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We are dedicated to raising healthy, well-adjusted puppies, in order to share the magic of a Goldendoodle with your family.

Our Puppies


Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

At Country House Doodles, we take pride in our dogs, our training, our service and the satisfaction of our customers. It is our firm belief that professional success is best had by being passionate about, and knowledgable of, the best training and dog-rearing techniques. We also want to make sure that all of our customers have happy, well-adjusted dogs.


Puppy Application

Our number one priority is the health, safety and well-being of the dogs we breed, raise and sell. Along with that goes the importance of making sure each of our dog fits in with its new home, and has a temperament to match its new family. Our puppy application form is a crucial and required part of this process. If you are interested in buying a goldendoodle, please fill this out and send it to us.


Current Litters

All current puppies are spoken for. Sam has been sold.
If you would like to have your name included on our waiting list, please drop us an email at housedoodles@gmail.com.


Past Puppies

Want to see pictures of the past puppies we've sold to happy customers? Please click the image to the left to begin.


Puppy Training

Take a look at some videos our past customers have sent to us, as proof of how obedient and well-behaved their new Goldendoodle is. Please click the image to the left to begin.


Feeding a Country House Doodle

Food: At Country House Doodles we feed our dogs and pups TLC. This is a Canadian made food based in New Hamburg. They have expanded into the States but their home base is in Ontario. TLC provides good nutritional value. There are no by products, fillers, corn or wheat. Our dogs have been thriving on this natural based food. TLC delivers to your door so you not only have the convenience of home delivery but you know your dog's food is fresh.

We also highly recommend that you feed your dog NuVet vitamins. This is a human grade product that will help to combat free radicals and strengthen your dog's immune system.. It is made in a human grade laboratory using a cold processed method rather than heat processed that destroys essential nutrients. In today's environment where dogs are contracting cancer at alarming rates, feeding NuVet just makes sense.