuddle them, play with them while sharing life with them. I check them daily for ticks this year and am always unconsciously running my eyes over them to perceive any potential trouble. A couple of weeks ago, my husband came into the house to say that Avrora was now wearing the colour pink. PINK! What on earth????? I asked anxiously where she found pink. As a farming family we are constantly cleaning up to insure there are no health hazards lurking about. I know that some seed is covered in a pink powder to kill bugs that would prevent the seed from growing, so of course my mind jumped to this conclusion. Dave must have also arrived there as he quickly added he had taken the hose to her to remove, to the best of his ability, (meaning he rinsed her off but did not wash her) the pink stain. We certainly wouldn’t want poison of any kind on her coat. I headed out to find my pink dog. Sure enough there she stood, in the outside pen, wet and dirty, but happy with a diluted pink smudge on her neck. A quick search revealed no pink lying around leaving us to wonder where on earth she found pink to roll in. This same scenario happened 2 more times. None of us could figure out where madam was finding this pink that she was so obviously enamoured by. When she appeared wearing pink for the third time within a week and a half the hired men were sent out to scour the grounds around the barns. We knew she would wander off around the barns only to return with her hair dyed pink. Frustrated, Dave sent the men out to search. Bushes, under implements, in the barn, out of the barn, under the evergreen trees everything was searched, but nothing was found until Ken started looking at the wheat planter. There under the loading spout was a small pile of last year’s seed, rotten but still very much pink. Bingo! Not only was it pink, but, oh joy, it stunk! No wonder she couldn’t resist it!! Quickly the offending pile was cleaned up, and we have not had a pink dog on our farm since.
Why am I writing about this? Twice this week I have had past customers write to me concerned that their puppies have diarrhea. The bad news is dogs will eat/drink anything that suits them. Unfortunately, not everything that smells good to them is good for them. I warn customers to not let their dogs drink from puddles or ponds because we don’t know what is in that water. Young pups, especially, have sensitive digestive systems and need to be kept away from puddles. Who knows if a neighbour has been changing his antifreeze or doing other car repair and then washed down his driveway only to have it all puddle on the sidewalk. Contaminates find their way into our water sources daily, so we must be mindful of this when walking our dogs. However, I know only too well that our dogs can snatch a drink or gobble something before we can prevent it.
So what do we do when our dog presents with diarrhea? Stop feeding kibble. Kibble is very abrasive to a sensitive tummy as it adds a lot of fibre. Pumpkin mush may help settle the digestive system as will some cooked rice, but I would certainly visit your vet. I strongly recommend probiotics  keeping your pup on it for a good month. Royal Canin has a canned food developed for digestive issues. While expensive, it will help to give your pup nutrition while giving the digestive system time to re-adjust itself. Your vet will want to do some testing to make sure you are not looking at giardia or other parasites and the doctor may place your pup on antibiotics. I would continue to use the probiotics long after the meds to continue to feed good things into your pup. When it is time to switch back to kibble, I would suggest starting with kibble mush to give the stomach a chance to slowly adjust back to solid food.
It is a huge responsibility looking after our furry companions. They get themselves into crazy situations! That is one reason I have now looked into pet insurance. Vet bills can really add up quickly making the insurance costs worth the investment.
I hope this helps those of you who have an adventurous puppy living in your home.

Trip to the Eye Specialist



Yesterday was a huge day that left me exhausted! It was eye certification day. The day I dread all year. Not because I don’t like the specialist. Far from it! No, it is the fear of his diagnosis that leaves me standing quivering in my shoes waiting to hear him say in his quiet, cultured voice, “Sorry, but ….” Those few words can turn my world completely upside down as I realize a beloved friend no longer qualifies for breeding.



I feel that since many breeders around here are not doing the yearly certifications and I do, that I should get a free pass every single time I go! 🙂 Well, yesterday, I loaded up the dogs. I helped True into his seat belt and buckled him in. No problem. True loves to go for rides. Then I grabbed Avrora, but she was more effort. Chubbier than the last dog to wear the belt, I had to adjust it, and adjust it, and adjust it some more before I was satisfied with its fit. Snapped her in and turned to Tess. I opened the trunk and up she jumped eager to go wherever Mommy should take her. Snap, snap she was in. When I turned to get Lu, I found her nervously running around the car. And when I say running around the car, I mean giving the car a big, wide berth. I calmly spoke to her, but she is smarter than the average bear, I mean dog. She knew what I was up to. I spoke more sternly, so she grudgingly allowed me to catch her. Then I started to march toward the car. Lu threw on her brakes to come to a full halt. Gritting my teeth I pulled with all my strength. The trunk was almost within reach. Lu started bucking like a horse. I must admit, I yelled at her! Meekly, she approached the back of the vehicle. I place her front paws on the trunk floor while quickly reaching for her posterior. It is incredibly difficult to propel an animal forward when they are pushing backwards! I won; Lu lost, but the battle was not over. She pushed and shoved trying to escape the back of the SUV. I was able to snap her into the leash/seatbelt but as luck would have it, it was not short enough, so she continued to struggle to throw her chest over the edge. Clinging to her with superhuman strength, yes, I am Superwoman, I shortened the leash until I was satisfied she could not possibly put even a nail over the edge. With a slam of the door, I leaned against the dusty back end and tried to breathe. With sweat rolling down my brow, I eased myself behind the steering wheel and set off wondering how on earth I would get her out and then back in again.



We arrived early, so I sat in the car filling out the paperwork. I figured I needed an easy start, so I chose to take True in first. As usual, he knew he was on display and responded accordingly. With manners born only of royalty, he trotted beside me, sat when asked and was totally charming. He is light and easy to lift so no problem in the examining room. On to Avrora. She is a loving, wee soul. Yes, she pulled on the leash, had to examine every spot another dog would have peed on but overall not too bad. We went right into the examining room where I proceed to lift her to the table. Nope. That was not happening. The Dr. had to help me lift my solid girl up, but once there she was lovely. Out and back into the car Avrora was safely belted back in. I now had to decide….Tess or Lu. With great misgiving I opened the trunk door. Tess was there, so I took her out and closed the door quickly.. That was not so terrible. Again, Tess had to examine the delicious odours left by previous creatures. Reluctantly, she responded to my dragging her into the building. Once in Tess was terrified! She did not like the smell of the office. Trembling, all 68 pounds of her shook in fear as we waited for the doctor. Once up on the table she was fine. Very submissive and then it was over. With great relief she escaped outside making a bee line to the car. I snapped her in and fought to release Lu. She was out of the car in a blink! Immediately, she too, headed to the green grass. No, she did not want to go inside. Yes, she wanted to run around outside to possibly chase the Canada Geese that were wondering around the pond with their babies. It took some pulling, but finally in she went. Since she is the heaviest of them all it took a bit of groaning on my part to lift her high enough to deposit her gorgeous body on the table. The minute she was finished she was out of there!! However, she did not make a bee line for the car. Anywhere else was her destination. To make things more awkward, there were two individuals watching me. I needed to present an in -control, professional breeder aura to those watching, but it was simply way beyond possible. I pulled, dragged, pleaded and finally grabbed her collar and pulled. Front paws resting on the trunk floor, me groping for her back end while pushing her forward so those beautiful paws wouldn’t slip back to the ground. Struggling very publicly, I no longer worried about pride or outward appearances. It was very apparent that I was in a struggle of wits against a dog deeply concerned about travelling by car. With one last heave, Lu was in but not beyond hope. While I held tightly to her collar, she lunged toward freedom. Both us fought for our causes with passion. Thankfully, I won, but not without a cost. I was filthy and exhausted. I drove home in silence most of the way. Just the effort of listening to someone talk, no matter how riveting their conversation, would have demanded more than what I had to give.



When we arrived home, Lu was the first to be set free. I figured anybody who worked as hard as she did deserved to taste freedom first. As she ran around the farm with me stumbling after her, I marvelled at her endurance. I left mine in the parking lot of the opthamologist, but came home with eye clearances for all four dogs. I guess the day could be called a success. Until next year….

Dealing With the Future



Since our last litter has left for their new homes, I have been busy trying to solve a need that made itself known. Many people want a smaller dog, but our pups will weigh from 48-60 ish pounds when full grown. I am not a fan of the mini poodle. This is not to say that all mini poodles are of questionable temperament, but I have met too many for me to want to breed them. So what to do? How do I meet the needs of families who want a smaller dog?


Our middle daughter owns two Australian Labradoodles who are just delightful. Researching them and playing with our daughter’s dogs, I decided this was the route I would go. I would add Australian Labradoodles to our breeding program to meet the need for a smaller dog.


Using the same breeder as our daughter, we agreed to take on a stud and in the summer to welcome a pregnant dam into our program. Our young man arrived two weeks ago.  Beautiful beyond words, he is charming and sweet and oh, so smart. He loves the girls who allow him to join in on their ball games. He loves to run down the back lane with the freedom it brings. However, on Saturday,  I noticed he had quite a bit of eye goop, so off to the vet we went where the issue was diagnosed. While there the Dr. did a quick physical. Bam! That was when everything came tumbling down. Joey has a bite that is not aligned. This could mean issues for him down the road, but in terms of breeding he could pass this on to his pups. As a breeder, I try to find the best of the best to breed. Weird, unexpected things happen all the time when breeding puppies. That is why we do all our health certifications and work so hard to find dogs with trustworthy temperaments.  We absolutely need to start with only the finest dogs possible. Sadly we have had to make the tough decision to send Joey back to California. For now, our plans to add the Australian Labradoodle to our breeding program is on hold. I am very disappointed as Joey is a wonderful boy, but I have to make hard decisions so I can breed only the finest dogs possible. I will let you know when this option can become a reality for us in the future.


The Essence of a Doodle



Yesterday afternoon we conducted the Volhard temperament test on our pups. It took a very long time to do since our pups are just so compliant and sweet they had to be encouraged to chase and play with the items being dragged or rolled in front of them. A friend of ours came to do all the physical work of the test while our daughter, Sarah, did the evaluation. Our friend brought her young daughter with her. The little one sat on a chair throughout the long testing process never saying a thing. But as time went by she became bored and probably frustrated. Tears began to tumble down her cheeks. Silently she sat there crying. Neither Sarah or the child’s mother noticed because the child made very little noise.


However, to the surprise of the two grown-ups, one of the puppies being tested noticed. He left the testing site and went to where the child was sitting. The pup couldn’t reach her so it sat underneath the little girl’s chair! The heart of a doodle is to bring joy, to make the humans around it feel happy. They are intuitive; they are able to sense unhappiness and seek to do their best to bring comfort. Both adults were stunned to realize the pup had noticed the little one’s unhappiness and immediately sought to remedy the situation.


The little girls’ mom immediately comforted her daughter who settled down. A new puppy was brought out to be tested and wouldn’t you know it…it happened again. Adults, so focused on the job at hand didn’t notice the tears had begun to course down the child’s face again, but this new puppy did. Over to the chair the pup bounced. Under the chair the pup sat. Adults stood in surprise yet again.


The essence of a doodle was displayed yesterday in such an endearing manner. Surprised that young pups  were capable of such sensitivity and emotional connectedness my daughter relayed the event with a mixture of surprise, disbelief, and pride. I wish I could say only our pups are this sweet, this sensitive, this special, but that is not the case. A well raised doodle is a creature who is 3/4 sweet, sensitive, and affectionate, topped off with a 1/4  dash of character.  In a world where people tend to be too busy to notice or care wouldn’t it be nice to come home to someone who knows you are in need of love, someone who craves to make you happy?

Take a Look at Us Now!



Well, even though my phone was filed away where no phone should go, it was found. This meant today in the few minutes available, Anna and I snapped up to date pictures of the puppies. Can I just say that while they are adorable in the pictures, you are missing the best part of these little ones. There is no way to depict their sweet natures, spunky attitudes, playful outlook on life and the joy they experience when you sit down to play with them. However, for now, enjoy the pictures. We will start to say goodbye to these sweet babies this coming Thursday! They have had their first vet check, first vaccinations, been wormed twice, and microchipped. This week we will do the Volhard test on them in preparation for families coming to choose their newest family member. 5 more sleeps before the first of the pups leave us to begin their new lives!


Avrora Pups


















Baby Black was chosen today by first choice Avrora male. Good thing because we could not get him to stop wagging his dear little tail to take a good picture!







Tess Pups

















Puppies at 4 Weeks of Age



As promised I re-did the puppies’ photos today. Let me say, yet again, how very difficult it is to get good pictures of moving subject. I hope you enjoy the update on the pups.













Avrora’s darling babies


















Growing Minute by Minute



Each day is filled with small events that dramatically affect our lives. The turn of a baby’s head when they hear your voice. A baby’s first smile, first laugh, first belly laugh turns an ordinary day into something spectacular. That special connection between grandparents and grandchild is an emotion too elusive, too intimate to describe. Each new skill is noted with pride while our hearts cry, “Don’t change so fast. Slow down, wee one. Let time stand still, so we can live in this moment longer.”



The privilege of watching Eva’s life story unfold is one of our richest gifts in life. She went to the cottage this past weekend with her mommy and daddy, auntie and other grandparents. Not gone 3 full days it still felt like a life time. What would we ever do if she didn’t live next door? We hate missing out on the daily changes that so rapidly occur in a baby’s life.




In a similar manner, the puppies change everyday as well. Funny to say, but Avrora’s babies are more advanced than Tess’s fat crew even though they are three days younger. Avrora’s gang were up and walking days before Tess’s even considered toddling about. Avrora’s hungry crew took to puppy mush with no problems while some of Tess’s family still have to be encouraged to eat through hand feeding. I think it is because they are too fat to help themselves to food. Tessie’s chubby kids are placid, sleepy souls while Avrora’s are beginning to play and explore.  Days from now all the puppies will be clamoring for their food, wrestling each other fiercely and will begin to chew and nip on us. The quiet beginning development days will be behind us, and they will all begin to learn at rapid pace.




Baby Pink, in Tess’s family group, is already a snuggle bug. She starts by putting her head on my ankles and then when that is not enough, she will squirm up higher on my legs. I pick her up, cuddling and tickling her ears while she groans in pleasure. She has been quick to realize that comfort lies within my arms. Baby Blue is big and at times noisy, while Baby Green likes to lie right in his food dish to eat. Baby Light Blue must have been poked in the eye the other day. His right eye was closed due to some injury. After bathing it all day, he was fine today. Disaster averted. The last two days Baby Black has enjoyed exploring the playroom after he has finished eating. Tail wagging with pleasure, he confidently strides across the floor learning how big the room is while climbing over my legs and navigating around the human body that is sitting on the floor. None of his siblings have joined him in this adventure, but undaunted, his little tail wagging in pleasure, he has had the time of his life learning about life in the kennel. I started writing this blog 2 days ago and already the pups have made big changes, which in turn changes the environment of the kennel.




Avrora’s gang are almost running around now. They have begun their play fights by trying to fit their sibling’s head into their mouth. It looks like they are playing lion and human… “You be the human, while I’ll be the lion. You put your head in my mouth, and I will try to chew on it.” These puppies are vocal in their insistence to be fed…NOW! However, they are not fully grown up yet. When mommy comes in for nursing they quickly become little babies again, eagerly lining up for their share of the milk train. Today, when I opened their door, I clapped my hands to get their attention. Together as one, they began running toward the door to where I was standing. Already, they are connecting my voice and clap as a signal to come. Already they recognize good things happen to puppies who respond to my voice. One puppy discovered my feet this evening. Mouth open he tentatively closed his baby teeth around my toes, carefully chomping down. Tonight it didn’t hurt. Give it 3 days, and we will have to wear shoes while playing with the pups as our toes will not be safe from razor sharp baby teeth!




Life in the nursery is an ever- changing environment. From morning to night our little charges make vast developmental strides forward in their quest for maturity. This next week will be a fast-forward movie that only we will be privileged to watch. How I wish you could watch with us, but life in the nursery is a frantically busy time as well as a  fragile time for the wee characters that are growing up here. While our little ones are busy changing, growing, maturing, they are still vulnerable to the harsh realities of life of which disease is the main enemy. Once they have had their first vaccinations the spectre of disease is lessened and then, dear families, you will be able to take your loved one home and begin a new adventure.


PS: I took pictures yesterday, but didn’t like any of them when I brought them up on the computer. So, it is back to photographing squiggling, unwilling victims tomorrow. Keep your eye open for notice that pictures have been posted.


Another Week, Massive Changes



A week older and oh, how they have changed! Tess’s babies are sturdy, chubby little creatures who are now wagging their tails. Yes, it is totally adorable. When you peek over the door and see them stretched out with their tails wagging you know they are completely satisfied and happy. The cutest is when they sleep on their backs with their legs splayed out to the side or curled up. It reminds you of how some humans sleep with their hands behind their heads.


Tess’s babies have grown to be very big babies. They are not up and walking, maybe stumbling; they have too much bulk to heft up on their legs! They spend most of their days drinking and sleeping. One of these days they will discover their legs and off they will go, but for now they are very content to be lazy.


Avrora’s pups on the other hand, are the athletic ones of the crew. They sit up, are walking quite sturdily and steadily about and are exploring their environment. When mommy isn’t in the box I find them peeking over the edge of the ledge looking out at the big world. It is almost impossible to get photos of these pups because once awake they are on the move. They do not weigh as much as their cousins, so it is much easier for them to hoist their body weight up to move fairly quickly.

I have done my best to label each pup and get a half decent photo of them. I apologize if they are not clear as Avrora’s pups especially refused to lie still. Remember while looking at the photos, lighting always is unreliable, but hopefully you will be able to get a sense of what the pups look like. I hope you enjoy them.













































Too Cute Times Two Or Three



Dave and I had the best date night tonight. It wasn’t the usual get dressed to dine out, but rather, we had company join us for the evening. Three month Miss Eva Joy came to spend Saturday night with Gramma and Grampa. We talked, we sang, we laughed and tickled, started to learn our ABC’s through music, and of course watched the dogs. We talk to Eva and she talks back telling big stories with facial expression to match. I sing to her and she sings her little songs back to me. One of the best activities for a Gramma is dinner time. That time when baby is snuggled up, drinking greedily from the bottle. Then reluctantly  baby’s eyes grow very heavy while Mr. SandMan sneaks in to claim the wee one for a half hour or more. Sitting there holding such a precious bundle is therapy in a diaper.


But tonight as Eva entertained us, I was struck with an idea. Why not photograph Eva in her little, toddler wicker chair with a puppy on her knee. Grampa was not sure Mommy and Daddy would be pleased but, well, I just thought it was too cute to pass up. Soon the puppies will be too big to sit still, so rather than lose the moment, I marched ahead. Little did I guess what would happen. Dave picked up a puppy and placed it in Eva’s lap and immediately Super Nanny went into overdrive! Maisie watches her puppies like a hawk. The only other thing that she eagerly watches with great care is …baby Eva. So, when Dave put the two together poor Maisie went into Super Nanny mode. She was actually pushing Dave out of the way so she could monitor her two charges. We wanted pictures of just the baby and puppy but many of them were photo bombed by our super vigilant babysitter.


I hope you enjoy the pictures. And for those of you who are worried about the baby touching the puppies, yes, we disinfected her hands right away! Sadly, we couldn’t photograph all the puppies in Avrora’s litter because someone lost interest before we could make that happen. I did confess to Mommy when she came to pick up our little guest. Whew! The pictures were cute enough that Mommy didn’t mind, especially when I reassured her that little hands were carefully  disinfected.

We think these pictures are too cute times two/three.


Eva, Baby Purple from Avrora’s litter and Maisie


Baby Eva and Baby Light Pink from Avrora’s litter.



Super Nanny checking out Eva and Baby Pink from Avrora’s litter.


Hello Puppy.


All three together.


Gramma, what am I supposed to do with this puppy?


We’re going to be great friends!



Baby Purple and Me.



Super Nanny



Many all nighters have been pulled off in our home recently. It’s difficult to make the day work when you’ve been on call all night too. Head fuzzy, inertia swallows up drive and determination while daily chores are ground out with sheer will. However, I am not the only one who is working the night shift. We have a furry, little nanny who actually does a better job than I at babysitting the puppies. Her name is Maisie.


Maisie is incredible. She jumps up at the smallest little cry, whine or distress call. The other night while stretched out on the couch I noticed Maisie. Peering over the edge of the whelping box she intently stared at the pups. Glancing up she gave me a steady look and glanced down again. She moved over to the other side of the box so she could look at the puppies from a different angle. Not liking what she saw, she trotted over to me with urgency and then quickly made her way back to her perch looking over at the puppies. Staring hard at me, she did everything she could short of shouting at me, so I did what any sleep deprived but responsible person would do. I slithered off the couch to look in the box for myself.


I counted 8 puppies, turned and wearily plopped down on the couch once again. However, Maisie was not finished. She kept looking at the puppies and back at me. If you could say a dog’s gaze was piercing, well, her gaze was boring a hole right through me. Sighing, I pulled myself up once again. This time I looked in the box with my eyes wide open and mind engaged. How did I miss it the first time while my dog had picked up on it long before me? There was Baby Blue in trouble. Earlier in the day I had loosened his collar. While working with the other pups, I mentioned to Dave that we needed to re-do Blue’s collar because it was too loose. After doing all the weighing, exercises and cleaning up, I forgot. During the lapsed time, Blue’s collar had moved. His front leg slipped through the collar which now tightly clung across his leg and chest. This was a very dangerous position for the collar, which, if left alone, would have eventually choked the puppy. Maisie somehow picked up on the dangerous situation and had done all she could to alert me to the potential disaster. Without her constant vigil, Puppy Blue may have not made it through the night. Who would have ever thought a dog would be a better nanny than a human? We now call her Super Nanny and are so grateful for her help!


Avrora’s beautiful babies



Look at how much their coats have deepened in colour.



Little Baby Pink with hearts is the one tucked under the ledge of the whelping box.



Oh, so cute!

Tessie’s Puppies



Pictures of Tessie’s Babies at one week of age. These little chubbies have been steadily putting on weight all week. Gorgeous puppies!



Baby Green and Black

Babies Light Brown, Blue, and Purple

Babies Black and Pink with hearts

Cuddled up: Babies Purple, Green, and Blue


Baby Pink with hearts

Dear little Purple and Green



Baby Pink with hearts, Light Brown with happy smile, Black and Green

Dear little face



An Intimate Play of One



They often wait until all is quiet, as if for the magic to begin the audience must be reduced to one. The cloak of darkness settles its silky folds gently around the stage as inner urgency bears down. Anxiously the performer paces back and forth unable to settle down comfortably. Blankets are crunched into unusable balls of cotton, while the audience of one patiently straightens them out once again. Finally, the show begins; panting the star strains to deliver the show of a lifetime. Sides heaving, bearing down the star of the night gives one last push and with a whisper of love a new life is born. With fierce motherly instinct, the newest member of the cast is vigorously set free to begin its own life story. The one audience member steps up to participate in this story. With warm towel in hand, the newest star is rubbed dry, umbilical cord tied, weighed and recorded and finally a bright collar is wound around the tiny neck. A star is born.




The magic show is repeated over and over until the star is joined with 8 other future stars. Exhausted, the actress rests, proud of her achievement. The audience of one stands in silent admiration. The mystery of life was beautifully acted out before the audience in all of its beauty, urgency, awesome in its simplicity.




Added to the initial mystery of life is the continuation of that life. How is it that immediately after birth, these blind, squirming life forms know to go searching for sustenance? How is it that they know how to hone in on their mother? Using vigorous, squirming motion, they unerringly move in the right direction toward their mother’s nipples, spontaneously latching on to begin sucking without any direction or help. Undeterred by their mother’s energetic efforts to clean and stimulate them, when tossed off a nipple they head right back to their primary source once again. When full, these seemingly helpless creatures seek out the heating pad, knowing instinctively that heat is necessary to keep them warm and assist their growth. It is all so amazing!




Our home was privileged to two such shows last week. Friday evening and again early Monday morning fourteen, future, little stars were born. All healthy, all beautiful, all brimming full of potential, they fill our home with tiny voices throughout the day and night. Keeping watch over all is exhausting right now. Our sleep patterns have been turned upside down for the next two weeks, for we are the guardians of these wee souls. Nine of these newest stars have families eagerly waiting for them, making trips to pet stores to purchase necessary items to welcome home their babies. Names are being chosen and for some, plans are being made to make the long 7 to 8 hour trip to southwestern Ontario to pick up their baby. Excitement is in the air!




If you, too, were hoping to add a new family member to your home, there are five beautiful puppies available. To find more information, click on Our Puppies and then again on Puppy Application. Please fill in and send to or call me at 519 769 2613.

Happy New Year 2017



Quick, when I say 2016 what jumps into your mind? A new love, home, job, children who graduated and moved on to new adventures, a special holiday, a mountain to climb and difficulties conquered? Some of my friends were thrown into a turmoil of fear when the word cancer was spoken, but as the months progressed, they rejoiced at the loving support given them and the good news that the cancer retreated. Others were delighted with new job opportunities, while yet others enjoyed reaching significant milestones in their lives. One of my former students married the love of her life and headed off to South Africa where she will begin a new life.  Both the good and bad bring their own joys and challenges, for which we can be thankful.


This past year has been one of challenges and victories. As Dave and I sat talking today, we found ourselves grateful for so many things. This was the first year in maybe 10 years where we spent the Christmas holidays with all of our girls. No, not all at the same time, but we did get to spend time with each of their families, and for this we are most thankful.  We had many delightful surprises where business opportunities opened up bringing more work but also blessings. Even though the weather was difficult this growing season, we were blessed with enough moisture to produce record crops.  One daughter married a wonderful man gifting us with two step-grandsons, while our youngest and her husband blessed us with our first granddaughter. How thrilling to watch our girls enjoy this next stage in their lives.


Of course, high on our list was the blessing of finding such wonderful families for our puppies.  It has been fascinating to meet so many interesting people and gratifying to see the joy on their faces as they took their little one home. I have enjoyed the pictures and updates that many have sent my way. I appreciate hearing how well the puppies have adjusted and become such treasured members of each family. My heart has been touched to hear how one of our puppies has bonded with a special needs child, reading with tears how he has brought friendship and intuitive love into their relationship.  For one woman, her puppy has become the best thing in her life, while yet others cannot imagine life without their furry friend.  We do not take any of this for granted. Your kind recommendations to friends and family have been such an encouragement to us; we are humbled by your kind words.


As we look to 2017, we know it will continue to be busy and full of work which demands immediate action, but we also know that whatever comes, God is faithful. He has walked with us this far and will continue to lead and guide this coming year. Already, we are thankful for our new families and are looking forward to the births of our next litters. A little, white poodle puppy will be soon flying in to us from California to help expand our breeding program. Country’s Sampson’s in the House will be our newest man on the farm. We are looking for a good guardian home for Sam so he will have a forever home where he is loved and adored.  Lu will be bred in the fall most likely, and we are currently putting two puppies, which we kept back from our own breeding, through the certification process.


So, life continues to be busy and full. We wish you and your family all the best in 2017. If you are looking for a wonderful companion, please feel free to call us or send us an email with your questions. Visits to the kennel will stop Jan 21st and not resume until the pups have all had their first shots. However, we can certainly answer any questions you may have. If you are hoping to add a pup to your home late fall, please let us know. Until then, God bless.

Eva Joy



Yes, our dear wee granddaughter arrived October 26th. I was invited to be there for the miracle of life. I can’t begin to say how overwhelmed I was to watch Eva enter this world. Yes, I birth puppies, but watching your own daughter work so hard to deliver such a precious gift of life and to witness her entry into this world …. well, it was a holy moment.


Since then we have been busy. Busy holding and cuddling and singing and loving our wee girl. Many times I find myself getting emotional as I sit quietly rocking our dear baby to sleep. It seems like just a couple of years ago I rocked her mommy to sleep. As I gaze down at Eva, I wonder who she will be. Brennan’s family on both sides are gifted musicians and our Sarah was born with music flowing out of her. At 3 months she whistled happily to herself while the rest of the family enjoyed Christmas dinner. Hearing the whistling we all stopped to figure out where the sound was coming from. With great surprise we realized baby Sarah, who was sitting in her baby seat safely tucked away in a corner out of the clutches of her older cousins, was creating music! Will little Eva have the gift of music? Will she be easygoing and full of fun like her parents? Will she be athletic, a lover of fashion, an avid reader, an intellectual, oh the list can go on and on. Today she is a beautiful little girl full of possibilities. Years ago I led a children’s musical that included a song called, “I am a Promise.” The first lines are, “I am a promise, I am a possibility, I am promise with a capital P, I am a great big bundle of potentiality.” That song plays over in my head when I hold our precious baby.


Since Sarah and Brennan live next door where the kennel is I finish my chores and drop in to check on everybody to see if there is an opportunity to hold my baby. I truly do try to resist the temptation. I tell myself to go straight home, but then find my shoes have been kicked off and set neatly on the mat as I tiptoe through the kitchen to the living room to see if anyone is awake.  I have discovered that sadly my self control has become non-existent.


It is breeding time in the kennel. The girl’s heat cycle was delayed so when they finally came in, we decided to breed them. Tess is due to deliver her pups January the 26th. Avrora was bred today which means her pups will be delivered February 1st. That means the pups will go home later in March which will be great timing for families that have booked family vacations during the March break. This is really great timing to raise a puppy. Young pups should not leave their backyards until they have been fully vaccinated against Parvo. By the time the good weather arrives the puppies will have been fully vaccinated, have begun obedience classes and be ready for all the summer fun families enjoy together.

This may be our only litter this year unless we decide to breed Lu later in the year.  It is all up to mother nature as to when she comes into heat.


Lu has fit into our family life so easily. She has become very good friends with Tess. Both of them love to play fetch. Lu will allow Tess to take the ball if their race was a tie, but if she very clearly has the advantage she will snatch the ball up into her mouth to prance about in victory. Often she will drop to the ground and tuck her ball underneath her chest out of grabbing reach. Lu is incredibly sweet. We entertained visitors in the kennel last weekend. I let her out of her kennel first.  Very gently she walked up to the family of three, sat down in front of them and waited for the love that came her way. Because all three girls were in heat, they all have to be in the kennel right now. True goes crazy when one of the girls comes in heat, but all three throws him into a state close to insanity! The couple’s little boy gazed around the kennel and observed that Tess and Avrora were still in their kennel. Turning to his mother in puzzlement he asked,”Why are those two in jail?”  I laughed and laughed because I suspect that is exactly what Tess is wondering also!


We have begun the testing and certification of two of Avrora’s puppies that we kept back and live in guardian homes. Today they passed their yearly eye certification. I have DNA tests to do with them and then in the new year we will do their hips. They will not be ready to be bred until they are close to two years of age or older. They sure are pretty. They received a lot of attention today at the eye specialist’s office. They are a gorgeous red colour and are pretty little girlies. Stella is a bit taller than Hazel but both are sweet little souls.


If you are looking for a spring puppy and would like to meet the parent dogs, we will entertain visitors up until Jan 21st. After that we will not be having visitors again until the pups have had their first vaccinations. This is to protect them from contracting disease. I know December is a very busy month for people, but we will do our best to accommodate visits. We will be away for holidays. All of us will be going to the cottage for a break before we are busy with pups once again. Email me at to make an appointment.

Welcome the Newest Member of Our Family



I bet you are thinking our little one has arrived, yes?  No, not yet. She is two days late, but will come in due time. No, we would like you to help us welcome our newest fur baby.  Icewind’s Snow Queen La Lusha. Yes, her name is Lusha. She is coming to us from New Jersey with a pedigree that includes Tramin Apriori Sorbonne, Ashbury Angel Heart, Dewmist Star of The Blue Hope, Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag and Real World of Glen Sheallag. A strong pedigree of multi championships.







Gorgeous, isn’t she?! Here are some more pictures of her and you will understand how we fell in love with her.




Not only is she a beauty on the outside, she is a sweetie on the inside. She loves children as these next pictures show. Look how calmly she sits waiting for her little friend to throw the Kong.










And yes, the reason we love our Golden girls? They are so tolerant. You just have to love this picture.








At sixteen months she is:  Fully Tested:


Registered Name: Icewind’s Snow Queen La Lusha

Call Name: Lusha

Born: June 9th, 2015

Sire: Golden Girls My Ono Brah (CGC) (Imported from Russia)

Dam: Kahn-Canary Confessa Amore (CGC) (Imported from Ukraine)

Country of Origin: USA

AKC Registered

OFA Hips: Preliminary (Good) 

OFA Elbows: Preliminary (Normal)

OFA Eyes:  Clear 5/31/2016

OFA Patella: Normal

Heart: Normal

Ichthyosis: Normal/Clear

PRCD: Normal/Clear  Paw Print Genetics


Lusha will arrive by the end of the month. We are looking for just the right guardian home for her. She will stay with us to get to know us and love us. During this time we will introduce her guardian family to her so when she leaves to go to them she will already know and love them. If you would be interested in giving Lusha a wonderful home and would like to know more about our guardian program feel free to drop me a note at… or call at 519 769 2613. I may not get right back to you as we are waiting for our wee bundle to arrive, but I will do my best. The best situation for Lusha would to have a home where she has plenty of space to run and play and be within a half hour from us.


So, please leave your comments on our Facebook page. Bring on the band, light the candles, and celebrate with us! Lusha will make beautiful puppies!

Fall Changes


Life has settled back into a quieter time around the kennel. Puppies are gone and moms have regained their equilibrium. Interestingly, Avrora, who has always been the quiet, unassuming one of the group, has become frisky. Yes, frisky is the word to use. She bounces around in joy, initiates play fights and takes part in ball games. Poor Tess was surprised at first when Avrora began grabbing Tessie’s collar tugging as hard as she could, but quickly adjusted to the switch in personality. This new and improved Avrora even runs full out down the lane. Now, she will never be an athlete, and she does only run full out for a short distance, but it too, is something new.




Tess, on the other hand, is the same funny, fun filled girl. She still parks herself at the pool gate hoping for a swim, races down the lane with a ball in her mouth and gleefully takes up the challenge of a ball game whenever one is offered. Lately, Dave has been putting them out in the puppy pen by the inside kennel. The girls tolerate it only as long as they can see him. The moment he moves to a spot where he is no longer visible, out they come. Either over or under the fence, we aren’t sure. They will sit on the grass near him, but when they get bored off they trot home to see if I am ready for a play. However, … today they decided to explore the bean field and ended up in the neighbouring farmer’s yard. Did he who let them out in the first place notice they were missing? That would be a big, fat, NO.  After receiving a call from fore-mentioned neighbour giving me a heads up, I ran outside calling frantically for the girls to come home. Tess responded with unbridled enthusiasm while Avrora stayed to make friends with her new bestie.  So like children they are. You just can’t take your eyes off them for a moment.




This weather has been amazing. The pool is still open and operating. I am still swimming. Who would have thought come the end of September I would still be doing laps in the pool! Of course Tessie wants in to do laps too. No can do. She ends up scratching me or getting in the way. She has to swim on her own.




I love receiving pictures of our puppies in the new homes. If you have a pup of ours that is almost a year old, would you think of sending us pictures? I would love to see how adorable they are now.  If I haven’t received notice of your dog being spayed or neutered, would you please look after that right away. For those of you who are looking for a puppy, we will be looking to breed the girls and True in late winter, early spring. We are taking names now for our waiting list. We do not require a down payment. I prefer to know how many pups have been born and how many of each sex before asking for payment. Why not use this time to come out and visit to meet the dogs, talk with me and view our facilities. Then if you would like to own one of our puppies, you can place your name on our waiting list.


May you have a blessed Thanksgiving season. Take the time to consider all the good things we enjoy living here in Canada for we truly are a blessed people.  We are looking forward to the birth of our first grandbaby. She should arrive sometime in the middle of October. The upstairs of their home has been lovingly, and expertly renovated by our son-in-law with a bucket load of help from his father who is a professional home renovation expert. The upstairs is incredible. Furniture has been purchased and they are days away from moving everything in. Excitement is building! Again, our blessings overflow. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

New Beginnings



How often do we face new challenges with a huge case of nerves, a sprinkling of fear, topped off with a thick coating of indecision? These past few days the puppies have been leaving us to drive off into their futures. Some left whimpering, others left outright crying, while others were content and happy, confident in their decision of choosing their forever family. As for me, well, I didn’t do so well this time. Usually I can wait until they drive down the lane before I begin to blubber, but this time around I started when I had to say goodbye. So many hours of bonding, cuddling, teaching and disciplining, so many hours of loving combined to bring on major pain and doubt. What if things don’t go well? What if they don’t love my puppy as much as I do…did? So, knowing the only way to face challenges is with a head up, faith in your decisions and a good dose of thankfulness, I pushed on.


It is with deep thankfulness I say goodbye to my dear wee friends. I am confident they have found incredible new homes. Such a varied group of people, living in different provinces, some doctors, teachers, a professor, businessmen/women, retired folks and families with children, some speak French while another family speaks Russian, all choosing a puppy to bring joy, laughter and companionship into their lives. A common bond ties them together, the desire and willingness to welcome a Goldendoodle puppy into their homes.  While I cried as I said goodbye, in my heart I knew that each pup is going to enjoy the life of a spoiled puppy, surrounded each and every day with love.


Some pups have not yet found their forever homes. Below find pictures of our incredible pups still available.


Tess's last male pup available...Baby Black

Tess’s last male pup available…Baby Black


Such a sweet boy

Such a sweet boy

Handsome boy

Handsome boy


An adorable face

An adorable face


Available pups out of Avrora’s litter

Dear little Purple. We call her Hettie because she is so small. Just barely over 6 pounds but full of fun.

Dear little Purple. We call her Hettie because she is so small. (NCIS Los Angeles Hettie) Just barely over 6 pounds but full of fun and energy.

DSC_1295 DSC_1296


This is Baby Miracle...Baby Pink. She is the puppy who had such a shocking birth. A fighter then, she has never looked back!

This is Baby Miracle…Baby Pink. She is the puppy who had such a shocking birth. A fighter then, she has never looked back!


Dear little Mira. Full of love and kisses.

ĵ Dear little Mira. Full of love and kisses.


Baby Blue. A big confident boy who is ready for adventures.

Baby Blue. A big confident boy who is ready for adventures.


Beautiful red in colour Baby Blue is a handsome boy.

Beautiful red in colour Baby Blue is a handsome boy.




Baby Yellow is our next smallest puppy. She and Hettie are best of friends.

Baby Brown. How has this sweet boy not been snatched up??


She is just a little love.

He  is such a little lover.


Baby Yellow. She is our next smallest puppy. She and Hettie are best of friends.

Baby Yellow. She is our next smallest puppy. She and Hettie are best of friends.


Baby Yellow

Baby Yellow





Happy 5th week Birthday to Us!


Celebrate with us! We are 5 1/2 weeks old. Mommy says we are changing so fast she can’t keep up with us. LOL. We have been outside playing in the big adult pen and our smaller puppy pen. Wow, it sure is a big, big world out there. At first some of us were unsure of ourselves, while others were braver and started to explore the huge outdoor pen. Have you ever seen pine cones? We love them!! They fit in our mouths perfectly so we look like we are smoking cigars. We found Lily of the Valleys, little sticks, grass, weeds, dirt (we love dirt!) and of course the pine cones.


Last week Mommy took off our baby collars which were replaced with real big guy collars. We have adjusted very well. Mommy was waiting for us to do the “flea dance” which is when we scratch at our new collars, but we disappointed her, for none of us did the dance.


Mommy and Josh took pictures of us this week. She complains that we make picture taking very difficult because we refuse to sit still. Now, come on…doesn’t she understand we are baby puppies and everybody knows puppies never sit still!  We are playing rough and tumble games now like wrestling. It’s so much fun unless you are the puppy being beaten up on. We love to bite each other’s tails and are learning to play tug with the toys Mommy gives us. Mommy and Josh built a cool play mobile for us out of an old chair swing. Josh hung all kinds of toys from the top beam which keeps us busy biting, banging and tugging. Mommy says it stimulates our minds, but we’re just interested in playing.


We are looking forward to meeting our new families. It won’t be long now before you come to visit so we can pick which family is our forever home. Some of us still need a family, so if you are out there, please call Mommy so she can set aside a spot for you. We are truly lovable, cuddly, smart, and pretty much the cutest puppies out there! Of course, as you can see, we are not humble.


Love from all us,


The Puppies

P.S. We hope you enjoy the pictures  😛



Tessie’s litter at 5 weeks of age:



Baby Pink ~ Female

Red coat~weighs 7.120 pounds

Baby Pink looking adorable.

Baby Pink looking adorable.

Today I weigh 7.120 pounds.



Baby Purple ~ Female

Red coat~ weighs 6.500 pounds

Very sweet little girl






Baby Orange

Red coat ~ female

Baby Orange weighs 6.880 pounds

Baby orange is has been a quieter little girl right from the start.



Gazing fondly at Josh, who works faithfully in the kennel.

Gazing fondly at Josh, who works faithfully in the kennel.




Baby Green ~ Male

Baby Green weighs 7.520 and has a dark cream coat



He is developing lovely curl already







Baby Blue ~ Male

Dark Red Coat Weighs 8.200 …perfect for the family who want a solid dog.







Baby Red ~ female

First puppy born. Has a light cream coat which does not show up well in the pictures. She is secretly Mommy’s favourite as she reminds her of her Maisie. Loves to be cuddled.

She weighs 6.800







Baby Light Blue ~ Male

Red coat ~ weighs….wait for it….8.700. Yup, he is the biggest of them all. Being the biggest means he is a big softy. Needs lots of cuddling.








Baby Black ~ Male

Light Red coat ~ weighs 7.320

A gentle wee soul who seeks out a cuddle every chance he gets.




Look at that dear, wee face! Who can resist that!!





Avrora’s Gang Coming Up:


Baby Red ~ Female

Dark Cream coat ~ weighs 6.780

Look at all her curls!






Baby Orange ~ male

Dark Cream coat ~ weighs 7.280 and is officially the biggest pup in this litter

Look at his gorgeous head. Sweet little boy.






Baby Green ~Male

Cream coat~ weighs 7.028

Look at all his curls!





Getting some much needed love!





Baby Purple~ female

Red coat ~ weighs 5.220 The smallest puppy but do not think she is a runt. She was the 8th puppy to be born. She is just petite. Such a beautiful little girl with a gentle wee soul.


Look at her dear wee face…so perfectly formed





Baby Yellow ~ female

Red coat ~ weighs 5.760

Another sweet little girl. Petite and will most likely remain petite






Baby Brown~ male

Red coat ~ weighs 6.120 One of the smaller males.

Look at his beautiful head!



Look at his curls.





Baby Blue~ male

Dark red coat~ weighs 6.480

A  good looking boy






Baby Light Blue~ male

Light red coat~weighs 6.580 pounds

Another handsome boy








Baby Pink (aka Baby Miracle) ~female

Cream coat~weighs 6.680 pounds

While her start to life was cold and unfriendly, Miracle has

continued to make her mark in the kennel. Sweet as candy,

she has the spunk to hold her own.



Look at that precious wee face.





Baby Black~male

Dark Cream~weighs 6.940

A handsome, sweet boy



























Pictures of Pups at 2 3/4 weeks


Hope you enjoy the pictures of the dogs and pups. Tessie was just aching to get in the pool, but Avrora is just not interested right now. We let Tess out for a bathroom break tonight and were working on a project when we heard her barking. Going to the door I noticed she was not on the porch or out in the front lawn. I stepped out and headed around the porch to the pool. What should greet me was Tess, on the other side of the pool fence! Nobody had let her in. She must have bumped the pool gate until it opened. She let herself in, had a swim and was letting us know she was ready to come in! What a shock!!


Tessie’s pups are much heavier than Avrora’s and as such are not as quick to walk or climb around, but they are beginning to “chew” on each other which is the forerunner of puppy play. Avrora’s pups are climbing all over the place and even a bit of wrestling is going on. They are going to be a riot to watch develop!

Can I share the lounge with you, Dad?

Can I share the lounge with you, Dad?



Nothing like a good swim after a long day with puppies.

Nothing like a good swim after a long day with puppies.



Come on in, Mommy!

Come on in, Mommy!



Tessie's Baby Orange. A beautiful flower among flowers.

Tessie’s Baby Orange. A beautiful flower among flowers.



A wagon full of Tessie's baby girls.

A wagon full of Tessie’s baby girls.



Tess's little girls.

Tess’s little girls.



Look at our sweet faces! Tess's little girls.

Look at our sweet faces! Tess’s little girls.



Adorable us. Tessie's litter

Adorable us. Tessie’s litter



Some hang out, others hang on. Tessie's girls

Some hang out, others hang on. Tessie’s girls



Baby Purple and Red

Baby Purple and Red



Dear little Miss purple

Dear little Miss purple



Dedicated sleepers ~ Tess's litter

Dedicated sleepers ~ Tess’s litter



Look at the curl beginning to develop on its face.

Look at the curl beginning to develop on its face.



Tessie's big boys

Tessie’s big boys



Handsome wee guys...Tess's litter

Handsome wee guys…Tess’s litter



Baby Blue on the left....Baby Green on the right

Baby Blue on the left….Baby Green on the right



Look at my waves

Look at my waves






Baby Brown, I believe. Such a gorgeous colour!

Baby Brown, I believe. Such a gorgeous colour!


While Avrora’s pups were born a few days early and do not weigh as much as Tess’s chunky babes do, Avrora’s pups were the first to open their eyes and walk. They are so active it is next to impossible to photograph them!

Two of  Avrora's little but active girlies

Two of Avrora’s little but active girlies


Look at my cute little white spot.

Look at my cute little white spot.


Baby Miracle

Baby Miracle




Avrora's little boys...Baby Blue

Avrora’s little boys…Baby Blue


Baby Blue...Avrora

Baby Blue…Avrora


Contrast in colour...Avrora's

Contrast in colour…Avrora’s


Two lighter males...Avrora

Two lighter males…Avrora


Our eyes are open!

Our eyes are open!



Baby Maroon...male Avrora

Baby Maroon…male Avrora




Maisie checking on Avrora's puppies

Maisie checking on Avrora’s puppies



Aunt Maisie helping Avrora with her pups.

Aunt Maisie helping Avrora with her pups.



Counting the babies to make sure mommy is lying on them.

Counting the babies to make sure mommy isn’t lying on them.



1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,....where's baby 10!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,….where’s baby 10!







Just keeping an eye on Avrora. Don't want her squishing any of her crew.

Just keeping an eye on Avrora. Don’t want her squishing any of her crew.


This has been an exhausting time in the nursery for Aunt Maisie. She picked up on Avrora’s anxiety so willingly stepped in to keep her company and to help count babies to make sure Avrora didn’t lie on one. When Maise felt a baby was in distress, she would come to me on the couch and nudge me into action.  One day, while working with the pups I held one out to Maisie to sniff. I noticed she lifted her back leg. Puzzled I took the pup away and then brought it forward again. Once more she lifted her back leg. Suddenly, I realized she was offering up her belly to nurse the pup. Awwww, how incredibly sweet. Raising these pups is a complete family affair!

Witness To A Miracle



If you know me at all, you will know that we are always on the go. So when my niece’s grandfather died, it was just natural to offer our home to her to help keep expenses down. Since her grandpa lived in London, and we are only a half hour away from the church, it worked out well. I just wasn’t counting on puppies arriving the very day Tammy and her two young sons pulled in.


After driving from Holland/Zeeland, Michigan, to take part in the visitation the weary threesome pulled in around 9:30 that night. Tess was still delivering puppies, so I quickly gave everybody a hug, handed the boys the treats I bought them, showed them to their rooms and ran back downstairs to the birthing room. The boys had been told they had to talk in whispers which they remembered to do so faithfully. Whispering as they put together a snack, they kept peeking over the edge of the whelping box to see what was happening. As Tess began to push, I calmly announced that a baby was on its way. Two eager young men sat down on chairs at the doorway to watch. However, that changed quickly. As Tess pushed a baby out, Nathan took a look at the slimy, tiny body surrounded by blood and placenta and announced in a very loud whisper that he was leaving. Since he did not like the sight of blood he was opting out of the birthing room choosing instead to go to bed.


That left Micah sitting stoically on a kitchen chair peering over the edge. As I stepped forward with the newest little bundle in my arms intent on weighing and recording important data, Micah jumped to his feet, pulling the chair away to clear a path to the kitchen table where the weigh scales sat waiting to record the latest pup’s weight. His bright eyes missed nothing as I weighed, recorded, and then continued to rub the puppy dry insuring it was warm. Returning to the box, I placed the pup by its mother’s side and for a few moments all was quiet again. Still Micah sat quietly. Time passed quietly as the clock ticked the final minutes of the day away. I was worried about Tess. It had now been an hour since she had birthed the last pup. I could feel two puppies lying one behind the other. They were quite far back, so I worried that they were not in position. Silently, I prayed that all would go well. My worst fear would be that one of the pups would be turned in the wrong direction, block the other pup’s descent and that we would have to make a desperate run to the vet for an emergency caesarean delivery.


As the minutes ticked by I tried another spoonful of ice cream to encourage contractions. The contractions began, but the puppies did not seem to be moving enough. Again, I closed my eyes making a desperate plea for these pups to be born on their own and for the safety and health of Tess. Finally, the contractions grew more forceful. The pups began to shift position. Concentrating on the drama in front of me, I did, however, take time to look over at Micah. I gently suggested that maybe he might want to head to bed as it was late. Politely he shook his head saying he wanted to stay and watch the puppies’ birth. Inwardly I groaned and shot yet another request heaven ward asking for help. I did not want this poor child to be witness to a tragedy or worse be traumatized as I frantically helped my dog to the car to race to the vet for help. Contraction after contraction and then an agonizing groan as one of the pups arrived. Quickly scooping the puppy up, I began to vigorously rub life into its little lungs. Not hearing any cries, I turned the pup upside down to help clear mucus from its nasal passages. Success, a little cry was followed by movement and then a more forceful cry.


I was in the process of drying the puppy when Micah cried out, “There’s the other puppy!” And there it was, seconds after its sibling, the final pup was born. Micah was so thrilled. His face shone with excitement. Thrilled to witness the birth of a pup, he had been rewarded with two births back to back. Beaming he turned to me and said, “I prayed that God would help the puppies be born safely.” While he had been quietly and patiently sitting there in the gloom, he had taken his worry to God. How grateful I was that God’s answer had been a positive result because Micah experienced something magical. He had not just been a spectator as new life was ushered in, he had contributed by offering up his request for help. He felt a sense of responsibility for the births and thus tasted the thrilling victory of the struggle for life. He watched as Sarah and I ministered to the new pups and then rushed away to wake his poor mom up out of a dead sleep. Stumbling downstairs to see his puppies, Tammy told me how Micah had flung himself on to the bed excitedly telling her about the births.


Nathan and Micah The morning after the births.

Nathan and Micah The morning after the births.


Thus the circle of life visited our home. A great grandfather passed away. Family came to mourn and yet rejoice over a life well lived and to take comfort in knowing Grandpa Thompson was home with Jesus. The same weekend, a young man experienced the thrill of new life. Watching the drama of life bursting forth was thrilling and something Micah will remember for a very long time. Come morning, while eating his eggs and pancakes, Micah recounted his adventures of the previous night to Nathan. Nathan was interested and glad to hear the story, but in typical boy style stated he hated blood and was glad he missed it.  Life, death, all a part of our journey, but personally… I prefer the excitement of welcoming the newest members of the family rather than saying goodbye.



Mistakes and Miracles


Hands up, who has never made a mistake? Hmm, just what I suspected, none of you. Some mistakes are small, insignificant, goofy errors of judgment like putting the cereal box back in the fridge, while other mistakes can end up being costly or painful, like falling off a ladder or rear ending the car in front of you. I wish I could say we never make mistakes here at Country House Doodles, but that would not be the truth. Some have been laughable, some have meant the job took longer than it should have to complete, some have required me to start all over again and some have been down right frustrating! But last week a mistake we made nearly cost a life.



Last week Tess and Avrora gave birth one right after the other. There was no time to regain perspective, or recoup sleep before the next set of pups began their entry into this life. Tess began the adventure Tuesday afternoon finishing delivering her little ones around 12:30 in the morning.  Somewhere around 5:30 I climbed the stairs and asked Dave to take over watching the new family while I grabbed a couple of hours of sleep.  About 20 minutes later, Avrora birthed her first pup with Dave attending. He flew upstairs to announce this twist of events. Yes, I figured she would deliver her pups early as she and Tess are so closely in sync with each other, but I truly did not count on back to back deliveries.  Totally exhausted, I headed back down to the whelping box.




One hour passed, and while she was pushing, no puppy appeared.  Together, we decided that she should go outside for a little walk and bathroom break. I had Dave take her out on a leash insuring she did not head off in the dark to birth under a bush somewhere. I also told him to take a towel just in case she should deliver outside. Off they went. Back they came. Dave took Tess outside for a bathroom break. Now, here is where it got messy.  Even though Tessie’s last baby was delivered at 12:30 a.m., I really felt there was one more baby in there. That is why I sat up until 5:30 to make sure all was well with her. When Dave went out with Tess, he came back with a puppy in his hands! I was stunned. How could she have waited all this time to deliver a pup! As I jumped to my feet in surprise, I realized the baby was breathing. How could that be! Surely after all this time the pup would be delivered dead! Grabbing the pup, I began to rub vigorously to warm her up. We put a towel in the microwave to warm it up and then wrapped the puppy up in it. The dear wee soul was cold, but she was breathing and squirming. I questioned Dave. Did he see Tess deliver the pup? No, he did not. He was not sure it was hers. Not hers? Not hers!! Then it had to be Avrora’s pup. That meant this little feisty one had been born while Avrora was outside and had been lying there on the grass for about 8 minutes without any of the care we give to our babies. No clean up, no warm rubbing, no nothing. What a cold, callous introduction to life!



If Tess had not smelled the pup, Dave in his sleep deprived state probably would not have found the baby until later in the day. However, the lost was found. Over and over we heated up the towel, wrapping the chilled puppy up in it while cuddling her in our arms. Finally, the puppy was warm and continued to stay warm. I wrapped a pink collar around her neck speaking soothingly to her. I call her Miracle. How did this little pup survive outside for 8 minutes on the cold ground? Puppies need to be placed on a heating pad to keep them warm. They need the mucus to be cleaned away from their mouths and nostrils and to be rubbed gently with a warm, dry towel to stimulate their breathing, encourage their heart to continue beating and welcome them into to this world with love. Miracle did not begin life with tender ministrations, but she lived anyway. Determined to survive, this little girl fought the odds and won.



Every time I pick her up, I cradle her in my hands and whisper sweet love into her ears. I kiss her little nose and tell her how brave she is, how strong she is, and how she will conquer anything in her future.  She is living proof that while some do not get a fair shake in life, or have all the benefits of a nurturing start to life, with determination, courage, and hope one can conquer the odds, jump the hurdles, hold on until help comes. Hope is a resilient, powerful force. Little Miracle hung in there, lying on the cold ground waiting to be rescued. She did not give up, so today she lies on a heating pad, in a warm whelping box, being gently loved and fed by her mommy. This pup was delivered wrapped in a cloak of hope. What a miracle!

Spring Arrivals!

What a busy week we had here at Country House Doodles! Tess began delivering her babies Tuesday with the last one arriving at 12:30 a.m.  Thinking that she had one more to come, I waited until 4 a.m. and then sat with her until 5:30. Climbing upstairs to ask Dave to take over babysitting, I climbed into bed for a well deserved sleep. At 5:50 my husband burst into the room with a baby in his hands announcing that Avrora was delivering pups and was anxiously moving the baby all around. So much for the needed sleep! Leaping from bed, I climbed into the whelping box with mommy to help usher 10 more dear little souls into this world.


Tess had 4 female and 4 male puppies while Avrora delivered 11 puppies, but one was smothered in the early morning hours even though great care was taken to watch what she was up to. So 18 puppies are growing and gaining weight as each day flies by.  So many special stories to share about these puppies already, but for now, we will share some pictures of pups. Beautiful colours of near white, cream, reds and two very dark reds brighten each whelping box. Tess is a very calm, indulgent mommy, while Avrora, our normally very easy going girl, is in constant motion, anxious to feed all puppies at the same time. The TV must be on at all times so she does not feel alone and human companionship is required to share the burden of raising her precious children. This is what she did last time too, so we are looking forward to her settling in and relaxing by the end of the first week. Sleep for her favourite human is on limited supply, so I will be thrilled when she can mother more independently in the coming days!


Hope you enjoy the following pictures. The first grouping are just after the pups were born. The individual pictures were taken Saturday, June 18 when the pups were 4 days old for Tessie’s and 3 days old for Avrora’s babes.


There are still some available puppies. Possible home going will begin the end of the first week of August if all goes well.  To purchase your precious pup, please fill out an application form, send it in, and I will contact you. Please do not send your deposit in until we have spoken. Already these pups have stolen our hearts.


Somehow we missed getting a picture of Tess’s pink baby. We will send those along at a later time.


DSC_000001 (10)


DSC_000001 (3)



Avrora's pups...notice the dark colours and the light cream

Tess’s pups…notice the dark colours and the light cream


Tess's orange baby

Tess’s orange baby



Tess nursing her babies

Tess nursing her babies



Tessie’s light blue


Tess ~ black

Tess ~ black


Tess ~ blue

Tess ~ blue


Tess ~ purple

Tess ~ purple



Tess ~ red

Tess ~ red


Tess yellow

Tess yellow


Avrora~ pink

Avrora~ pink



Avrora ~ pink

Avrora ~ pink ~ Miracle


Avrora ~ purple

Avrora ~ purple


Avrora ~ Blue

Avrora ~ Blue


Avrora ~purple

Avrora ~purple


Avrora~Dark Blue

Avrora~Dark Blue

Avrora ~ maroon/dark spots

Avrora ~ maroon/dark spots


Avrora ~ black

Avrora ~ black


Avrora ~ green

Avrora ~ green


Avrora ~ yellow

Avrora ~ yellow









Ready or Not, Here They Come!

Days away from delivering their babies, I decided now was the time to bath and give Tess and Avrora their hair trim to prepare for the birthing process. How is it possible that girls who faithfully line up outside the door to the pool shun the bathtub? Happy to follow me anywhere, they will tuck their heads and tails, sidestep the bathroom door and in an attempt to become invisible slide their bodies under the kitchen table. They will happily spend hours in the river at the cottage but a nice warm bath with water gently cascading over their filthy bodies is enough to turn them into unhappy, sorry for themselves creatures.


Then comes the trim. That is when I get sad. Their beautiful feathering has to go once again. So, they get a bum trim, a belly trim, and some leg trimming which, when gone, makes them look more Lab like than Golden.


The one plus to all of this is, they smell so good. Of course the girls don’t appreciate the lovely scent they wear, so in an attempt to return to their preferred stench, they roll in everything horrible they can find! Thankfully all that is available right now is cut grass. Whew!


Whelping boxes have been disinfected and put in place, weigh scales are ready, medical supplies have been picked up, so I believe we are ready to go. Pray there are no complications, that all dear babies arrive breathing and strong, and that the mommies have safe deliveries. It’s going to be unbelievably busy around here!


While Tess is to be the first to deliver, poor Avrora is bulging with puppies. She slowly waddles around the farm but is resistant to walking down the back lane. That is deemed just too far for her uncomfortable body to walk. Ever the diligent mom, Avrora has scouted out possible den sites all over the farm. She still favours a spot underneath the Yew bush by our veranda. Last night she began to dig before I could catch her in the act. She simply does not trust me when I say the whelping box is perfect for her and the babies.


Tess still bounds across the fields but her running comes in shorter spurts and is most ungraceful. Tessie is much bigger than the last time around. I shudder at what that might mean. She had 11 babies last time. One was dead on arrival and the other died within seconds of birth. I keep looking at her thinking, surely you don’t have more than 11 in there, do you? Tess hates the whelping box. Even though the whelping box means the kitchen door has been removed and she can see into the room and watch what is going on, she still climbs over the edge to escape. We have to blockade the doorway with chairs, so it looks like she is in jail. I just don’t think an expectant mother should be wall climbing at this stage of pregnancy!


Look for the babies’ arrival pictures. I’ll post them here, in the blog, and some on my Country House Doodles Facebook page. All those who have their names on the waiting list will be receiving a phone call to let them know their puppy arrived! Ready or not, here we go!

Expectant Mothers

It was an ordinary card in a board game being played on our kitchen table. As I took my turn to pick a card, I noticed the card said, “Congratulations, Gramma and Grampa.”. Briefly I wondered why my son-in-law was congratulating his Grandparents. I glanced up to notice the two kids staring intently at me with big smiles on their faces. I was confused. While we had been longing for this day to come, our daughter kept saying she was not ready to become a mommy. Yes, she had been sick a lot recently, but I had given up excitedly suggesting she was pregnant. So, truthfully, this possibility was not front and foremost in my mind. As the kids kept giving me the “look” I suddenly realized the day I had been desperately hoping for had arrived. Jumping to my feet I screamed, “We’re having a baby! We’re having a baby!!” Yes, I know, I had nothing to do with it, but make no mistake, this is our baby. We have every intention of being intimately involved in raising this wee one. The privilege of sharing the anticipated joy of a new life is now something we get to experience.


The miracle of birth is undeniable. Every mother has experienced it first hand. The confirmation that yes, you are pregnant overwhelms you with excitement and terror all at the same time. The first movement of the little soul within the womb fills you with wonder. The holy communion between mother and fetus as in the quiet, in the private, intimate moments, mom speaks love to her unborn, soothes the restless one with gentle rubs across her swelling belly. The fearsome fight for life as the child within struggles to enter the world while the mother commits to the battle of a lifetime; brief or prolonged all battles come with a cost. And finally, after a heroic struggle your precious child is placed within your arms as you gaze for the first time into the face of the one you have already been communing with for months.


This miracle of birth is one I have witnessed many times as the expectant dam prepares for the birthing of her little ones. The God given urge to dig a den to harbour the new born pups is so strong that even as I  encourage her with a lovely indoor nest, she still heads out to dig her own nest in a search to fulfill her responsibilities. As the pangs of contractions bear down upon mom, each dam responds in their own unique manner. One may anxiously begin to pace, another becomes very subdued, while yet another becomes clingy not wanting me to leave her side. As the contractions deepen often the mom cries out in pain as the first of many makes its debut into this world. I feel her pain, I push and strain with her and then rejoice as the pup appears. Quickly severing the cord, cleaning the pup with a vigorous rub with a warm towel, I weigh the pup before placing it by mom’s nipples. Interestingly, mom often ignores the first three or four puppies. It is often not until the fifth or sixth pup arrives that she begins to nuzzle and lick her brood. Exhausted as she may be, love is poured out upon her little family.  As the last pup is delivered, and she has had a drink, the new mom begins to lick each tiny pup, stimulating their senses, nudging them closer to her side. She takes great care not to crush her little ones, to make sure none get separated from the warmth of her body, and offers the sustenance of life.


The essence of a mom is that of sacrifice.  It is the DNA of all moms whether human or animal. Giving of themselves to make sure their offspring thrive in this world is not a question but a reflex for all great moms.  May we always be thankful for the sacrifices our moms make on our behalf…those we know and the many we will never know that were lovingly made in an effort to help us become all we could be.


So we look forward to three birthing experiences on the farm. Tess and Avrora will deliver around June 14-18th. If you are thinking of adding a new addition to your family, feel free to give me a call to have your name placed on the waiting list. When the pups arrive I will call you to let you know how many female/male pups were born and then you can send your deposit in.


As to the third birth….well October seems a long way off, but I know the days will pass quickly and before we know it our homes will be blessed with a sweet bundle of joy!

Spring is a long awaited treat from Heaven above. After months of dark, cold, gloomy days, peppered with snow or freezing rain, watching the birds return to fill the air with their music, grass turning green and flowers popping up from the ground to colour our world with beauty once again; why it is nothing but a blessing to a population starved for bright sunlight and warmth!


This spring we have made the decision to breed both Tess and Avrora knowing that our days will be frantic, hectic, and downright chaotic. However, I am thrilled to explain why we made this decision.  We are going to be first time GRANDPARENTS!  Oh, how we have longed for this privilege! We had talked about only one litter this spring, but when our daughter and son-in-law announced their exciting news, we immediately changed course to breed both girls now, so the fall will be open to devote our attention on the wee one to come.  Not only will we be grandparents, but our little one will live next door where the indoor kennel is. That’s right….so close that we will hopefully hear a little knock on the door and a wee voice saying, Gramma, it’s me. I’m here.” This is what our three girls did when they were growing up. Many a morning they trotted across the field to have porridge with their grandparents then staying to play or help Gramma out in the garden. Lots of times we would get a phone call from one of them saying they were invited to stay for lunch. LOL. I’m not sure that the invitation wasn’t offered after a little person asked if they could stay!

Babies, children, puppies, dogs…what a perfect world. I have been so blessed this winter to hear back from our customers who have told us how happy they are with their puppy. So many wonderful stories. One little boy now has a best buddy while another young man has a constant companion to help him feel less anxious. Story after story of how one of our puppies has become an integral part of a family’s life has encouraged our hearts. If you are wondering what the puppies look like, take a look at Our Puppies for some pictures or scroll down through past blogs. I am including two pictures of Teddy. He was our biggest boy out of Avrora’s litter but was/is as sweet and gentle as you could wish for. I know when you see him, you will love him. His family are so happy with their boy.





See what I mean?! Look at that face! Who couldn’t love that face!  Well, June 14-18 are the due dates for our next litters of pups. If you would like to come out to visit the farm, meet the parent dogs and discuss puppies with me, give us a call at 519 769 2613 to book an appointment. We are available most days but Sundays. We are taking names for each litter but are not asking for down payments until the pups are born so we know how many pups and what sex they are. Feel free to contact us by email as well. We will not be hosting any visitors past June 8th. After that we will be readying for the births. Visits after that will be strictly regulated to protect our pups from disease.


Spring is a fresh season of hope, plans for the future and a time of personal renewal. Maybe now is the time to purchase your next family member.

True and Tess

Having two girls in heat at the same time creates some interesting days around here. Two beautiful girls separated from one eager young man by one sturdy kitchen door. Two girls vying for the attention of the same male.  Seems very high schoolish, doesn’t it? It’s never good for one male to think he is so sought after, but in the animal world, as is often true in the human world, this popularity will soon fade.


Somehow, Tess managed to surprise us. While we thought she had only just recently come into heat, she was in truth ready to be bred. How did we know? Avrora, whom we believe will be ready to be bred Wed., Thursday or Friday is only slightly interesting to True. All of his attentions have been lavished on Tess, while she in turn has been shamelessly flirting with him. Poor Avrora. She has been flirting with True but in full on TV drama style has not been the object of his affection. Never fear, in a few days when Tessie grows weary with his attention, growling and snapping at his attempts of romance, Avrora’s winsome ways will become most agreeable to Mr. True, and he will turn his romantic gestures her way.


We will breed True and Tess at least two more times. The gestation period is 63 days which means the puppies should or could arrive June 14th with the puppies going home the first part of August. To see what adorable puppies True and Tess produce take a look at an earlier blog: Happy New Year to see pictures of their previous litter. Also under Our Puppies:Past Puppies,  Sophie and Clancy have pictures of when they were around 12-13 weeks old.


If you are interested in one of their puppies, we are compiling a list of interested families. We are not asking for a down payment until the puppies are born. That way we will know how many males and females were born in that litter. When they are born I will contact all those on the list. At that point your down payment will secure a spot in the line up for choosing a puppy.  If you are interested in sweet Avrora’s puppies you will not have to wait long. I do think she will be bred either Friday or Saturday. If so, her pups would be born June 17 or 18. Several of our previous puppies went to special needs homes where they have woven their magic within their new homes. Several of our puppies out of Avrora’s litter received high marks from their puppy classes with several encouraged to continue with more training. One puppy is being evaluated as a potential for pet therapy.


Feel free to email us or call us at 519 769 2613.  We are currently not hosting any visits to the farm as we do not want to upset the breeding process, but as soon as both girls are bred, we are happy to entertain interested families.

Goodbye Dear Nusha

I love being surprised. Flowers so thoughtfully given by my husband, a clean house when I return home from the cottage, a note dropped off in the mailbox to encourage me, a kind word spoken in affirmation, finding change in the pocket of a coat not worn since last season, all are deeply appreciated and help to brighten the day. However, some surprises are not delightful. Some surprises bring challenges, disappointment, heartache, worry or defeat.



After a wonderful rest at the cottage, we returned home a bit more prepared to face the coming busy season. Spring is always frantic on the farm. Since we can’t orchestrate the weather, we are never sure what tomorrow may bring. That being true, we try to cram as much work into a day as possible to ensure the crops get planted on time. This year we will add breeding and birthing puppies to our crazy schedule. In preparation for the busy season, eye certifications had been done in February with everybody passing. All that was left was to certify Nusha’s hips and elbows. I felt we were ready and prepared to move confidently into Spring.



Returning home, the certificate was waiting on the table for us. The OFA envelope filled me with expectation. Carefully slitting the envelope open, I drew out the sheet of paper and stared in stunned surprise. Nusha had failed to pass her hip certification. How could that be? This dog runs like the wind, has beautiful movement and has been very carefully raised to protect her hips. Surely this is a mistake.



Mistake or not, we are committed to breeding only the best animals. Yes, we could have the x-rays re-done, but I would always wonder, always worry that maybe the first results were the accurate results. If the results came back with a Fair standard, I would not breed her, as our goal for hips is Good or Excellent, so the decision has been made. Nusha shall be removed from the breeding program.



Our immediate concern was how and where to find a good home for our sweet girl. However, on Sunday, when I was checking out our church mailbox, two men were talking earnestly together. I heard the word dog several times before one of the men saw me.

“You raise dogs, don’t you, Pat?”

“Yes, I do.”



And so it was, from that simple little introduction came the interesting result that one of the men would love to open his home to Nusha. Having just lost their beloved dog, their home seemed empty, and he was aching to have another faithful friend fill the void left behind. When I visited their home on Good Friday I found a family who was eagerly preparing for Nusha’s arrival.  Seeing how their home was perfectly set up for Nusha I felt a rush of relief. Saturday they met Newie and fell in love instantly. Watching them drive down the lane with my girl curled up in their backseat was beyond difficult but Sunday, when I was shown pictures of Nusha happily playing with her new family, following their wee grandson around and snuggling with their son, I knew we had made the right choice. I wish I could say it was easy to make the right decision; it was not, but we are so grateful that God went before us to provide a family who love dogs and who welcomed our dear soul into their family life.



We will miss our dear girl. Parting with one whom you love is unthinkable. People think I’m so brave. One dear friend made the remark that I am resilient. The truth is I am aching inside. There is an emptiness in the house. One less to play with on walks, one less bowl to fill. She is missed by everybody.  She was the one who raced with True down the lane, played with Tess and Avrora and irritated the life out of Maisie. There was a special connection between Newie and Mommy. She was always the happiest when she had Mommy all to her self. So how can I say goodbye and not mourn?   My heart is broken.  The right to weep in private is understood by my dear husband and it will take months before I will truly begin to heal. However, knowing that she has been embraced by a gentle, warm, welcoming family is a true comfort. They will bring her back for visits and life will move on. Newie will flourish as the object of one family’s affection. Knowing she will adjust to being loved and pampered makes this all so much easier to take.




Here they are at long last



Many of you have been asking for pictures of Sophia and Clancy. You have no idea what you are asking, for it is like trying to bottle a tornado, hold back a tsunami, or catch a falling star. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s very hard to contain two excited little fur balls. Just as the camera clicks, they move their heads, twist their bodies, look in another direction or simply get up and move. Ughhhhhh!


However, we did get a few today and yes, we gave up and just held them in position. Don’t judge until you have tried to photograph little puppies.  There are several fairly good pictures that give a fair idea of their beautiful colour, lovely heads and a few of their body structure.



The beauty of these pups lies in their personalities. Clancy is quite laid back. He will sit quietly in your lap for an hour or more content to be loved while Miss Soph is a fire cracker. She loves her cuddles and is generous with her kisses, but, oh, how she loves to get outside and run! She has enough energy to play fetch the ball, race around with Clancy and still play by herself finding amusing games to play all alone if need be. She would be perfect for a family who love the outdoors and being active. Sophia would love to be right in the middle of the action! Clancy is the more sensitive pup and would thrive with a gentle family who would appreciate his gentle, sweet nature. He, too, loves to play outside, but is very content to share quiet moments with his loved ones.


So here are the pictures. Hope you enjoy them. We’ll start with Sophia.



Sophie in Dave's arms

Sophie in Dave’s arms






Sophie is captivated by Maisie and True.

Sophie is captivated by Maisie and True.



Little Miss Personality.

Little Miss Personality.


Now it’s Clancy’s turn.


Mr. Clancy

Mr. Clancy


Have you noticed that his coat is darker than Sophie's?

Have you noticed that his coat is darker than Sophie’s?


Watching his Daddy.

Watching his Daddy.




And now some of them outside on the porch.


Clancy waiting for us to carry him down the stairs. What a good boy!

Clancy waiting for us to carry him down the stairs. What a good boy!






Hope you enjoyed the photos. They are 15 weeks old now and will have their last set of shots on Tuesday. They are crate trained, have not made any mistakes in the house, sit on command and are just the sweetest little folks. They are ready for their forever after homes.





Waking from a nap Clancy rolled over, stuck his nose out between the bars of his crate and whispered across the space to Sophia.


“Hey, Soph. Are you awake?”


“Mmmm, what do you want?”


“I’m worried about Higgins. He left with Daddy, but he didn’t come back. Do you think he’s okay?”


“Are you kidding, Clancy? Do you really not know where he is?”


“No, Miss know it all. If I knew I wouldn’t be asking you,” Clancy snapped in frustration.


“CLANCY! Think. A family came in to visit. You and I said hello, but then we played tug and pull with Pinky. Higgins made a fuss over them.” Sophia sighed. “I should have paid more attention to them; I should’ve made a fuss over them.”


“Why would you do that?” questioned Clancy.


“Oh, honestly, don’t you understand that when people come to visit not long afterwards one of us goes missing? Those people were their forever family coming to pick them out,” exclaimed Sophia in exasperation.


Silence ruled the kennel while Clancy thought about what his sister had just said.


“I guess, you’re right. I never really thought much about it until now. Is that why Higgins gently licked the little boy’s hand and jumped into the lady’s lap? I saw him cuddle up to the man, but I thought he just wasn’t into our game.”


“Yes, he liked them; he liked them a lot and wanted them to choose him. He was serious about looking for his forever home. When they walked in Higgins was instantly interested in their family,” said Sophia thoughtfully. “He must have felt something magical happen.”


“Oh good grief! What are you talking about now?”


“Higgins and I talked one day about where everybody was going. He figured it out first and said that when the right family walked in he would know it. He felt he would feel the “magic” and would know they had finally arrived for him. It must have happened for now he’s gone. He’s probably got his own kitchen to play in and his own little human friend. He always wanted a little boy to play with him,” Sophia said wistfully. “He’s so lucky, Clancy. He’s got his own family now. I bet he’s really happy.” Sigh.


“We’re happy here, Soph. Aren’t we happy? I’m happy being here with you.  You won’t go away will you, Soph?” pleaded Clancy.


“I love you, Clancy, but if my forever family comes walking through that door, I’m telling you, I’m gonna to do everything I can to make them fall in love with me. I’m going to be as sweet and pleasing as I possibly can, so they’ll notice me, fall in love with me, and take me home like Higgins’ family did.  I don’t want to grow up here without my own family loving me and neither do you Clancy,” Sophia said gently.


“When it happens, I’m gonna miss you Soph,” Higgins said sadly.


“I’ll miss you too, but after a bit we won’t mind ‘cause our forever family will play with us and take us into the living room to watch TV, and teach us tricks, and take us for long walks. I heard that pups like us get to go on trips with their families, go to the park and some get to go to doggy school. Maybe I’ll see you at doggy school or the park, Clancy,” said Sophia hopefully.


Silence descended once again as Clancy thought this all through.


“So you think Higgins is okay?”


“He’s more than okay; he’s really happy, Clancy. I just know it.”


“Well, just as long as he’s happy….I hope his new family make him walk a lot. He really was a bit of a couch potato.” Clancy laughed and then said, “I wonder what my family is like. I wonder if my family has kids. I love kids. I hope I live near you, Soph.” Clancy hesitated and then said, “I just want to tell you something.”


Sophia gazed expectantly at her brother.


“You’re the best sister a boy could ever have. For a girl you’re pretty okay,” he blurted out.


Sophia smiled over in her crate. “I love you too, Clancy.”


Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Hi Facebook and Mommy’s Bloggy friends,


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Higgins. My Mom saw the name on a book cover; it is the middle name of a famous writer and when she saw it she thought it would be the perfect name for me.  Dad said the name reminded him of Magnum PI, an old TV show.  He said that the Higgins on that show was kind of pudgy and as I have a bit of puppy pudge he thought the name was perfect for me. Really? Can I help it if I have a healthy appetite?



Beyond a bit of extra padding I consider myself to be quite handsome. I believe I am a blond, but Mom says I have gold tinges to my coiffure.  I fancy myself to be an intellectual as I quickly pick up any new information Mom tries to teach me. I love to learn and practice my skills. I guess one could say I am a bit of a show off as I eagerly perform the commands given me, but truly, I work for treats, hence the pudge.



I live with my sister, Sophia, who is pretty cool for a girl, and my brother, Clancy.  Together we have a wild time playing with Mom and Dad. We enjoy eating together, though I think somebody must have complained about my healthy appetite as I now have to eat alone. Fine with me, I can take the time to enjoy my meal now. We play tag, tug and pull (at which I excel) pounce and wrestle, and we share toys, well sort of. My favourite toy is Pink Elephant. PE, as I like to call it, is so soft and cuddly. I like to have it all to myself, so when my sister or brother try to take it away, I growl menacingly at them to tell them to scram. Mommy scolds me and makes me share; it’s not fair, I had the toy first.



I am rather adorable when I climb up into Mom or Dad’s lap for a cuddle. My belly loves to be rubbed, and I am a sucker for an ear scratch. Mom loves to snuggle with me, so I reward her with lots of kisses. She kisses my nose which I really love.  When I run out of poof, I climb up into her lap for a snuggle which always makes Mommy happy, and why not?  Who wouldn’t want cute little me cuddled up in their lap?



I wonder, do you know where my forever family is? I have been waiting so patiently for them. Would you tell them I am learning to sleep in my crate all by myself like a man, and Mommy is teaching me to walk on a leash. I hate it, but she insists that I learn how to master this skill.  I am also proud to say that I do all my business outside and not on the floor like some I know. I’m sure something came up to delay my family’s arrival, but would you just pass the word along that I am here and ready for them?


Thanks so much, friend.





Hello there,


My name is Sophia. My brother Higgins told us that he wrote to you and suggested we do the same. Isn’t he the greatest?  I just love my brother. He can be a bit full of himself, but he truly is amazing. Actually I love both my brothers.



I am the only girl of the three of us. Being a girl I get special treatment though I am a bit of a tomboy. I am not as big as my brothers so I’ve had to learn to protect myself from their rough play. Some around the kennel say I have always been able to look after myself quite well, but I call it survival tactic 101. Attack before you are attacked.



I was born with a very curious mind. I love to explore, experience new things, and boldly face new challenges.  I love the private skill training Mommy gives me. I get to head out into the other side of our kennel to explore the many very interesting things over there, and when Mommy opens the door to the great outdoors I quickly scamper out. There is such a fabulously interesting world out there which deserves to be discovered.  Just yesterday I found pine cones fit into my mouth perfectly; I proudly carried one around in my mouth until I found a twig. Yes, a twig! I loved it! Twigs are perfect for chewing on, who knew? We walked through a big pile of leaves which made such a fascinating sound. I ran around and around in them making as much noise as possible and then….I pounced, squatted and rolled. Oh, the smells that wafted to my nose. I was in heaven.



I am told that I am very pretty with my curly, red hair and adorable face. Mommy is forever playing with my hair and whispering in my ear how beautiful I am. I know, I’m spoiled, but if not me then who? The boys?? Please, not those ruffians. I have a dainty form when compared to my goofy brothers. Honestly, their feet are huge. I have petite feet compared to them.  I am all girl with my pretty locks and dainty figure, so I take a lovely picture.



I love playing with my brothers though Higgins can be quite greedy and does not like to share Pink Elephant. I love Pinky, but Higgins is forever stealing her away. Boys, they do throw their weight around some times. Clancy and I love to play tag. We race around the crates trying to either escape or catch the other one. It’s so much fun. Clancy and I have such a good time together. Higgins could do with some extra running as he is a bit of a couch potato sitting there hoarding Pinky.



Mommy has been teaching me to sit, leave it, and walk on a leash. I love to learn and quickly pick up on the new skills. Mommy is going to teach me some more skills which will be fun. Don’t you just love learning new things?



We are being crate trained right now. To tell you the truth I really don’t like it at all. I loved sleeping with my brothers in the nursery, but Mommy said we are growing up now and have to learn to sleep in our own beds. Baah, this is one new thing I don’t like.




I wish I knew where my forever family was. I want to go home with them. While it’s great living here and playing with my brothers, I really want my own family to love. I want to play in the kitchen, have my own people to love and cuddle me, to take me for walks and throw the Frisbee so I can fetch it.  Every night when I go to bed, I whisper my deepest wish to the stars outside the window. “Please send me my family. I know they’re out there somewhere.”  I know they will love me because Mommy tells me I am totally loveable. How I wish they would hurry up. (Sigh) Mommy loves me, cuddles me and kisses me all up to make up for the fact that my family is slow in coming to get me.



Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I am spunky, affectionate, smart and beautiful, if I do say so myself. If you should bump into my forever family would you remind them I am waiting for them? Thanks.






Well, Hello to all,


As you already know, my name is Clancy, and I am the third sibling of the three hairy musketeers. You’ve met my fascinating brother and sister; aren’t they just the greatest? I especially have a soft spot for Sophie. She can be such a tomboy but then in a blink be all soft and sweet. I just love that about her.



I hate to say this, but it’s true and thus should be told. I am Daddy’s favourite. Yes, I realize it’s wrong of him to play favourites, but we had this connection pretty much from the time I could waddle about on my chunky, wee legs.  He just loves me, and I love him back. He lets me do my own thing and then after a little adventure, I run back to him, climb up into his enormous lap, and squirm up his chest to kiss his face. I love his beard. Don’t you just love beards? His face reminds me of my siblings…all hairy and soft. Dad gives me a belly rub, which is so thoughtful of him, and then roughs me up a bit, and bingo I’m off again to explore. I just adore that guy. He tells me I am a guy’s guy. I think that means I’m all boy.



Now that I am in training, when he puts the other two away he keeps me to the last so we can do one more exercise. When I do it just right, he gives me a treat and then off I go to my crate. You see why I love him so. He spoils me.



Dad has a special name for me. He called me Big Red before Mommy named me. I am rather fond of that name, but Mommy said she had an Irish Setter called Big Red, so she came up with the name Clancy instead. Dad still calls me Red at times. It’s our special little nick name, that special little connection the two of us have.



I know I have talked a lot about Daddy, but I have to confess I love Mommy too. She is soft and tender and showers me with cuddles and kisses. I love snuggling up in her arms because she scratches behind my ears and whispers the sweetest things to me. When I am scared or hurt I run to her to make it all better.



I tend to be an independent thinker, much like Soph. I am very happy to discover new things on my own. Meeting new challenges generally doesn’t overwhelm me; I rather enjoy it.  For instance, Sunday afternoon Mom took me outside without a leash. It was thrilling! I was so excited all I could do was race around Mom in a circle. Faster and faster I ran while she laughed at my antics. I couldn’t help it. Everything smelled so good after the rain; I simply couldn’t decide what to do first! There were so many fascinating items to pick up and carry around, puddles to stomp in, and mud! Oh man, mud is going to be one of my favourite things to walk, jump and smoosh in. I could stay outside and play for hours.



While I was outside, Mom worked on teaching me to sit on command. I was so stimulated by everything around me that I wasn’t a perfect student. I am so glad she didn’t get grumpy with me. She just let me play and run around. When we headed back inside both Mom and Dad worked with me some more. Honestly, I don’t know why they want me to sit so much. I was built for running, for rough and tumble adventures with little boys, so sitting is not my forte; but if it is so important to them, I’ll do it…. especially for the treats that I get rewarded with. During the week I continued to practice and I am becoming a pro. I sit even when they don’t ask me.



The three of us love to play games together, but recently Higgins has become enamoured with Big Elephant. I get it, Biggie is soft and chewy but there are other things to do in life than just sit and play with one toy. I try to get Higgie up to play, so I swoop in to grab the Big one away from him. Often he just growls at me. I bark back encouraging him to play tag or pull and tug, but for right now he is committed to that Elephant. I am so thankful Soph is willing to play tag. At least somebody is still willing to play hard.



So here it is, the three of us are left wondering what happened to delay our forever families from coming to get us. We’ve talked quite openly about it and have concluded that something important must have come up because seriously, we are powerfully cute. We can’t understand why people aren’t lining up to take us home. I know, Mommy has explained that many people want smaller dogs. What a shame because they don’t know what they’re missing. Yah, yah, the small dog seems to be less intrusive but they can be yappy and temperamental.  Me, I’m as solid as they come. I am confident, independent but not too much so, affectionate and pretty darn handsome.  I curl up into a pretty small ball when I sleep, and I promise not to take up too much space in your home. Won’t you please come and visit us. I know you will love us and want to take all of us home. Now that would be AWESOME! On second thought, maybe not. I want a whole family to myself. Call me greedy if you want, but I want to devote all my love and attention on one family, and I’m counting on them doing the same for me. Please hurry up. I love Mommy and Daddy, but I dream of the day when you come and say we want Clancy. What a celebration day that will be!

Waiting eagerly for you,



Privileged View of a Miracle


It is often the simplest actions that precipitate the final straw to drop. Such an ordinary, everyday movement and the next thing you know shooting pain is your constant companion for weeks.  So was the case last Monday when I bent to place the cushy crate liner in Baby Lola’s crate before heading to West Jet’s cargo offices to ship her off to Grand Prairie. I heard the pop and of course felt the shooting pain. Groaning, I gingerly stood to take inventory. With a sinking heart I realized this was not just a temporary twinge but the full out, here it comes, nagging, aching, daily life inhibiting pain. Months of bending and picking up little squirming bodies caught up to me in that one momentary action.  However, as we all know, the show must go on, so off we headed to Toronto where we lovingly prepared Lola for her first air flight adventure.



It is not an easy thing to leave a wee soul all alone in the busy warehouse where men are focussed on getting the job done and do not have time to be sentimental over one little puppy being shipped far from its home. Having to release control of her crate to an employee is very hard. Much harder than you might think. Blinking back tears I strove to leave the warehouse without crying. Unsuccessful, I kept my head down as we entered the office area and quickly left the building. Instead of being able to fling myself into the car and hide, it took some very careful maneuvering to climb back into our vehicle. Tears freely flowing, I just wanted to sit down and have a good cry. My poor husband closed the door behind me and when seated behind the wheel tried to cheerfully observe she was going to a good home. He was right of course, though at that very moment it made no difference. I needed to have a good cry. We have been so delighted with each and every family that has taken one of our pups home. Perfect homes for each puppy.  How gratifying to watch the new puppy owner’s face as they begin to bond with their wee friend. One puppy owner rolled his window down as he prepared to leave the laneway, and with tears rolling down his cheeks said with great emotion, “We needed this puppy.” Their obvious joy of becoming puppy owners made sympathetic me cry as they drove out the lane.  This is why we breed these puppies. To bring joy and happiness to others is such a privilege.



This week a wonderful family became a guardian home for Baby Hazel. What a delightful blessing for all involved. The mom of the family had previously spoken about her middle son wanting a puppy for a very long time.  As our discussions progressed we made plans for them to come out during the week after school. As they pulled into the lane that night, I had Hazel out to go to the bathroom. As the family of five gathered round, I was stunned to watch Hazel bound over to….yes, the middle son. It was an instantaneous connection, a magnet attraction.  During our lengthy visit and involved conversation, the children played with Hazel learning how to encourage good behaviour. I was able to observe this young man’s interaction with Hazel and was reassured that Hazel had found her forever home and life long buddy. As they left with Hazel snuggled up in Mom’s arms, the air was electric with excitement and joy.  Was it hard for me to let her go? Oh, yes, yes, it was. Do I miss her? Yes, I do very much, but the really cool thing is this: The family who are guardian parents to dear Baby Stella are best friends with Baby Hazel’s parents. Both of those families are best friends with Tess’s Baby Orange parents, so all three puppies will grow up playing together! Now isn’t that incredible?!



Lola had only been in her new home 2 days when I received a video from her new owner showing me what Lola had learned already. My mouth dropped open as I watched this little one follow the commands given. I have asked my web designer, Justin, to put it on my website so all who visit can watch what can be achieved in only days! I am now encouraging all my puppy owners to purchase the video series so they can achieve greatness with their puppies too. Truly, the secret to all puppy training is consistent, kind handling. You will never get your puppy to be consistent if you allow bad behaviour one time but the next time demand obedience. It is too confusing. Much like raising children, continue to expect the same correct behaviour every time you interact with your puppy.  Don’t yell at your puppy, nor does saying, “No”, in a sweet gentle voice work. A firm, “No”, when needed is always the best when training.




Puppies, like children, respond to rewards. When teaching I worked on a point system in my grade 5/6 classroom. When a child in my class performed a task well, achieved a new level of success or even simply remembered to complete a task they normally forgot, they were rewarded with points to be added to their score on the board. These points would be cashed in for privileges in the class. Puppies like to work for rewards also. The difference is they need their reward instantly. Keeping a few little liver treats in your pocket while out walking or playing with your pup is a good idea, for when your pup comes when called, or sits on command, you can reward him with a small piece of treat. You will find your puppy will do most anything to please you to get a treat!




Being a breeder is a full time, exhausting job. It’s not just a case of putting male dog with a female dog and having puppies. So much more is involved. You are constantly learning and researching to be the best you can be.  It is very physical, very emotional, full of set backs and disappointments, but… when it all comes together and you watch your puppy instantly bonding with a family, and you experience the excitement and joy that is crackling in the air as the paper work is filled out and your puppy is carried out in the arms of its new owner, you know deep within your heart a special miracle has occurred and you had a part in making it happen.  Holding a front seat ticket at the scene of a miracle is one of life’s most sacred gifts. Currently we have 3 more miracles to go. I am so excited to see how these will unfold.



Happy New Year

Another year has begun fresh with its hopes and resolutions. It is invigorating to look ahead to dream big dreams while sculpting the execution in anticipation of success.  Whether it is educational goals, employment advancement, personal achievements such as health or home improvements or maybe slowing down to enjoy what God has given you, each year starts with a clean slate. How I love that!


This past week has brought many changes in the nursery.  Wonderful notes from new puppy owners have been steadily coming in with reports of smart, snuggly, and healthy puppies. Reading how happy the new owners are fills me with such joy!


New puppy owners have  chosen their new family member, so three dear souls will be leaving us next week to begin their great adventure in the loving homes waiting them.  The Volhard testing has been done, and what we observed in each pup has been confirmed.  Two of Avrora’s puppies are inside being crate trained while I have to decide which beautiful girl I will keep. If I can find two guardian homes for them I may very well keep both as they are so stunningly beautiful and sweet! We are also evening crate training puppies in the indoor kennel so each puppy is becoming accustomed to being crate trained. What a bonus for new puppy owners!


As each pup leaves I have a little cry, for I have loved each little soul. However, it is such a blessing to know they have gone to good homes.  We have taken so many pictures but, oh, how hard it is to get good ones.  The lighting is never right so puppies who have no white on their faces present with white muzzles. I have given up trying to get the colouration as I know many of you want to see what they look like. I apologize in advance. The colours are not necessarily true. Some beautiful red pups don’t look so red and the cream pups look quite white. Nevertheless, they are all so cute…in my unbiased opinion.


Okay, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn the pictures right side up. They are saved right side up but when inserted into the blog some go sideways.  Grrr. I would wait until Monday to get help, but some of you are eager to see these pictures so here they are…so sorry.


Many thanks to the ladies who helped with the Volhard testing of our puppies. You know who you are…we are incredibly grateful and blessed to have such willing and knowledgeable people help assess our puppies. You have been a blessing to us.



Tess’s Baby Boy Black ~ our darling boy  Volhard Test Result: 3/4 Confident but tenderhearted




Tess’s Baby Boy Purple ~ such a softie! Volhard Test result: mostly 3  A confident young man

DSC_0204 DSC_0205


Tess’s Baby Girl “Adopted” who has really been adopted! Volhard test result: Strong 3 A confident young lady


DSC_0206 DSC_0207 DSC_0208

Tess’s Baby Girl Yellow ~ one of the smallest puppies ~ so sweet Volhard result: 3/4 with a dash of 5. Tends to be “soft” and tenderhearted. Needs a gentle home.

DSC_0209 DSC_0210 DSC_0211

Tess’s Baby Girl Orange ~ so sweet  Volhard Test result: 3/4/with a dash of 5. Very “soft” and tenderhearted. Needs a gentle home.

DSC_0212 DSC_0213


Tess’s Baby Boy Green ~ Baby Hughie~ big boy with an even bigger and sweeter personality

Volhard Test Result: Strong 3  A very confident young man


DSC_0214 DSC_0215


Tess’s Baby Boy Blue ~ such a softie!  Volhard Test Result: Strong 3  A very confident young man


DSC_0216 DSC_0217

Christmas Eve

T’was the night before Christmas

And most puppies found

Wonderful families to love them

So they’ve been homeward bound

But what about those who’ve been left behind

Will they too not find

Families aching to love them

Families gentle and kind?

Oh never fear, certainly don’t pout

These cuties aren’t neglected

They won’t be left out.

For puppies so special

So cute and so smart

The right family will come

To claim their sweetheart.


Merry Christmas to all our friends and followers. Yes, most of Avrora’s pups have been claimed. We have two dear puppies left and Tess’s babies will be ready to go the first week of January.  As soon as we send home the two puppies we are currently crate training, we will begin to crate train Baby Yellow and Baby Light Blue. Such precious wee souls.


Reports are coming in….the puppies that have already gone home are adjusting well, quickly becoming crate trained and are a huge success in the various vet offices!  Each family is very pleased with their new family member which makes us so happy.


One customer out in Alberta asked for updated pictures on the females. With great determination we managed to get some pictures taken yesterday. Sorry, the boys will have to wait until after Christmas.  We have a picture of Avrora’s Yellow Baby and then the rest of the pictures are of Tess’s girls.  If you are interested in adding a beautiful family member in the new year….look no farther!


May you have a blessed Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year.


Dave and Pat ~ and all our furry family at Country House Doodles

Tess’s Baby Pink  Smallest puppy


IMG_20151223_135132 IMG_20151223_135152

Tess’s Baby Orange

IMG_20151223_135021 IMG_20151223_134649


Tess’s Baby Red

IMG_20151223_134632 IMG_20151223_134408

Avrora’s Baby Yellow
IMG_20151223_132632 IMG_20151223_132649 IMG_20151223_133013 IMG_20151223_133638






A Day in the Life of a Breeder

I received a strange and rather hostile email the other day. The sender suggested I get a real job. Now, I do not know this person, nor does this person know me; the email came right out of the blue to smack me in the face. Not being perfect I quickly came up with several possible caustic replies to this person’s attack. Thankfully I did what should be done in a situation like that…I deleted the email.


The problem with that email is the person who sent it has absolutely no idea how very difficult and time consuming raising puppies actually is. This job begins long before puppies are even conceived. Finding the right breeding stock, getting them health certified and possibly excusing dogs who do not meet the standard are important steps in this business. Then you need to successfully breed the dam and sire and make sure the mom receives special care before birthing. Then comes the event itself.


You start off seriously sleep deprived as you don’t sleep for a week before the pups are born nervous the dam may go into labour without your help. You remain sleep deprived for about 2 weeks as you continually check on mom and pups during the night. In my case this lack of sleep stretched to 4 weeks because we had two litters back to back. Each day begins with meeting the dog’s needs often before you have breakfast. Lifting out the soiled bedding and scouring the floor and walls of the whelping box or nursery room begins the long chore of cleaning out the kennels.As the pups graduate to solid food time is spent preparing it and making sure each pup eats enough food. This has meant some hand feeding with Tess’s litter. As soon as the pups eat… they eliminate…all over the floor if you are not quick enough to slip paper towel under their little furry bottoms. After cleaning up the messes, you sit down to play and stimulate the pups with different sounds, shapes, and textures. Puppy babies are just like human babies; they want to be held and cuddled and talked to. So while you are holding one pup the rest are loudly vying for your attention. I’m sure  you are thinking, “What’s so tough about that job? I could cuddle a pup all day for you.” Cuddling a puppy is not tough, but while you are cuddling that one pup, there are 7 other pups, or 8 in Tessie’s litter, who are demanding your attention. If they are not trying to climb up your lap or chest, then they are trying out their chompers on your ankles, legs, arms …no part of your body is sacred. Today I actually screamed in pain as Baby Purple bit as hard as his little teeth could. He was stunned at my reaction as I was in serious pain! He was very remorseful and of course wanted to be cuddled.


After playing with them and warding off their sneak attacks, they are put back in their rooms for a sleep and the main floor is disinfected and prepared for the next litter of pups. While these pups eat their meal, I scour yet another pen and prepare it for their morning nap. After cleaning up behind each of the pups because they miss the puppy pads and hit the floor with their little piles of delight, I again offer up my body and play games with these pups. When the time comes and puppies begin to climb up into my lap for a nap, each pup is put back in their room and the light goes out indicating it is time to sleep. Now I turn around to scour the floor once again.


The big girls have been waiting patiently for their morning walk, so off we head down the lane. On our return they are fed, watered and loved. Finally out comes the vacuum and all the floors are left spotless. The garbage removed, laundry picked up along with the now empty dishes and off I head to the house to finish the dog chores. This is repeated several times throughout the day.


When not working with the puppies there are many hours a day spent talking and educating people who call to inquire about a dog. Patiently I answer questions, listen to concerns and needs and dispense any wisdom I might possibly have on this subject.  Hours are invested in the evening answering emails, researching products and completing desk work, all invisible to the public but necessary to the job.


To do this job properly means I invest hours into the development of these puppies. Our pups are not just incarcerated behind a kennel door but rather are socialized, stimulated, loved and are now at the stage where they are beginning to be trained. Little mouths are being taught that nipping and chomping are not allowed. Crate training will begin next week and the pups will give up their velcro collars for the real thing so they can begin the experience of walking on a leash.


So the next time you think that the job of raising a puppy is just about cuddling a pup, please stop to consider there might be more involved. Anyone who has had the joy of raising a baby knows the job is full time and exhausting….exhausting but rewarding. Working with the pups is a real job. No I am not working on an assembly line, or pleading a case before a judge, neither am I any longer standing before a classroom of children teaching them how to read or calculate math. You may think my job is frivolous, unnecessary and thus unimportant.  However, seeing the joy in a child’s face as they hold their new best friend in their arms is priceless. Knowing that one of my puppies will help to develop confidence in a little one who is struggling with anxiety or fill the empty hole of loneliness in someone else’s life fills me with great satisfaction.


The latest pictures of the pups are included below. We tried to take several different shots of Avrora’s puppies so you could see them in different positions. We did not get great pictures of all positions as trying to get a squirmy puppy to co-operate was pretty much impossible. We did get some really good photos  but not all pups were helpful, so they don’t have as many shots. Tessie’s babies were too small yet to do the various stances so we will work on those next time. You will notice that Avrora’s pups are beginning to develop curly hair throughout their body. I hope you enjoy the pictures and for those of you who have purchased a pup you can begin to decide which one you might like to take home. If you have not purchased a pup but are interested,  feel free to call me at 519 769 2613. We still have some puppies available.


Merry Christmas from Avrora’s Litter:

Yellow Collar Female Puppy

Yellow C.   IMG_4479


Red Collar Puppy ~ Female

Red C.  IMG_4564


Purple Collar Male Puppy

Purple C.

Pink Collar Female Puppy

Pink C.  IMG_4215

Orange Collar Female Puppy

Orange C. #2

Light Green/Blue Collar Male Puppy

Green.Blue C.  IMG_4334

Blue Collar Male Puppy

Blue C.  IMG_4245


Black Collar Male Puppy

Black C.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Tess’s Litter:

Blue Collar Male Puppy

Blue Collar

Green Collar Puppy

Green Collar

Black Collar Male Puppy

Black Collar#2

Lavender Collar Female Puppy

Lavender Collar

Orange Collar Female Puppy

Orange Collar

Pink Collar Female Puppy

Pink Collar

Purple Collar Male Puppy

Purple Collar

Red Collar Female Puppy

Red Collar

Poor picture of Yellow Collar Female Puppy

Yellow Collar


Pictures of the Pups!

The photographer came and pictures were taken. I apologize because while we took down the order the pups  photographed somehow the pups are all mixed in together. Their hair is beginning to curl over their collars so it is hard to determine who is who. We will try to do a better job of identifying the pups this coming week. However, what the pictures do show is how beautiful these wee ones are! Enjoy gazing at their sweet faces.


Avrora’s babies are now beginning to slurp up blenderized puppy food. They have also begun the first stage of becoming house trained. We are using puppy pads in their boxes which they love to use. It is very much like changing a cat’s litter box. The moment you change the box the cat has an immediate need to use it….so it is with the pups. As soon as a fresh pad is put down at least one puppy will come along to do its business. These babies are keeping us busy!


Tess continues to strive for the title, “Best Mommy of the Year Award” by being a great nurturing mom. Her pups are growing so quickly and their eyes are beginning to crack open. Soon our place will be filled with the pitter patter of little feet.


While life is busy, it is full of babies cooing, suckling sounds fill the air and baby growling is heard every so often. Music to our ears! Mostly Avrora’s babies are just cuddle bugs on the move. Eager for a snuggle they head over to climb over my legs and suck on any exposed skin. They have begun to wag their tails which is so endearing.


If you are considering adding a new family member to your home, don’t wait. As soon as anyone visits  our kennel, these pups will work their magic and they’ll be snapped up quickly. Just look at these pictures and tell me I’m wrong!

Avrora’s light green/blue collar baby ~ Male

light blue-green

Avrora's pup  Red collar  Female

Avrora’s pup Red collar Female


Male black collar ~ Avrora's litter

Male black collar ~ Avrora’s litter


Orange collar Female  ~ Avrora's litter

Orange collar
Female ~ Avrora’s litter


Think this is Purple collar Male ~ Avrora's litter

Think this is Purple collar
Male ~ Avrora’s litter


Possibly pink collar ~ Female

Possibly pink collar ~ Female

IMG_3870Possible Light/Green Male

Possibly Blue collar Male

Possibly Blue collar Male


Possibly  red collar female

Possibly red collar female


Possibly yellow collar Female

Possibly yellow collar Female


Tess's litter

Tess’s litter


Another 3 from Tess's litter

Another 3 from Tess’s litter


One of Tessie's beauties

One of Tessie’s beauties


 Tessie's sleeping beauty

Tessie’s sleeping beauty


Who can resist this face?

Who can resist this face?


3 more of Tess's babies

3 more of Tess’s babies




Tess's blue collar boy

Tess’s blue collar boy


Tess's pink or lavender baby Female

Tess’s pink or lavender baby Female


Either red or orange Female

Either red or orange Female



Avrora's light blue-green  Male

Avrora’s light blue-green Male


Avrora's pup  Red collar  Female

Avrora’s pup Red collar Female



Change and Butterflies

They say change is inevitable; they also say change is as good as a break.  The philosophers among us say things like, “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”; or a new favourite of mine, “We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.” But my most favourite saying is, “If nothing ever changed there’d be no butterflies.”


Our home is currently full of butterflies. Beautiful, sweet, colourful butterflies. Every day brings delightful change in the whelping boxes. The most noticeable changes are the physical growth of the puppies. Avrora’s litter is very uniform in their growth. Toddling about on sturdy little legs they are able to scoot across the floor of the box fairly quickly. Where Mommy was once able to escape to one corner of the box to have a few moments of peace, she now has fewer quieter moments on her own. Since the puppies’ eyes are almost totally open they can wobble about and find Mommy and their meal ticket with greater speed and accuracy. Though I did observe one little soul sucking on its sibling’s face tonight.


The other change is how social they are becoming. It is hard to resist picking them up to cuddle with them, so we don’t bother resisting.Scooping them up we flip them over on their backs rubbing their little bellies and cooing to them. They might fuss at first but then wrap their front paws around our fingers, mew a bit and then give a big sigh of contentment. While their eyes are open, they are still working at focusing on the face in front of them. We gaze into their precious faces as they work to focus on ours. Within days they will be fighting to be picked up.


The quote,”We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.”, is very applicable to the pups. As they grow and mature they will just become more clearly themselves. Their individual personalities will develop stamping them with budding character. The bold and fearless pup will continue to face life with enthusiasm while the quieter pup will continue to be a sweet, gentle soul content to live life at the side of their owner. One pup’s antics will bring laughter while another pup will bring deep devotion. The next few weeks will be so exciting as we get to observe who these pups will become. What I do know is this, each pup will develop into breath-taking butterflies ready to delight the world around them.


DSC_0116      DSC_0119     DSC_0140



DSC_0135       DSC_0147     DSC_0148


DSC_0150     DSC_0140     DSC_0134


DSC_0124     DSC_0130

Breaking News!

The magical thing about miracles is that you rarely expect them to happen. They catch you by surprise, and everybody knows a good surprise is a delight. Yesterday a miracle caught us almost unprepared for it. After spending a glorious day outside in short sleeves cutting grass, raking and burning leaves, cleaning out the gardens, walking all the dogs and feeding them, I came inside to help Dave put Avrora’s new whelping box together. After moving her family over to the new box, I began scouring the birthing box clean. After being satisfied it was good to go, I placed a freshly laundered flannel sheet on the floor along with a comfy towel to pad the bed. Tess had been eagerly pacing back and forth, so when I finished preparing her box, I let her in and closed the door. I was busy mopping the kitchen floor when I received a phone call from our oldest daughter. Just as I answered I heard a deep groan come from Tess’s box. I dropped the phone, discovered her in the middle of giving birth, ran back to shout in the phone I would have to call back, and was just in time to gather a big, beautiful pup up. It all seemed so familiar….oh, yes, that’s right, I was doing this very thing just over a week ago.


As I dried and weighed the newest pup it began squawking, as it should but poor Avrora. She was already confused with her new digs and now there was a crying pup somewhere that needed her motherly touch. She began barking and continued to bark the whole time, yes, THE WHOLE TIME, Tess gave birth. It wasn’t until Dave dragged himself into the house, weary from combining, that she finally stopped barking. He patiently sat there petting and rubbing her head to soothe her down.


Birth is such a miracle. They arrive quietly slipping into this world in a wet, slimy mess. Mommy begins immediately to clean her pup up  letting her instincts take over. I take the wet, wee body, wrap it in a warm towel and begin to vigorously rub the wet body to stimulate the puppy’s senses. After weighing and recording the findings I give the pup back to mom. Now here is where it gets interesting. Mom is really not very interested in her baby. Not at first at least. It isn’t until she is almost finished giving birth that the new mom begins to administer motherly care. Just when you are beginning to worry about how you will ever feed 7 puppies, she snaps into mother mode erasing all your fears. While she still has more puppies to deliver she starts to bestow all her motherly love upon the ones that have arrived.


It was an exhausting night but not without its tender moments. In pain, contractions bearing down upon her, Tess would press her beautiful head into my lap drawing strength and comfort from my presence. After delivering a puppy, Tessie turned to me and began kissing my hand. And one of my favourites: When I thought she was resting between births, she suddenly lifted her head, turned to look at me giving me a steady, firm gaze. I cuddled her and kissed her head whereupon she sighed contentedly and resumed resting.  One of my worst moments was when I climbed out of the box to go and calm Avrora. The next thing I saw from the baby monitor was Tess climbing up over the walls of the birthing box! I was too late to prevent her from executing an escape out of the box. Worried that she might have strained herself or caused damage to herself, she was just fine. She just wanted to know where I had gone. After that I did not leave her sight!


So 9 beautiful puppies later, the surprise miracle is resting in our puppy nursery (formally known as our mud room). We hadn’t expected her to deliver until Friday, her due date, but we really thought Saturday would be the big day. She had not done any serious digging as had Avrora. She still ran down the lane, although maybe not as fast as normal but truly not behaviour most delivering moms would do and really did not demonstrate any  signs of impending delivery. However, the miracle has arrived and they are stunningly beautiful. Tess is a tender, calm mom and we are counting our blessings…..over and over to make sure they are all okay.


If you are looking for a wonderful companion why not give us a call to come and visit our facilities and meet our dogs. We know you will find your best friend waiting for you here with us.


Green Collar resting on table

In the early hours of dawn, in between the early morning routines of my husband and my later arrival downstairs after seeing to the morning office work, tragedy struck our home. No one knows why, but death visited our home. I stepped into the kitchen to  check on Avrora and the pups. The one lone body starkly stood out. Pups do not lie spread out across the floor. They pile on each other, snuggle up against each other or are a tangle of legs, bodies and heads. One lone body at the far end of the box signalled that death had visited, wrought its evil deed leaving heartache behind.  In a panic, I gathered the cold body in my hands trying in vain to revive puppy green. Such a beautiful, solid, little body. Cold. So cold. No breaths. Vigorously I rubbed, massaged and cried as I knew nothing I could do would return life into my dear puppy. Shocked, I wandered the kitchen weeping over the still body in my arms. I tried calling Dave, as if he could do anything since death claimed its victim.



Death in a whelping box is unfortunately not uncommon, but usually death occurs in the first days after birth, not on a pup’s first week’s birthday. Sobbing over the still body, I carefully wrapped him up, cradled him in my arms and headed out to find Dave. I hadn’t gone any farther than the parking lot when I saw him parking the grain truck. A cheery hello died in his throat as he noticed the bundle in my arms and tears streaming down my face. “No, not a puppy!” he said as he came to take the pup from my arms. As I cried on his coat, we both sorrowed. These were not weak puppies, small puppies or ill puppies. These pups had been progressing so well. Their weight gain had been steady and sure. Avrora’s a good mom, an attentive mom, but some time between the hour and half after Dave let her out and then back in again, while he observed all was well with the pups and the time when I came downstairs, death had slipped in and taken one of our biggest boys. Sadly, even though we have puppy bumpers all around the inside of the box, somehow Avrora lay on this boy without realizing he couldn’t breathe.



What a reminder that death is no respecter of age, strength, sex, or health. When it strikes, it strikes hard leaving hurt and pain behind. Avrora knows one of her babies is gone.  Anxiously she kept going back to where the pup had been but now is gone. However, life must go on. Mom lies down to feed and nurture the rest of the litter, dogs are walked and chores are done, but pain colours everything that is accomplished. A throbbing in my heart accompanies me throughout the day. Puppy green is gone; the only reminder of his short life is the green collar lying on the kitchen table.



But new life is to arrive on Friday or Saturday when Tess delivers her first litter. Little ones will begin their journey through life whether long or short. Sweet little faces will mew their need for mommy and seek the warmth of her body. We don’t know their future; we don’t know how big they will be, or what colour they’ll turn out to be, or what little personality traits they will have; but this we do know, they will be loved, and if gone….deeply missed.


Green collar puppy cuddling with red collar girl.

Green collar puppy cuddling with red collar girl.

Birthing a Legacy

After a sleepless Sunday night which gave witness to no more than a 20- minute snooze, I faithfully but wearily gathered the gang for our morning walk down the back lane. Recently I had given up biking when Avrora was with us because I did not want her to rush for any reason. So as we headed slowly down the lane the other four raced ahead enjoying their usual activities. Newie was busy stealing corn from the dried stalks while Tessie found a cob that Nusha had already liberated from its brittle, dried leaves and left abandoned on the ground and was happily chewing away. True was far, far ahead racing through the corn stalks like a fiend and Maisie happily carried another of Newie’s throw- away cobs in her mouth eager for a game of tug of war. But when I turned to check on Avrora’s progress I saw in horror she was headed home. Alone. Without me.



Since I am suffering from a strained back, running was out of the question, but nevertheless I gave it my best boy scout effort. Frantically I realized I had to put both New and Tess back in their kennel, feed and water them and reach the house before Avrora settled into one of her many caves she had prepared for her arriving family. I was in a panic because Nusha rarely comes the first time she is called these days because she has discovered a new talent. Nusha is a fierce mouse hunter who loves to dig and root these rodents out of any of their dark, dirty hiding places. However, Monday morning everybody co-operated and both dogs were soon safe in their room and I was quickly, relatively speaking, on my way across the field to our house. After several calls Avrora reluctantly appeared, nose covered in dirt, and good girl that she is, came inside to her whelping box.



It was clear this was it. She was in labour. If the fact that she headed home on her own wasn’t enough proof, her groans certainly gave it away. Every time I tried to leave the box to get supplies, Avrora whimpered. If I kept going, she out and out cried. I tried to think of what I needed so I could gather it all in one trip, but no sooner had I crunched myself into position than I remembered another item. I was thankful the supplies were either on the kitchen table or counter; that helped, but it didn’t prevent Avrora from becoming anxious each time I left.



Oh how she groaned! Her groans transported me back to when I gave birth to our girls, bonding us together in the miracle and terror of impending motherhood. She whimpered and I remembered. She even breathed heavily like she was practicing Lamaze. I watched helplessly as contractions bore down upon her. All I could do was rub her sore back and tummy. As the first baby was thrust into this world, she screamed; I nearly screamed with her! However, there was no time to scream. The pup lay there wrapped in its sack and attached to mommy by the umbilical cord. Avrora seemed stunned and unsure of what had just happened. I quickly picked the wet bundle up, snipped the sack open to allow the pup to breathe and just as I was trying to sever the umbilical cord something within Avrora awoke. She started to sever the cord herself. By the time I had tried to do what all the books said to do, tie dental floss close to the pup’s body and cut the cord, Avrora had already done the chore. So much for the experts. If you can take a wet, slippery puppy, tie a thin piece of dental floss around the umbilical cord with wet, bloody hands and cut the cord before a mother on a mission can…well, good on you. I sure couldn’t. After that I just counted myself lucky that I could cut the cord before she removed the sack and began severing the cord herself.



Three puppies in very quick succession followed. I had just enough time to vigorously rub each pup dry, weigh and record the weight and wind a coloured collar around their little necks before we did it all over again. After that each pup took about a half hour to forty-five minutes to birth. By then Avrora was an expert at birthing and reviving each pup. I thrilled at each birth listening for the first cry that each puppy made, thankful each was alive and healthy. The third puppy born had a white streak from the top of her head down her back. As I rubbed her dry and examined her, I smiled as I told her I would name her Petunia because she had a white streak down her back. But then the next pup and the next,and the one after that appeared with this adorable white streak. How cute they would be if the streak remained, but I believe once their coats turn curly the streak will sadly disappear. One dear soul has a tiny white spot on its forehead. I hope it keeps the spot as it grows because it gives the pup a very cute face.



There are four female puppies and five males. Several will be an apricot colour, one may remain whiter and there a couple that are quite dark. One in particular is quite dark at this stage of its life. It will be interesting to watch what happens to their colouring as they develop over the next weeks. I weigh them each night and am amazed at how much they have grown already! I have had to loosen their collars because they have already outgrown the original size.



The pups will open their eyes around 3 weeks of age at which time they will begin to really move around. This will drive Avrora crazy because right now when they begin to squiggle away in a direction she does not approve of, she picks the offending one up in her mouth, plops it down in front her to receive a thorough cleaning. After that treatment the pup falls asleep forgetting about where it was headed in the first place.



Maisie and True are totally fascinated with the puppies. Maisie would love to get in the box to help Avrora out with babysitting, but at this point Avrora does not want any help. That will change in the weeks to come. Like any good mom, there will come a time when she will be willing for others to babysit so she can have some quiet time to herself.



I have begun implementing the biosensor program. Once each day each pup receives a 3-5 second stimulation program in 5 areas. The goal is to help develop strong, healthy pups, socially confident dogs who have experienced an enriched environment to grow up in. This program is very much like raising well adjusted, confident young people who have been given many opportunities to engage in life.



While I have observed Avrora mother her pups I have given some thought to the fact she is responsible for nine little lives. Nobody has had to show her how to sacrifice her personal time and space,or how to meet the needs of nine hungry demanding babies. She instinctively gives of herself all day and night. She does not whine about how tired she is. No, in fact I have had to drag her out of her box, separating her from the brood, so she could go outside to the bathroom. She wastes no time at all in doing her business and getting right back inside. Protecting her little ones coupled with the desire to meet their hungry needs are her primary concerns right now. If I didn’t entice her with hamburger added to her kibble, I think she would go hungry.



This is the legacy of all moms. That gift of life birthed through great struggle becomes the object of their devotion no matter how old the child becomes. Moms give all they have to make sure their children thrive regardless of any personal sacrifice. Many have been the fortunate children whose moms have worked two or three jobs to put food on the table, keep a roof over their heads, or help save for their child’s future educational needs. It is Mom who gets up at night to sit with a sick child, sew a needed costume for school, or listen to a crushed child’s heart while aching for the pain their loved one has experienced but through listening magically helps heal the wound. It is Mom who encourages their child to dream dreams and then helps to make the dream a reality.



The birth of any creature is a miracle…one of the most beautiful miracles God has given to us. Each birth is a legacy of love given from one generation to another. I was privileged to watch a miracle take place in my mud room this week reminding me how sacred life is.

Dear Avrora

When I let you out tonight before we settled down to sleep, I saw you slowly rise off your bed, and I wondered if you knew how pretty you are right now. You have always been a pretty girl but your pending motherhood rests so beautifully upon you. Yes, I know the puppies are ever expanding your belly and with each passing day they must weigh ever the more so, but you never complain. You face each day with a happy spirit though each new dawn must bring increasing aches and pains that you have no way of explaining to yourself. Nothing daunting you still eagerly set off on our walks, albeit, slower and without your usual spring, but keen to spend time with your four footed friends exploring the long grasses for mice and to snag a cob of corn from the field.



What I love about you is your capacity for love. You give so much to us, sidling up against us for a cuddle while out walking or patiently waiting for the laundry tub to be filled before asking for some snuggles. These days when you roll over on your back you are so grateful for the gentle belly rubs you receive. It makes me realize how sore you must be from carrying all those little folks around. I’m happy to bend down to gently caress your swollen tummy when I see how much pleasure you get from the soothing touch. When you roll over you look like you’re smiling, again, reaffirming your natural beauty.



You see, Avrora, you understand what many humans don’t. It isn’t necessarily what you look like on the outside that makes one beautiful, but rather, it is the character of your soul which stamps its indelible imprint upon your face. You, my beauty, glow from the inside out. Your tender, sweet, gentle spirit is evident to all who meet you…that is true beauty.



I have to confess something to you. The whelping box I ordered came last week, but it is too big for the back room. But don’t panic; a lovely box is being designed and will be built tomorrow or Tuesday. I did receive the heating pad for the newborns to sleep on and stay warm when we welcome them here and the baby weighing scales I ordered arrived ready to weigh each wee one so we can keep an eye on their growth. Dave is going to take time to finish up the inside kennel and dig the post holes for the puppy kennel outside. I know, I know, we’re cutting it a bit close, but the seed beans had to be harvested before these jobs could be completed. All will be ready, so don’t you worry.



We are incredibly impatient to meet your babies. So many folks are eager to come and visit. I’ve promised to take lots of pictures as keeping your babies healthy is our first priority, so visiting is going to be kept to a minimum. We wonder what colours you are carrying, how many little ones there are and what their personalities will be like; I’m sure they will have your sweet spirit and their father’s funny personality. I hope they have his curly hair and that some will be redheads like him. Of course, it goes without saying, I am hoping for some to look like you with gorgeous white or peach colouring.  Just know that we will love them all and work really hard to find them the best forever after homes where they will bring joy and happiness just like you bring to us.



So sleep well, dear one. Tomorrow is bath day with a little hair cut included. A nice warm bath should feel good on your sore body. We love you and are counting down the sleeps until the weekend when your babies should arrive.



A Mother’s Love

A former beloved student of mine is counting down the weeks before she delivers her firstborn gift from God. Along the way she has shared the fascinating imaging pictures of her dear one’s growth and development. In some small way I feel like I already know this precious one, but for sure I am excited to meet Charissa’s little bundle of joy. Today Mommy Charissa posted on Facebook all the food preparation she and her mother completed in one day.  A zillion pies, bags and bags of cookie dough ready for the oven…84 cookie balls to be exact, 18, yes, 18 crock pot meals are prepared and stashed in the freezer along with 36 buns. Now this is one prepared mother-to-be! You can be sure that the nursery is ready with crib assembled and clothed in sweet linens, little baby socks resting beside little nighties in dresser drawers and stacks of diapers will be stored in the closet. I don’t know, but I’m guessing the car seat is sitting vigil at the door ready to bring their long anticipated little one home from the hospital.




Maybe you remember waiting for the arrival of your own bundle of joy. The excitement that filled your days with anticipation, wondering who they would eventually become, painting or wallpapering the baby’s nursery, buying the essentials to assist in raising your wee one and of course the consternation as you watched your figure disappear while dealing with your aching muscles that had to support your ever growing belly. I vividly remember wallpapering our daughter’s bedroom. The school bus was rolling down the road filled with returning students eager to completely escape the clutches of school for the day.  As I smoothed out the bumps and lined up the seams of the pretty pattern, the thought crossed my mind that one day Baby House would be on a similar bus, and I would be eagerly awaiting my child’s arrival after a long day. So long ago now…how fast those days have flown.  Baby House is now Dr. Kate, helping to heal little ones who have suffered tragedy. Never would I have guessed that the one cradled in my womb would become a competent, caring psychologist.




It doesn’t matter who you are, or what species you are, mothers make careful preparation for the arrival of their little ones.  Avrora is heavy with puppies. Her sweet nature has become ever the more gentle, ever the more mellow as her pregnancy nears completion. She does not have a crib to assemble and cover in sweet smelling linens, but she has not been idle. About a week and a half ago, when I went out to the kennel to take the dogs for their walk, I noticed her preparations. A small hole in the ground had appeared, and I knew what was going on. Avrora was lovingly preparing a place to give birth. As we headed off on our walk, I explained to her that this was not necessary. I had ordered a lovely whelping box which would cradle her puppies in safety. Several days later the hole had grown in size, and I realized Avrora had not understood when I said this was unnecessary. It was time to keep her in the back room resting on a plush pile of blankets. This I felt would assure her that her pups would be secure in the house.




We celebrated Thanksgiving Day with our family on Sunday as farmers always work on Thanksgiving Monday.  To reduce the amount of noise, stress and mess, I took all the dogs but one outside. It was a beautiful day after all and they would enjoy the sunshine in their pen. I really didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary Sunday…guess I was tired from all the cooking and visiting, but Monday morning I saw it. Avrora had been busy on Sunday. What had once been a somewhat small hole had now become so large she could almost wiggle her whole chubby body inside! She had diligently worked on preparing a snug and safe place to give birth. Even though she had not been left outside at all for over a week and a half, the couple of hours she spent in the pen, while we feasted, were not wasted. She had applied herself to the job at hand.




That ancient maternal instinct that all mothers have to protect their babies is very strong within Avrora right now; it’s a driving force within the heart of our beautiful girl. As she grows in girth and is beginning to waddle around uncomfortably, we treat her with utmost care. More hugs and cuddles are added to the prenatal care she is receiving, but I still cannot convince her that I have the babies’ safety all worked out. She is not content to trust me with her personal preparations. When we head outside to let the others out of the pen for a walk, Avrora immediately trots through the gate turning to the left to her cave. She is driven to finish the job before the pups arrive. It really is a lovely sight. The urgency of a mother’s love which drives her forward to do all she can to prepare for her own is a beautiful reminder of the love mothers have for their young. Whether human or animal a mother’s love begins long before the newborn(s) arrives. That’s why we say nothing is stronger than a mother’s love.




So like Charissa, we are counting down the days, 10 days of anticipation and nervous energy.  Just to let you know, Charissa, we have our food all prepared too…we just didn’t spend hours chopping, stirring, baking and freezing it. One call and 10 huge bags of puppy food arrived at our kennel door, however, I’m positive dry kibble won’t be as delicious as the food sitting in your freezer!


Lonely and looking? Your devoted friend is waiting to share your life.

Have you ever longed for someone’s company? Actually, have you ever been so lonely life lost its zest, time dragged interminably, you felt bogged down as if moving in slow motion? Maybe a best friend moved away and your life suddenly became achingly empty. Maybe you headed off to university/college where you found yourself occupying a cramped, cold, uninspiring dorm room with a roommate who, at best, could be described as eccentric, but truthfully was just plain alarming. Suddenly you find yourself longing for the comforts of home, the very home you were so eager to leave just weeks ago with its smells of pot roast and fresh apple pie, Mom nagging you to clean your room, Dad and his lame jokes and yes… admit it, your siblings.



I personally think the most devastating depths of longing happens when you fall in love only to find you are separated by distance. How you crave to hear their voice, hold their hand, to be held in their embrace. Years ago, long before personal computers, internet, Skype, phone plans, cell phones or iPhone, (yes, the Dark Ages) I headed to the States to work on my Master’s degree. I was in love, deeply in love, but Dave was in Guelph, and I was in Michigan. The only way we had to communicate was through an old fashioned method called letters. As students we could not afford the cost of phoning long distance so letters back and forth had to suffice. At first I thought I would have to quit. Every night I cried myself to sleep clutching my one photo book of memories. I missed that man so much I struggled to think of anything else. Then the postal system went on strike. If I thought I had missed him before, without any means of communication….no letters to look forward to reading at the end of a busy day, I began to feel physically ill. Well, I hung on, studied hard and went crazy with joy when he made the huge sacrifice to drive 6 hours one way to spend a day and a half with me.




I am often reminded of this deep longing and the horrible months of separation in my daily interaction with our dogs. Maisie knows our household routine. This smart girl knows that certain shoes mean certain activities. Old sandals mean Mommy is heading out to the garden. If it is 8:30 to 9:00 o’clock then it means we are all going out for our run and play time. This elicits great joy and excitement from Maise. But… then there are “car shoes”. These are the shoes Mommy wears when she gets in the car and drives away. These shoes mean Maisie is left behind which elicits great sadness from my usually cheerful little girl. She sighs, climbs up on the kitchen couch, rests her head on her paws and manages to look as miserable as possible so Mommy feels guilty for leaving sad dog behind. What Maisie doesn’t know is how long the two of us are going to be separated. Not that it would matter; any length of time is horrible to her. Lying on that kitchen couch, the great devoted one begins her vigil with chin resting on the window sill, listening for the sound of our returning vehicle. She can hear the car return far down the road at which point she eagerly sits up, nose plastered to the window, breathing deeply in anticipation of the moment my arrival is confirmed. Ecstatic, she begins clawing at the door, trying to remove any obstacle in her way. I have to say it’s most gratifying to be greeted with such enthusiasm; however, I have learned I need to use the door as protection because when that door is cracked open a sliver my devoted friend barrels through flinging her furry little body on my frame with joy. You see, she missed me. I could be gone for only five minutes or five hours, the amount of time matters not. I was gone, but now, oh joy, oh bliss, I have returned.




The fact is Doodles are very social animals. They are socially intuitive, highly intelligent, devoted and loyal companions who live to be your closest friend. They long for your companionship; they need your friendship so much that if you are too busy to make time for them they become sad. Doodles do not thrive in an environment where they are left to fend for themselves most of the day. It is important for you to understand that owning a Doodle is not just a privilege, it’s a responsibility. You are responsible to be their companion, their buddy, their social and intellectual stimulation. In purchasing a Goldendoodle you are making an emotional commitment to your puppy. You are committing to making sure your puppy gets the social stimulation he needs by introducing him to new situations, taking her to new places and meeting new people.




This is why it so important that as prospective Doodle owners you examine the reasons why you are purchasing a Doodle. While you are concerned with finding the right breeder and choosing the perfect puppy, it is also very important for you to figure out whether you are the perfect owner for a Doodle. Do you fit their needs and requirements? Take the test below to help you confirm that this enchanting breed is for you and you for them.




Reasons why you want to purchase a Doodle.

If you have checked off even one of the top five statements you need to reconsider whether you have chosen the right dog for your lifestyle.




1. If you want a dog that is independent like a cat… buy a cat not a Doodle.
2. If you only want an hour and a half, Saturday afternoon walk in the woods dog… borrow a friend’s dog for the day. Doodles like an hour and a half walk anywhere, any day, all day. They are also satisfied with cuddling up with you and watching a movie.
3. If you are buying a Doodle because it is a fashionable thing to do…don’t buy a Doodle. They aren’t a fashion statement. They are your devoted friend.
4. If you are planning on hiring a dog walker twice a day… don’t buy a Doodle. You obviously don’t have time for it.
5. If you are looking for a guard dog…keep looking. This friendly soul is not going attack or deter anybody.
6. If, however, you are looking for a dog to share adventures, road trips, a stroll through the woods or a great time at the beach, the couch or your bed (shame, shame on you) …look no further.
7. If you are longing to experience the joy of owning a devoted friend…buy a Doodle.
8. If you are looking for a highly intelligent, easy to train pet… you found it.
9. If you are searching for a family pet that will emotionally connect with the whole family… choose a Doodle.
10. If you are looking to make a commitment to a pet, this is one breed that will return that commitment back to you many times over.




Everyone experiences loneliness at some point in their life, but the owner of a Goldendoodle will never be without a devoted friend, a friend who longs for your company.

New Puppy? Bring on the Crate.

Puppies are a lot of work. I’ve raised many little furry ones over the years and had decided that when we added a dog once again to our family I would purchase an older pup somewhere north of 8 months of age. My reasoning was the dog would come trained, and I would take in an older pup that others had passed by thus giving a deserving a dog a loving home. I knew an older pup would cost more but decided that I was willing to pay the price.


Skip ahead to Christmas 2011 when my loving and concerned family pooled their resources together to purchase me a special Christmas gift. I was longing for a new bath tub, so when I was told to close my eyes and hold out my arms I began to be anxious about holding a bath tub in my lap. When my gift began to squirm I quickly opened my eyes to find an adorable, curly, little beast wiggling in my arms. So many feelings rushed over me, surprise, disappointment, anger, dismay, delight, wonder, tenderness, and excitement. I could see the delight on our middle daughter’s face confident I would love this gift; my husband’s beaming countenance, and the concern slash hope that flit across our youngest daughter’s eyes. Our ever upbeat son-in-law was thrilled they had executed a perfect surprise. I, on the other hand, was dismayed, completely and utterly dismayed. Yes, I was surprised and there was delight in that sweet, little bundle lying on my lap but the truth was…I did not want a puppy. A puppy represented an overwhelming amount of work that I was not prepared to take on. I already had a work load that was crushing; adding a puppy to my days nearly made me cry! However, with the family so delighted with what they deemed to be the perfect gift I had to quickly hide my dismay to paint a “happy” on my face.


The little, fluffy ball was adorable. More than adorable, she was enchanting. I lost my heart to her in a minute. Eight weeks old and she already had a quirky little personality. She was eager to meet and play with everybody, was quick to cuddle and fell asleep in my arms. But all that cuteness couldn’t hide the fact that she was a puppy and as such carried the DNA for household destruction that all pups carry. I instinctively knew this meant that before I went to the bathroom in the morning, I had to don my coat and boots, open the crate door, scoop my pup up and make my way out into the freezing cold morning air, walk my pup to the appropriate spot for her to complete her morning duties and hope like crazy she would be quick about it, so I could retreat to my warm, cozy house. I also knew that this would be repeated every single time my puppy was taken out of her crate. I was exhausted even thinking about it. Thankfully, I have the world’s best husband. He deciphered the reason for my lackluster response, drew me close to his side and whispered the words I so dearly needed to hear, “Don’t worry, I’ll help with the house training.” Suddenly my future did not seem so bleak.


You see, if you want a successful experience with your puppy you must train them. It’s the same principle applied to raising children. If your goal is to raise well behaved, respectful kids and have a happy, peaceful, nurturing environment to call home, you must train your children. Great kids do not just happen. It takes a lot of love, patience, perseverance and the determination to stick to the principle that “no” means “no” every single time. Well, puppies also need training which means it takes a lot of love, patience, perseverance and the determination to follow through with the principle that “no” is always “no”.


One step in training your pup is realizing you need to crate train your little one. I know… there are folks out there who believe crate training is harsh, cruel, and confining to your puppy. “She’s lonely. She wants to be with us.” Can I respectfully say, “Rubbish”! One of the most important training tips I can give to prospective puppy owners is… crate train your dog. You want your dog to be successful; you want to be able to praise your pup for the good things he does thus you want to limit the mistakes your puppy will make.


To discipline a pup requires self- discipline on the part of the adult involved. Number one rule is simple, but following it through to completion may not be so easy: NEVER allow your puppy out of their crate without first carrying the pup outside so he can eliminate in the designated spot you have determined. By taking your pup outside immediately, no putting the dog on the floor while you step into your boots, you help your pet learn to eliminate outside and not on your floor. Your puppy learns that the appropriate place for elimination is outside and outside only.


Second rule of crate training: If your children cannot manage to safely carry the family pup outside when they open the crate door, then the rule needs to be, they cannot open the door until someone is there to take the pup outside. I had several frustrated owners call to say they could not house train their pup. Even though I had taken time to teach these owners how to successfully train their puppy before they left our home, they had not followed through with these two simple rules. The excuse most often given was it seemed cruel to put the pup in the crate. It wasn’t until I insisted they try it my way for a week that these pet owners began to experience success with house training their puppy.


So I have come up with 10 reasons why people choose not to crate train their puppy:


10. I read on the internet that dogs instinctively assume they are being punished if they are put in a crate. Everybody knows you can believe everything you read on the internet.
9. My Aunt Nelly’s best friend’s niece’s daughter twice removed didn’t crate train her dog and it worked for them. Of course they don’t have the dog any longer.
8. I don’t believe that young dogs should be forced to do anything they don’t want to do.
7. I believe in free expression for all creatures.
6. When he’s ready he’ll mature into peeing outside instead of on our bed.
5. I’m just not one of those, you know, disciplinarians. I just like having fun with my puppy.
4. I’m not a morning person.
3. It’s fun to watch the toddlers terrorize my puppy. This will help my dog develop a healthy fear of children.
2. I don’t mind that he chewed my furniture while I was away this afternoon. It was time for us to buy new furniture anyway.
And the most popular reason:
1. I love cleaning up her messes all over the floor. Trying to figure out where the smell is coming from is a great game to play after a long day at work.


Sound crazy? Well, that’s because it is. When I taught grade five/six I had a poster that read, “If you don’t have time to do the job right the first time, you must have time to do it over again.” I, as the teacher, loved that poster. Many poor souls in my classroom hated the reality of said poster as they sat redoing the assignment correctly. Many pet owners seem to have to learn the hard way. Unfortunately, your puppy has already been practicing bad habits which will be very difficult to break. It’s far better to do the job right from the beginning than to have to go back to unlearn wrong behavior.


I don’t have 10 reasons why you should crate train your dog, but I will give you my top five reasons:


5.When you go on holidays with your dog the crate folds down and travels with you to be set up wherever you stay. Now your pet is comfortable and safe, and is a welcomed visitor who can be confined when necessary.
4. Most dogs love their crate; it becomes their bedroom. That’s where many dogs store their toys, and will often retire to their “room” at night when they are ready for bed. With a blanket over the back and sides it acts like a little cave giving them the seclusion they enjoy. When life in the household becomes chaotic your dog can opt to retire out of the activity. For instance, when there is a dangerous invasion of little people who delight in pulling ears and dragging poor puppy around the floor by his leg or tail, your pup will be thrilled to be safe in his crate out of their reach.
3. Safety is an important issue. When you are not home your pup needs to be safely confined. Since pups are chewing machines, many young animals have been electrocuted because the chord dangling from the wall was too great a temptation.
2. Puppies need copious amounts of sleep. In our home we had a saying when our girls were babies, “Don’t bug a happy baby; and “Don’t bug a sleeping baby.” Many people make two crucial mistakes in this area: One is to wake your pup up to play with you. Let your pup sleep until he wakes up to ask to be let out. The second mistake is leaving the puppy out to play too long. He falls asleep; you think he looks cute so you leave him where he curled up, only to be upset when you return to find he has made a mistake on your clean floor. Puppies need to be played with and then returned to the crate to sleep. If a pup does not get enough sleep, they become cranky just like a small child…or a weary mommy.
1. Crate training teaches your dog that your house is not his personal bathroom. This reduces so much drama while raising your puppy.


Is it a lot of work to crate train your pup? Yes. Do the benefits outweigh the negatives? Yes. Is it wise to crate train your pup? Yes. So like Nike says, “Just Do It.” If you don’t have time to crate train your pup, you don’t have time for a dog.

This is why you should not let dogs on your bed!

It happened again this morning. Ever since I so abruptly ended my teaching career I have not felt the burning urge to rise at 5 in the morning to begin my day. No, in fact, when I surface from my deep slumber at that horrendous hour, I smile smugly to myself, roll over, and delight in the delicious truth that I no longer need to abandon the comfort of my warm cocoon until I am good and ready. That all changes when one’s husband does not close the downstairs door leaving a crack open for the eager beast awaiting spousal error.


I can hear his eager flight up the stairs and know what lies in store for me. For a few moments True rejoices in his victory taking up reclining space beside Maisie on the floor. This period of quiet lasted longer than usual this morning, however, after five minutes of lying on the floor like a dog, True rose, trotted around to Dave’s side of the bed to effortlessly leap up on to the soft mattress. Now , if True were like Maisie, who is content to curl up in a ball at my feet, that would not be so bad as both dogs were bathed and groomed by yours truly on Monday, and he now smells like a flower garden. Probably emasculating for a male dog, but refreshing for the dog’s owner. But unfortunately, True is his own man. His feet have barely touched the covers before he is literally nose to nose with me. Okay, I can live with that, I can ignore him because I am a mother and have had years of practice in ignoring sleep interrupters, but True does not know how to be content with the gains he has made. He pushes and wiggles until he is under my chin. I unenthusiastically pat his skinny, little frame, but he continues to endeavor to worm ever closer to me. Really?! How much closer can he get? Oh, dear friend, closer yet. One paw and its curly leg encircle my neck pulling my head even closer so that his head is now beginning to encroach upon my chest. It is impossible for this redheaded beast to rest quietly. He reminds me of certain hyper ADD students I taught.


Meanwhile, Maisie is aware that True has invaded her sanctuary. This is the one spot in the house that Maisie has Mommy all to herself, so it is with great graciousness that she puts up with his appearance in the bedroom. However, he is on the bed cuddling, and she is on the floor watching. This is intolerable; this shall not be. Up she comes inching her way up my body to get as close to my face as possible. True goes into overdrive. He does not want to share an inch of his prize so he proceeds to block Maisie from reaching me. He simply curls his body into a ball to sit right on my neck. Reluctantly, I open one eye to see nothing but red curls, two bright, happy eyes and a black nose resting on my chin. To the side is one anxious, white, curly face desperate to exert some authority to this situation but for the moment is powerless. True turns around to look at her; Maisie kisses his face hoping he will share Mommy time, but she is thwarted by his greedy streak.
I may not be the brightest individual, as clearly I am not, for I should have just immediately got out of bed when I heard True’s ascent up the stairs, but I am an optimistic type of person and think it will be different today, but I finally had to concede that victory was won by the persistent male once again. I realized that I was not going to be allowed to luxuriate in bed as per my usual inclination. I might as well arise to begin the day’s activities. Maybe tomorrow the door will be closed tightly and the character from downstairs will stay downstairs. To add insult to injury, as I untangled myself of various legs, tongues and tails, surrendered my morning snooze to make my bed, (yes, I still make my bed regardless of all the “don’t make your bed” warnings on Facebook)True nipped my bottom. Three times! I obviously wasn’t moving fast enough for him. And that folks, is yet just another reason why dogs should never be allowed on the bed.

Fall’s New Beginnings

Fall is one of those confusing seasons. When it arrives, it chases the glorious freedom of summer away enforcing rigid demands such as school schedules, sport team practices and games, changes our weather and strips our trees of their leaves. True, before it blows the leaves away, fall will put forth a vibrant, spectacular display of colour, ripen the pumpkins and oversee the harvest, but its main job is to prepare us for the cold reality that winter is coming.


So, one could say fall is a sad month, but that would not be accurate. Yes, students return to school, but….the possibilities of a new year are thrilling. Fall brings new beginnings, second or third chances to wipe the slate clean and start all over again, the opportunity to discover something new about yourself and why you are here.


puts on a glorious display of God’s blessing and goodness to us all. Here, in Canada, we revel in the beauty of the changing of colours and reap the bountiful harvest as farmers diligently feed our nation. It is a visual and tangible expression of God’s love for us and our responsibility to share that bounty with those in this world who are not so blessed.


This year, the fall season will nurture new life in the wombs of two of our beautiful, four legged girls. October and November will oversee the births of new little lives which will bring joy, laughter, loyal friendship and companionship to families across the area. These puppies will be the answer to a lonely heart, a grieving heart, a longing heart, or joyously be a buddy, a playmate, a co-conspirator in adventures, and the perfect companion a person or family could ever wish for.


So you see, fall is not the harbinger of endings, but rather, it’s a season of potential. Don’t miss the treasures this season will bring your way. Step out to embrace something new….like a devoted new friend.

Hip and Elbow Health

Now that the girls are no longer in heat, True is more himself again. For over a month he has had one thing and only one thing on his mind. It has consumed his every waking moment, and probably his dreams as well. Food held no interest, so of course he dropped weight. Not a good thing as he already runs on the thin side of life… so like a man to lose weight without even thinking about it! While the girls were in their most alluring state, True didn’t even enjoy his trips down the back lane. When Dave offered to take the dogs down the lane, Maisie was right there ready to go, but no coaxing would get our ardent Don Juan to head off with Dave. It took me several firm calls to get him to head off with me, but the moment I turned to head back to the house, True was gone like the speed of light, barely touching paw to ground as he flew toward home and the girls.Tonight was the first night he enjoyed his evening run in a long time. It was so good to observe the two friends playing their normal games together. They love to race each other through the grass pathway, stopping to wrestle, jump, and play fight before challenging each other to another race.


Their play made me think how important it is that puppies and older dogs have the freedom to run at their own pace and for the length of time they deem to be enough. Many people make the huge mistake of including their dog on their personal running program. Yes, dogs love to run, so it would seem a no-brainer to include them in your running program. However, when left on their own, dogs will chose to stop and sniff an interesting smell, investigate an intriguing movement in the grass, or even stop to chew a piece of grass. The truth is this: few dogs are made to run continuously mile after mile. Completing a 2 plus mile run is detrimental to the dog’s hips and elbows especially if the dog is a breed that suffers from hip or elbow dysplasia. You may say, “Well, my dog loves to run with me.” Isn’t that one of great endearing qualities of our pets? They never complain. If you made me run 2 miles today, you would hear from me…after I quit puffing and huffing and hauled my weary carcass off the ground where I dropped in exhaustion, but our dogs don’t usually complain, especially when they are young and vibrant. They live to please, and if it pleases you to run on pavement, mile after mile, so be it, they will too. However, your loving friend may end up with damaged hips.


We bike down the back lane with our dogs, but the difference is they can run as fast or as slowly as they want. When Avrora first came to the farm, she was a little over weight. She had a difficult time keeping up with the other dogs, so I walked with her. She was happy to run a bit, cuddle a lot, throw herself to the grass and roll around and then walk some more. When the other dogs came racing up she would run for a bit with them and then stop for a breather. She knew what she could handle. Today, she has slimmed down and loves to run with me when I bike, but she still stops to sniff, roll, and chew. That is her comfort level.


If you intend on adding a new furry member to your family, please take special care of their hips and elbows. Jumping up on beds or couches, climbing stairs, and too much exercise before their joints and muscles have matured will cause damage that your pet will have to live with for the rest of its life. There is a saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend”, but I would like to encourage you to be your dog’s best friend and take the necessary precautions to ensure your pet lives a long and comfortable life.

First Day of School

First day of school and Facebook was inundated with pictures of somewhat happy children dressed in their new clothes with their spiffy backpacks stowed at their feet. With mixed feelings parents rose to begin a new school year with trepidation because the time had come to peel little fingers from the security of their own grip, to bravely deliver and trust their precious wee one into the care of the waiting kindergarten teacher. Some parents took a big breath to calm their nerves as they reassured their grade nine student entering the scary halls of high school, while yet other parents gazed into an empty bedroom that once was a chaotic mess but now is clean and sterile, for the beloved former resident has sprung the nest to embark on their new adventure far from home tucked away in a college or university dorm. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, change is difficult, but it’s also inevitable. Life is never static; that’s what keeps us fresh and interesting as we face our new challenges head on.


Here on the farm, we begin the process of readying for the fall harvest. Any leftover summer projects are finished up, machinery is readied, and canning of fruits and vegetables becomes a little like an assembly line as they are processed and spread away for the winter. One of the many great things about living and working on a farm is that there is always something new to learn, something new to accomplish, with fresh challenges that require innovative, and creative responses.


While we can never be completely ready for the unexpected, having the ability to quickly respond is definitely an asset when working with animals. This past week Nusha has discovered corn on the cob is delicious. She does not need it boiled or roasted with butter dripping from the golden kernels…raw is just fine. Quicker than we can catch her, into the corn field she goes to wrestle a cob off the tall plant in front of her. Once she has it, it’s futile to say, “No! Bad girl. Give it back.” For sure, I could say that and promptly take the cob away. Our happy, good natured puppy would submit to her precious treat being taken from her, but the moment I’d turn my back she would be right back in the field stealing yet another cob to sneak off ‘round the corner of the barn to enjoy her snack. At that rate our corn yield will plummet.  No, sometimes it’s best to admit defeat and focus on what you can change and let them have their way where it really doesn’t matter. And while it may seem that I am enabling my dog in her corn thieving ways, and I am, it really doesn’t matter. Dear little Nusha will grow up soon enough, so right now by focusing on the more important issues and making sure she obeys when she’s called, sits when asked, and respects the boundaries of the farm, I ensure her safety and a good working relationship between us. Around our home we often say, “Pick your battles.” No use causing frustration in a good relationship. Funny how these principles also apply to raising children.