There’s No Excuse

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Today a harrowing attack took place on my young friend who helps me with the dogs. This dear child drives to work each night after school on an electric bike. Living beside her are four vicious dogs who on many occasions have chased her bike barking and threatening to bite. Many an evening she has arrived upset at their attacks. Last week they got close enough to grab her pants, but today they actually managed to push her off her bike leaving marks (looked like teeth scratches to me) down her legs, teeth punctures in her pants, and of course her arms and knees were cut from hitting the gravel. When her bike hit the ground the dogs ran back home.



Why do people keep vicious dogs? What joy do animals like that bring anybody? Are the owners so devoid of common sense that they are also lacking empathy, understanding how terrifying their dogs are? There is no excuse to keep dangerous dogs on your property. There is no excuse to let them roam freely.


My husband farms the land around where these dogs live. He has planted Pioneer Soybeans in years past in the fields behind their home. Neither my husband or the Pioneer Seed rep will get out of their trucks if the dogs appear. The Rep was terrified to walk the field worried that the dogs would attack her.



Why should the neighbourhood live in fear? I had to go to counsel to fight for my kennel license to raise gentle, sweet dogs. I had to promise to build 6-8 feet high fences to keep in dogs that would lick you to death.  It is law in our township that residents are not allowed more than 3 dogs on their property. I paid well over a thousand dollars to attain my kennel license. So, I ask, why is this resident allowed to have 4 vicious dogs on their property? Why are these dogs not contained behind 8 foot fences? The kind man who waited with this poor child while her mother arrived turned to me later and said he would sign a petition to have these dogs removed. They have chased him on many occasions leaving him afraid to ride his bike down that road.



I am angry tonight. This could have ended in tragedy. They could have continued to attack her. This must stop. Mean, vicious dogs of any breed must not be allowed to terrorize the communities they live in. There is just no excuse.

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